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Kings of Transparency (KOT4X) is an online forex, crypto, and CFD broker that provides cutting-edge technology for trading various markets, to a global clientele. They provide a secure ECN trading environment and offer a great selection of over 250+ trading instruments across different asset classes, such as forex, commodities, cryptocurrency, stocks, indices, metals, and energies. Cryptocurrencies are available for trading 24/7 which is hard to find with any broker. In fact, when it comes to crypto trading, KOT4X are one of my favorite brokers for reasons that we will cover here in this detailed KOT4X review.

You can be ready to trade in just a few minutes with KOT4X by opening an account completing the short application form on their website. They have a very small minimum deposit requirement of just $10 so you can trade with any amount that you feel comfortable with. What’s more, they even have demo trading accounts if you wish to practice your trading strategies without any risk until you build enough confidence to open a real live trading account.

KOT4X have flexible leverage up to 1:500. Leverage essentially allows you to trade with a greater position size than you would be able to without it. For example, if you had an account balance of $100 and 1:500 leverage, you could take a position size of $50,000 ($100 x 500 leverage). Whilst leverage can amplify profits, it can also increase potential loss.

The broker operates with the straight-through processing (STP) execution model, which means that orders are routed to the liquidity providers, so there is no intervention from the broker, eliminating the possibility of a conflict of interest. This also ensures that trades are pulled from the top-tier liquidity providers in the financial industry and get executed at the best available prices with minimal slippage and delays.

KOT4X uses a combination of liquidity providers which are formed together to create a liquidity pool. When you send an order, it goes straight through to this liquidity pool where the bid/ask prices are combined to show the best available at any time. The broker has an efficient trading environment capable of executing the trades of both beginner and professional traders without compromise.

KOT4X Broker Overview
KOT4X Broker Overview

KOT4X Platforms & Tools

KOT4X MT4 Platforms
KOT4X MT4 Platforms

MetaTrader 4 Desktop Platform

KOT4X provides users with the popular MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform, which is used by millions of traders all over the globe. MT4 has a fully customizable and intuitive interface, and it’s widely regarded as the most user-friendly online trading platform, which makes it a popular choice amongst beginners. It has an abundance of built-in advanced trading tools to ensure that it satisfies the needs of experienced and professional traders.

MT4 was developed by Russian software company MetaQuotes and has been an industry standard for forex and CFD traders over many years. It is used by the majority of brokers and is available free of charge. Established in 2000, MetaQuotes is considered as one of the leading developers of software applications for brokerages, banks, and exchanges. The company’s representative offices are located in many countries around the world.

The release of the new MetaTrader 4 platform in 2005 was a milestone for the company. This was a completely new platform with an absolutely redesigned architecture and the new MQL4 programming language. MetaTrader 4 also featured revolutionary tools for the development, testing, and optimization of trading robots. It was this fourth-generation platform that made algorithmic trading available to the large number of traders from all over the world. The news about the new platform quickly spread around the world, MetaTrader 4 became the de facto standard in Forex trading and provided millions of traders with a reliable working tool.

From a technical point of view traders can download and integrate even more technical indicators to the charts allowing to extract market information or trading signals. From an aesthetic point of view, the trader can customize colours and choose between Japanese candlesticks, bar or line charts to read markets. There are 9 chart timeframes to choose whilst it supports multiple order types including instant, pending and limit orders. You can also set price alert notification to let you know when price has reached a certain point. These alerts can be sent via SMS, email or displayed as pop-ups within the platform.

The MT4 platform is available as a desktop application for Windows and Mac PCs, web trading terminal, and mobile trading apps for iOS and Android devices.

Some of the more prominent features of the MetaTrader 4 platform include the following:

  • 20+ analytical charting tools
  • 30+ technical indicators
  • 9 timeframes and interactive charts
  • Place instant, pending and limit orders
  • Set stop loss and take profit targets
  • Get price alert notifications
  • Expert Advisor (EA) integration for automated trading
  • Full downloadable history to back test EA’s
  • 1-click trading directly from charts
  • Available in 39 languages
  • Available on Mac and Windows
  • Web, desktop and mobile platforms
KOT4X MT4 WebTrader
KOT4X MT4 WebTrader

MT4 WebTrader

The MT4 web platform can run directly on most modern web browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge without the need to download and install any software.

The MetaTrader 4 web version has all the advantages of the native solution since it is a regular part of the desktop platform. This ensures the web platform’s high reliability and compatibility with the entire MetaTrader 4 ecosystem. The application is safe to use – all transmitted data is securely encrypted.

