Leeloo Trading Review

A family of farmers owns the rapidly expanding trader finance business LeeLoo, which is based in Montana. Ranchers who have nearly a century of combined experience in commodities trading and business have joined forces to launch a brand-new, straightforward trading exam company. What really distinguishes Leeloo prop trading firm is their dedication, morals, and desire to give back to the society.

When comparing the funding to fee ratio of trading accounts offered by Leeloo, they offer some of the greatest value in the market. A maximum drawdown of $7500 is permitted for trading accounts ranging from 2 mini contracts to 30 contracts. Their programme prices are also quite affordable, ranging from $77 for 14 days to $675 a month. Additionally, Leeloo is known to occasionally offer promotions to traders that are interested in their programmes.

Who are Leeloo Trading?

The US-based start-up Leeloo was founded in 2017 by Jody Dahl, a skilled trader and successful businessman. Although Jody Dahl serves as the company’s CEO, her siblings Jacque and Brett also work on the operational team, making the company a true family enterprise.

Their family has received accolades on a national and international level for their numerous endeavours and accomplishments over three generations and almost 100 years. Futures were initially used primarily to safeguard farmers and commodity producers in their commercial endeavours; thus, it is not surprising that the family became skilled at hedging their holdings.

Leeloo Trading, one of the newest suppliers to enter the funded trading accounts market, began active in 2019. Leeloo Trading has a comparably small staff because the company is still in its infancy. However, the entire Leeloo team, including the three siblings, views itself as a family that upholds traditional values, which is especially welcome in today’s world of Wall Street mindset.

With the express purpose of creating a path that both unlocks a trader’s full potential and provides unrestricted opportunity, Jody Dahl established Leeloo. The accessible trading accounts and guidelines, where Leeloo keeps trading limitations to a minimum while allowing trading during news events and keeping trades overnight, make this objective quite clear. They are also the only live account provider to offer a static drawdown, making them one of a kind among trading account providers.

Leeloo Account Types

Leeloo offers 8 different account options with account sizes ranging from $25k to $300k. The smallest account starts at 3 contracts and goes up to 30 contracts, this is certainly suitable for experienced traders. Beginners should start with a small account.

Leeloo Assessment Process

For customers to begin their evaluation, Leeloo Trading offers a variety of trading accounts. They provide customised accounts like the “Express” and “Glide” account in addition to their standard account types.

The qualification process for all account types takes a minimum of 10 trading days. There must be a total of 10 active trading days, whether they are consecutive or not. Products from the important exchanges CME, NYMEX, COMEX, and CBOT are accepted by Leeloo. Additionally, they permit keeping a position overnight and trading throughout the news. The cost of the account includes a level 1 data feed, however level 2 data must be purchased separately for an extra $12 per exchange or $35 for all of the above exchanges in order to have order flow data as well.

The maximum position size, profit target, and trailing drawdown vary depending on the selected account; Leeloo does not have a daily or weekly loss cap. The drawdown is computed in real-time and in relation to unrealized profits. On the other hand, Leeloo’s “Glide” account has a static drawdown that replaces the typical trailing decline.

Additionally, Leeloo provides traders with the “Express” promo account, which gives them a maximum of 14 calendar days to fulfil their profit goal. Traders that complete the evaluation challenge successfully get their initial $77 back in full. Another evaluation account of the same size or greater may be reserved at a 25% discount should the trader not have reached the profit target within the allotted time period and also not have broken the evaluation regulations. The new account is given credit for all earnings made throughout the “Express” review procedure.

Additionally, Leeloo has a protection system in place where orders that are larger than the maximum permitted position size are just denied rather than abruptly terminating the account. A trade must have created a successful trading strategy in order to guarantee a successful evaluation procedure. All necessary components and individualised support are provided by the UC Trading futures day trading school in order to successfully complete the Leeloo evaluation process and acquire a funded trading account.

Should a trader break one of the restrictions, all account types—aside from the “Express” account—are eligible for a $85 reset.

Leeloo Funded Account

Once the qualification goals have been reached, the trader is given a contract to sign and has two options: either start with a $100k account and a static drawdown that starts with 2 lots by default (The Accelerator) or start with a $100k account and a drawdown that increases in line with the profits or the account balance.

The position size and drawdown parameters for the account are unchanged. Unrealized profit calculations for “The Investor” account continue, however once the trader achieves a threshold of the initial account balance plus $100, the drawdown stops and does not continue. For instance, a trader using the “Aspire” would require a profit of $1,600 before the drawdown finally stops at a balance of $25,100. The “Accelerator” account, on the other hand, begins with a static decline from the beginning.

Additionally, overnight trade holding is still allowed but is only allowed for 3 micro lots. The review process must start over if a trader breaks one of the specified account regulations, which will result in an instant account termination.

In their live accounts, Leeloo continues with an 80/20 profit split that changes to a 90/10 split after a year by giving the trader 100% of the first $8,000 in winnings.

For their live accounts, Leeloo charges $88 per month in account maintenance fees that include a level 1 data feed. A ready-to-trade order flow account costs $123 per month for Level 2 data, which is an additional $12 per exchange or $35 for all main exchanges (CME, NYMEX, COMEX, CBOT).

Conclusion: is Leeloo Trading a good prop firm?

Yes, I believe so. Leeloo have a wide range of trading accounts, including unique choices like their Express and Glide account. Leeloo is the only live account provider offering a static drawdown, and one of their distinctive selling factors is the Glide account.

Additionally, Leeloo continues to be the only company in the sector to maintain an 80/20 profit split that changes to a 90/10 split after a year. However, Leeloo has relatively few limits, offering traders a great deal of flexibility in how they approach trading.

In contrast to other suppliers of funded accounts, Leeloo is one of the few that determines their drawdown using unrealized earnings from early live accounts and the evaluation process (except “Glide” account). That strategy makes it challenging for swing traders, who like to close transactions at a peak to avoid entering the decline.

However, once the trader hits the starting account amount plus $100 of the drawdown threshold, the calculation is terminated. If a trader can adapt to this demand within a brief period of time, a static drawdown in the future is the reward. However, it may necessitate some alterations to the individual trading style.

Leeloo entered the live accounts market with a significant innovation and game changer, despite the fact that they are a relatively new participant. This funded account provider has a wide range of account kinds, minimal limits, static drawdown account option, 90/10 profit split after 12 months, and possibility that comes very near to an own equity account.










  • Micro position sizes allowed
  • Very reasonable subscription fees
  • Earn 100% for the first $8k
  • After 1 year get a 90% profit share
  • Up to 6 funded accounts allowed
  • Experienced customer support
  • Good choice of accounts


  • Some withdrawal limitations
  • Can be overwhelming to new traders
  • Restricted to certain trading platforms