Larson&Holz Retail Broker For Forex, CFD And Binary Options

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Larson&Holz is a retail broker on Forex, CFD and binary options. It has been working since 2004, and for more than a decade is earning people’s trust and respect. For all these years, the company has been constantly developing, upgrading the old services and introducing the new ones. It has enlarged the list of instruments, introduced web and mobile platforms and extended its network of offices.


Today Larson&Holz can offer its traders a wide range of instruments – 23 currency pairs, commodities, shares of world-wide famous companies, binary options, etc. The company mainly uses MetaTrader4, but also offers its own web platform, designed by Larson&Holz Lab. For those who prefer to always keep an ear to the ground, reacting to every small event in their trading, Larson&Holz offers mobile platforms that allow their clients to stay online whenever they choose.

larsonandholz-forex-broker-2The company offers regular analysis of the market situation; the experts will explain how to react to the moves of the market. However, those, who have funds to invest, but do not wish to trade themselves, can always choose a reliable account manager in Larson&Holz database. The company’s site contains a whole social network of traders, who can follow each other’s success and find a trader who will suit them best.

Yet in this world the opposite situation are common. I’m speaking about those who are willing to trade, but have no funds to invest or cannot risk their money. For such clients Larson&Holz offers a special type of account – Non Deposit accounts. With this service, one can open an account with no first deposit. This account will already have $100 on it. Then one can trade for three days with this real money. After three days are over, the $100 that the company had provided to a trader will be taken back. The trader can go on – he or she will only need to deposit $100 and make 3 lots to be able to withdraw. The other option is to leave, if the trade had not been successful, and try one more time – you can open such accounts three times.

larsonandholz-forex-broker-3For those who choose to stay with Larson&Holz IT Ltd., the company offers a large package of bonuses. Among them are: deposit bonuses – a certain per cent of your deposit accrued to clients’ accounts; monthly contests – all traders with at least $100 participate in it, and the prize funds amount to $100000!

Larson&Holz is open for partnership and offers programmes for call-centres, IB, franchise owners and White Label. With company’s flexible approach, you can always see if there is something suitable for you!