IS White EA

IS White EA is an automated Forex trading software designed for the popular MetaTrader 4 platform which is used by millions of forex traders around the world. The IS White EA can automatically scan charts in the MT4 platform for trading signals using its built-in trading algorithm. When it finds a signal, it can place and manage the trade on behalf of the user. However, that does not mean it will always make the right decision and there are things to be wary of when using this or any other forex expert advisor.

IS White EA Strategy

It operates as a scalper, which means it tries to find small opportunities on numerous trades by taking advantage of short-term market trends on the M1 and M5 charts. The software uses a strategy that involves setting small stop losses, and trades are usually closed within a few minutes, with many lasting for less than one minute. With this approach, the IS White EA tries to provide traders with trades resulting with limited drawdowns.

As with any forex scalping system, the IS White EA requires a broker with tight spreads, low commission fees and reliable trade execution speeds. IC Markets are my top choice of forex broker for scalping using manual and automated trading strategies. They have top trading conditions on lots of currency pairs along with excellent customer support.

IS White EA Features

  • Deployable on currency pairs with low spreads to minimize trading costs.
  • Works best on popular currency pairs such as XAUUSD and EURUSD, according to the developer.
  • Optimized for M1 and M5 charts to try to take advantage of short-term market trends.
  • Entry point conditions have filters added to ensure that trades are executed under specific market conditions.

IS White EA Settings

  • Risk 01
  • StopLoss Procent 0
  • TakeProfit -10
  • Tral 0
  • TimeStart 0
  • TimeEnd 0
  • PipsStep 35
  • OpenTime 0
  • Magic 0

IS White EA Sumary

Overall, IS White EA is a scalping robot designed for MetaTrader 4. The software’s goal is to trade on short-term market trends on the M1 and M5 charts by finding small opportunities on numerous trades. The software uses a small stop loss strategy to help minimize potential drawdowns on trades. By focusing on short-term trades that last less than five minutes and taking advantage of quick market movements. However, it is important to note that there is no guarantee of profits with IS White EA and traders should always use a demo account to test the software before trading with real money.

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