Loss Recovery Trader EA

The foreign exchange market is the largest financial market in the world. It operates 24 hours a day, five days a week, and is a decentralized market that includes banks, commercial companies, central banks, investment management firms, hedge funds, and retail Forex brokers and investors. In this market, currency pairs are traded, and the aim is to generate profits from fluctuations in exchange rates. Traders use various tools and strategies to achieve this, including the use of forex robots. One such robot is the Loss Recovery Trader EA, which is designed to recover losing trades.

The Forex market is a highly dynamic and fast-paced environment, and traders face various challenges in their efforts to generate profits. One of the biggest challenges is the risk of incurring losses, which can be substantial and have a negative impact on a trader’s overall performance. This is where the Loss Recovery Trader EA comes in, offering traders a way to recover losses and minimize the impact of losing trades.

Loss Recovery Trader EA Features

  • Compatible with the MT4 trading platform.
  • Runs in a completely automated fashion.
  • Carries out trades automatically.
  • Automatically sets stop-loss and take-profit levels.
  • Employs robust risk management to reduce drawdowns.

Loss Recovery Trader EA Strategy

The Loss Recovery Trader EA uses a Zone Recovery algorithm to recover losing trades. The algorithm alternates between Buy and Sell trades at two specific levels, with two Exit Points above and beyond these levels. Once either of the two exit points is reached, all trades are closed with a combined profit or approximate breakeven.

The Zone Recovery algorithm is designed to be flexible and adaptable to changing market conditions. It uses a series of Buy and Sells trades to gradually recover losses and minimize the risk of incurring further losses. The Exit Points serve as a safety mechanism, allowing traders to exit the trades if the market conditions change and the recovery is no longer possible.

Loss Recovery Trader EA Settings and Parameters

Initial Trade SettingsThe user can choose how the first trade is opened, including manual, through the EA strategy, using the EA panel, or through an external EA. The lot value, take profit, and recovery region settings can also be configured.
Recovery SettingsThe recovery Pips Gap, recovery Profit Pips, recovery Trades Type, and RecoveryLotMethod can be set to determine when an opposite direction trade is opened. The user can also determine if trades will close with a take profit or stop loss, or set a minimum amount to exit trades and add a protective stop loss.
Risk ManagementThe user can set the maximum active trades, close trades when the max trades are exceeded, maximum profit amount, maximum loss amount, and maximum spread.
Trailing Stop and Break-EvenThe user can enable a trailing stop and break-even for the first trade. The activation levels and distances can also be set.
Moving AverageThe EA can open the initial trade based on two moving averages if selected. The user can set the fast and slow periods and methods, and enable crossover.


The Loss Recovery Trader EA is a valuable tool for Forex traders looking to recover losses and minimize the impact of losing trades. With its Zone Recovery algorithm and various configurable settings, the EA offers a flexible and customizable approach to loss recovery. However, as with any trading tool, it is important to thoroughly test and understand its features and limitations before using it in a live trading environment.

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