ITrend Indicator

The supply and demand indicator known as The ITrend is very well-liked by MT4 trend-following traders. This indicator keeps a careful eye on how the buy-sell pressures on forex instruments are balanced. To swiftly evaluate the current momentum state and predict the impending price reversals, ITrend makes the accumulation and distribution of the assets readily evident.

What is the ITrend Indicator?

A pair of oscillating lines are used by the ITrend Indictor, a trend-following technical indicator, to spot momentum and trend reversals. On a different indicator pane, it displays a pair of oscillating green and red lines. The way these two lines intersect indicates the direction of a trend, and the crossing of the two lines indicates a trend reversal.

  • The ITrend Indicator uses a component of the Average Directional Movement Index (ADX) indicator, which are the two Directional Movement Index lines (DMI+) and (DMI-).
  • The DMI+ line, which is the green line, represents the bullish price movements, while the DMI- line, which is the red line, represents the bearish price movements.
  • Trend direction is bullish whenever the DMI+ line is above the DMI- line and bearish whenever the DMI+ line is below the DMI- line.
ITrend Indicator
ITrend Indicator

ITrend Indicator Strategy

The ITrend Indicator primarily functions as a signal for trend reversals. However, it does have a propensity to generate erroneous trade signals in turbulent or ranging markets with a defined price range. As a result, it is recommended to employ the crossover signals of the ITrend Indicator when they coincide with a long-term trend. The long-term trend is the only direction in which traders can choose to trade the crossover signals.

Buy Signal

  • The demand line moves higher than the supply line
  • The price swings upwards from the recent market low
  • Exit long whenever the demand falls behind the supply

Sell Signal

  • The demand turns lower than the supply
  • The price begins to fall from the recent market high
  • Exit short after the demand line moves above the supply line

ITrend Indicator Pros & Cons

The ITrend indicator can help traders to delelope an edge in the market by providing clear buy and sell signals and allowing them to follow the direction of the market trend. It can also help traders identify potential reversal points and make informed trading decisions.


  • The ITrend indicator is easy to use and understand, even for beginners.
  • It can be applied to any time frame, making it a versatile tool for traders.
  • It provides clear buy and sell signals, allowing traders to make informed decisions.


  • The ITrend indicator is a lagging indicator, meaning it may not provide timely signals in fast-moving markets.
  • It can generate false signals in choppy or ranging markets.
  • It may not work well in markets with low volatility.


The ITrend indicator is a trend-following strategy that combines technical indicators to forecast future price movements. It is meant to identify the direction of the market trend and follow it, providing traders with clear buy and sell signals. While it has its advantages and disadvantages, it can be a useful tool for traders aiming to be profitable in the market. It is important to remember that no indicator is foolproof and it is always essential to use multiple tools and techniques when analyzing the market and making trade decisions. It is also crucial to practice good risk management and to never risk more than you can afford to lose. As with most trend following indicators, the ITrend Indicator can be susceptible to fake outs caused by market noise and price spikes that typically occur on choppy market conditions.

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