Lock Profit EA

Lock Profit EA is a forex trading robot that uses a strategy which includes more than 5 optional indicators, as well as multi filters: MaxSpread, MaxLot, and money management.

In this article, I will be taking a look at how the Lock Profit EA works. Hopefully, that will help you to decide if this is a trading robot that you would consider using on your trading account.

Trading Trend Reversals with Lock Profit EA

Lock Profit EA can go against the trend. When a trend changes, this EA can change direction and profit. When the EA opens orders and they float, Lock Profit EA may close the positions profitably.

Trend reversal is a term used in technical analysis to describe a change in the direction of a price trend. In other words, when a price trend that has been moving in one direction for a period of time changes direction and starts moving in the opposite direction, it is considered a trend reversal.

Trading trend reversal involves identifying when a trend is likely to reverse and taking a position in the opposite direction. Traders typically use technical analysis tools such as trend lines, moving averages, and indicators like the Relative Strength Index (RSI) or the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) to identify potential trend reversals. For example, a trader might look for a trend line break or a bearish divergence on the RSI to signal a potential reversal in an uptrend. Once a potential trend reversal is identified, the trader would take a short position (selling the asset) to profit from the expected downward price movement.

The Lock Profit EA indicator tries to save traders the stress of looking for trend reversal signals themselves or employing technical indicators to do manual analysis. It automatically scans the charts for signals and places trades accordingly.

Lock Profit EA
Lock Profit EA

Lock Profit EA Settings


2, Hedging=false.

3, Use_MaxSpread=true.

4, MaxSpread=50; ==> Maximal spread for open orders.

5, MaxLot=20; ==> Maximal lot for total lot buy/sell.

##  Target_profit_perday=50; ==>New version only can work on forward test.

6, Minimal Profit in money=2; ==> Minimal profit for profitbuy/profitsell.

7, Step_LockProfit_in_Money=50; ==> Step Minimal profit for total orders and close all orders with profit (50).

8, Stoploss_in_Money=1000.

9, Stoploss_in %=50.

10, Setting Martingale= (MARTINGALE ).

–   MaxOpenBuyOrders=5; ==> Maximal order buy.

–   MaxOpenSellOrders=5; ==>Maximal order sell.

–   lotsbuy=0.01; ==> First lot buy.

–   lotssell=0.01; ==> First lot sell.

–   multi_lot=2; ==> Multiple lot for Second orders.

–   step_open_orders=200; ==> Distance between first orders and second orders.


–   TP=500; ==>Take profit in pips.

–   SL=2000; ==> Stop loss in pips.

–   TrailingStop=10; ==>in pips.

12, Setting_strategy_3_dan_4= (Setting Strategy 1MA dan 2MA).

–    Ma1_Period=7.

–    Ma2_period=14.

–    Ma_Mode=0.

13, Setting_strategy_5=”——- (Setting Strategy ZIGZAG) ——-“.

–    inpdepth=12.

–    deviation=5.

–    backstep=3.

14, Setting_strategy_11=”——- (Setting Strategy MACD) ——-“.

–    fast_ema_period=12.

–    slow_ema_period=26.

–    signal_period=9.

–    MACDOpenLevel =3.

–    MACDCloseLevel=2.

–    MATrendPeriod=26.

–    MA_MODE=1.

15, Setting_strategy_12= “——- (Setting Strategy RSI dan CCI) ——-“.

–    RSI_Period        = 14.

–    Fast_SMA          = 2.

–    Slow_SMA          = 6.

–    Fast_CCI          = 34.

–    Slow_CCI          = 175.

16, Setting_strategy_14_dan_15= “——- (Setting Timeframe) ——-“.

–    Timeframe=1440.


Lock Profit EA could be a beneficial expert advisor for traders of all levels of experience. However, it is important to note that past performance does not guarantee good future results. Therefore, the users of this EA may want to ensure to test it on a demo account first using the free demo version before proceeding to purchase the robot and apply it on their real accounts.

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