  • Trading directly via a browser
  • Compatibility with any operating system
  • Reliable data protection
  • One Click Trading
  • History of trading operations
  • 30 indicators for technical analysis
  • Graphical objects
  • All types of trading operations
  • Real-time quotes in Market Watch
  • 9 timeframes
KOT4X MT4 Mobile App
KOT4X MT4 Mobile App

MT4 Mobile App

The MT4 mobile apps can be downloaded from the relevant app stores. The mobile apps are useful for those who need to access their account and want to trade the markets whilst on the go.

The MetaTrader 4 App is a full-fledged trading platform for Android and iOS mobile devices. The application offers all you need for trading hundreds of instruments online with KOT4X. It includes a complete set of orders, trading history, interactive charts, technical analysis and the widest selection of supported mobile devices.

Traders using the MetaTrader 4 Mobile App can enjoy powerful functionality for trading Forex anytime and anywhere in the world.

  • Complete control over a trading account
  • Trading from anywhere 24/5
  • All order types and execution modes
  • History of trades
  • Interactive symbol charts
  • 3 types of charts: bars, Japanese candlesticks and line
  • 9 timeframes: from one minute to one month
  • 30 of the most popular technical indicators
  • 24 analytical objects
  • News of financial markets
  • Free mobile chat and email

KOT4X Trading Instruments

When you open an account with KOT4X, you can trade CFDs on forex currency pairs, stocks, indices and cryptocurrencies. They have a great range of over 100+ financial instruments with something for everyone, whatever your interests may be.

  • 55 Forex Currency pairs including major, minor and exotic FX crosses
  • 104 Stocks from some of the largest companies in the world
  • 31 Cryptos including Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • 8 Indices

CFDs or Contracts for Difference reflect the price movement of an underlying asset. When trading CFDs, you don’t need to actually physically own the underlying asset but can still speculate on the price movement of a financial instrument. If you think the price will go up, you may look to buy. If you think the price will go down, you may look to sell. The difference between the price from when a CFD is opened and closed, is essentially the profit or loss, minus any broker fees.

KOT4X Research & Education

There are no educational materials on the broker’s website presently. Whilst it would be great if they could provide beginners with some learning resources such as trading guides and videos, you can find plenty of information available online from various website, including this one!

The broker also provides demo trading accounts which can be a great way to familiarise yourself with the trading platform and practice your trading strategies without any risk. Most traders would have started on a demo account to begin with so that they could make mistakes without worrying too much and learn from them so that they are more prepared when trading in a real live environment.

KOT4X Trading Accounts

KOT4X offers a good choice of 4 types of MT4 trading accounts, which are the Standard Pairs, PRO Pairs, VAR Pairs, and Mini Pairs accounts. The accounts use the ECN/STP execution model with leverage of up to 1:500. The required deposits range from $25 for the Mini Account to $500 on the Pro Account. The maximum trade size is 1000 lots. Generally speaking, the KOT4X accounts have very competitive conditions when compared to their competitors.

The major differences between each of the account types are the spreads and commissions. The account type that you opt for is very much likely to depend on what your trading style is. If you are using a forex scalping strategy, you may need the account with the lowest spreads. If you are a forex swing trader and looking to hold positions for a long period of time, you may not be so concerned about spreads but might want to save as much as possible on the commission.

Standard Pairs Account

  • Market Execution
  • ECN STP Trading Model
  • 1:500 Leverage
  • Minimum Lot Size
  • Max 1000 Lot Size
  • Spreads From 0.8 Pips
  • Forex, Indices, Commodities, Metals, Stocks, Cryptos
  • Commission $7 Per Lot Per Round Turn
  • Minimum $50 Deposit

PRO Pairs Account

  • Market Execution
  • ECN STP Trading Model
  • 1:500 Leverage
  • Minimum Lot Size
  • Max 1000 Lot Size
  • Spreads From 0.4 Pips
  • Forex, Indices, Commodities, Metals, Stocks, Cryptos
  • Commission $7 Per Lot Per Round Turn
  • Minimum $500 Deposit

VAR Pairs Account

  • Market Execution
  • ECN STP Trading Model
  • 1:500 Leverage
  • Minimum Lot Size
  • Max 1000 Lot Size
  • Spreads From 1.2 Pips
  • Forex, Indices, Commodities, Metals, Stocks, Cryptos
  • No Commission
  • Minimum $250 Deposit

Mini Pairs Account

  • Market Execution
  • ECN STP Trading Model
  • 1:500 Leverage
  • Minimum Lot Size
  • Max 1000 Lot Size
  • Spreads From 1 Pip
  • Forex
  • Commission $1 Per Lot Per Round Turn
  • Minimum $25 Deposit

Demo Account

The KOT4X demo account comes preloaded with virtual funds so you can start trading online without any risk and trial the brokers products and services to see if they are for you before committing real funds. You can open as many demo accounts as you need if you would like to test and compare different trading systems.

