King Robot EA Review

King Robot EA Review
King Robot EA Review

King Robot EA is a modern, fully automatic Forex trading system developed using ClusterSMA and PA + Scalping Strategy to try to capture short-term FX market price action. This forex expert advisor trades using the principles of scalping strategies.

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence tries to ensure that King Robot EA will remain completely hands-free once set up correctly, so it is an option for traders looking to keep as few hands on the wheel. Being an advanced trading bot, it uses an advanced algorithm that is programmed to understand market trends and execute potential trades; where it tries to generate potential results even in unstable conditions.

Features and Capabilities

Some of the features King Robot EA offers to maximize your trading experience include:

  • Simple Installation and Setup: The whole process of making the robot operational had to be straightforward, according to the team. Clear procedural guidelines make automatic installation easier for every trader, including novices.
  • High-Frequency Scalping: The King Robot EA trades daily using high-frequency scalping techniques, based on thorough research. The goal of this strategy is to take advantage of short-term price fluctuations, leading – hopefully!-to generate potential trades over time.
  • Non Grid Trading: King Robot EA does not use riskier grid trading methods, to protect the trading from current potential risks.
  • MetaTrader 4 compatibility – the team has gone ahead to try to ensure that this robot no doubt works well with MetaTrader 4, a platform popularly used for trading.
  • Compliance with Trading Standards: In the development process, they adhered to strict standards of creating an automatic trading robot that would at least be close to professional trading practices.
  • Responsive Support Team – They provide helpful and quick customer service to answer any questions or concerns. Expert guidance- a very smart team of professionals helping users extract the robot’s effectiveness.

Trading Strategy & Performance

King Robot EA uses a smart AI-based Pinbar reversal strategy in short time frames. This technique tries to boost the prediction results and assists the Robot in discovering opportune entrance shutdown periods for Scalping. King Robot EA tries to generate fast potential trades & control risks on the way to remain positive all of the time.

King Robot EA - Overview
King Robot EA – Overview

Pricing Options

Flexible Pricing for Different Traders with King Robot EA:

  • Costs $697 – one-time payment per year, including updates and support to improve performance throughout the ongoing implementation period.
  • Lifetime License: A $1197 license granting lifetime access to all robot features, creating an attractive option for those traders seeking long-term stability.

King Robot EA Pros and Cons


  • Simple to Use: Easy setup with simple user interface.
  • Manages Risk: Steers clear of grid trading and tries to protect from potential drawdown.
  • Compatibility with MetaTrader 4: Utilizes functionalities of the platform.


  • Initial Cost: For some traders, a higher entry fee might be too much.
  • There is market dependence which means that the performance can vary with the market.
  • Straight Down the Learning Curve: You Need to Watch Money-Moving Setups.


In conclusion, the King Robot EA is available to serve Forex strategists who wish for their trading practices to become automated. The robot is designed with state-of-the-art technology and implemented for potential performance by historically pro-individual-market-experts to provide faster, potential trades of each contract or pair positions. Aside from the initial costs and market events, King Robot EA is a complete package with premium features and customer support for auto traders who want an automated trading solution.

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