Keep in mind that when trading on a demo account, you don’t always feel the real emotions that can impact trading performance when using a real account. That is why KOT4X have the mini pairs accounts as you can experience real trading conditions with a minimal investment. Trading discipline and psychology can play a huge role in the performance of a trading strategy.

KOT4X Account Types
KOT4X Account Types

KOT4X Account Funding

KOT4X only accept cryptocurrency in the form of bitcoin (BTC) for making deposits and withdrawals. This enables the client to complete their payments without divulging any sensitive financial information (like credit or debit card details) to the seller. There are no deposit or withdrawal fees from the broker’s side but you may incur a blockchain fee.

Whilst KOT4X are one of the very few brokers that currently support crypto funding, it would be great if they could add some other payment options such as bank transfer, credit/debit card and popular e-Wallets. Not everyone is familiar with bitcoin which may detract them from making a deposit but for those who are into cryptos, they will appreciate the anonymity that it brings.

That being said, there is a useful guide that explains how to buy bitcoin with Coinbase on the KOT4X website, which those who are new to digital currencies may appreciate.

KOT4X Customer Service

You can get in touch with the KOT4X dedicated customer support team directly by completing the form on the broker’s website or sending them an email. There is also an automated online chat function on the broker’s website. Whenever I tried to reach out to them, they responded very quickly and were more than happy to help. All of my questions were answered and I would be confident to get a quick response again in the future.

KOT4X Regulation

KOT4X is an offshore broker located in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. However, there is no regulatory information on the broker’s website. Whilst the lack of regulation may be a concern for some traders, it does mean that KOT4X can offer certain trading conditions that a regulated broker would not be able to due to strict rules and procedures.

KOT4X Broker Features
KOT4X Broker Features


What is the KOT4X minimum deposit?

The minimum deposit required by KOT4X is $10.

Where is KOT4X based?

KOT4X is based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

When was KOT4X founded?

KOT4X was founded in 2019.

What are the KOT4X platforms?

KOT4X provide the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms for web, desktop and mobile.

What trading instruments do KOT4X have?

With KOT4X, you can trade CFDs on Forex, Indices, Stocks and Commodities.

What are the KOT4X deposit and withdrawal options?

KOT4X accept deposits and withdrawals in Cryptocurrency.

What is the KOT4X leverage?

The maximum leverage at KOT4X is 1:500.

What is the KOT4X commission fee?

Commission varies from zero to $7 per lot per round trip, depending on the KOT4X account type you choose.

What are the KOT4X spreads?

KOT4X have variable spreads starting from 0.0 pips.

Do KOT4X offer demo accounts?

Yes, there is a free KOT4X demo account if you would like to trial the brokers services before opening a real account.

Do KOT4X offer Islamic accounts?

No, KOT4X do not offer a swap-free Islamic account at this time.

Do KOT4X allow scalping, hedging and automated trading?

Yes, KOT4X do not have any restrictions on trading strategies.

Do KOT4X charge an inactivity fee?

No, there are no inactivity fees charged.

Is KOT4X regulated?

Not at the moment but they state that protection of client’s funds is of the upmost importance.

KOT4X Review Summary

KOT4X is an online broker that offers a good range of trading products and services to clients all over the globe. They have very competitive trading conditions which includes very tight spreads from 0.0 pips and low commissions fees. They use STP execution which ensures reliable execution speeds at some of the best available market prices. You can choose to trade on the user-friendly MT4 platform on a great selection of over 250 financial instruments across multiple asset classes. The broker supports cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals whilst there is a variety of account types to suit different trading styles. I would like to see the broker add some educational materials and alternative payment options in the future. They are also lacking in an Islamic swap-free account option at this time.














  • A great choice of over 250+ trading instruments across different asset classes
  • The popular and user-friendly MetaTrader 4 platforms for desktop, web & mobile
  • Multiple account types to suit different traders
  • Go Long or Short on Positions with CFDs on forex, stocks, indices, commodities & cryptos
  • Start Trading with just $10
  • Fast trade execution speeds with tight spreads from 0.0 pips
  • Low commission fees
  • Hedging, Scalping, News Trading & Expert Advisors allowed
  • 24/7 crypto trading
  • Good customer support