Magic Keys Review

In the fast-paced world of financial markets, traders are constantly seeking tools and strategies to gain an edge and streamline their trading process. One such tool that has been making waves in the trading community is “Magic Keys.” Designed as a Lot Size Calculator with a unique touch, Magic Keys promises to enhance precision, minimize risk, and make trading more efficient. With a growing customer base of over 30,000 traders, Magic Keys is gaining recognition as a valuable trading companion. In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve deep into the features and functionalities of Magic Keys, dissecting its benefits and assessing its compatibility with popular trading platforms such as MT4, MT5, and cTrader.

Magic Keys Review
Magic Keys Review

Introduction to Magic Keys

Magic Keys is a trading tool that aims to simplify the trading process by providing traders with a set of powerful features and a user-friendly interface. This tool caters to both Windows and Mac users, making it accessible to a wide range of traders operating on different systems. Its compatibility with the popular trading platforms MT4, MT5, and cTrader ensures that traders can seamlessly integrate Magic Keys into their existing workflows. Let’s dive into the key features that set Magic Keys apart from other trading tools.

1. Manage Risk with Precision

Risk management is a cornerstone of successful trading, and Magic Keys excels in this aspect. The tool allows traders to open orders based on their risk parameters with a simple key press. What’s impressive is that it automatically calculates lot sizes, taking the guesswork out of position sizing. This feature is a game-changer for traders who understand the critical role risk management plays in their overall trading strategy.

2. Automatic Trade Management

One of the standout features of Magic Keys is its ability to facilitate automatic trade management. Setting parameters for break-even points and multiple partial take-profit triggers has never been easier. Traders can configure their preferred settings effortlessly, ensuring that their trades are managed in a way that aligns with their strategies. This automation feature can save valuable time and reduce the emotional strain often associated with manual trade management.

3. Streamlined Trade Exiting

Exiting trades is made incredibly simple with Magic Keys. Traders can close entire positions or partial positions with ease. Moreover, the tool allows for the movement of stop-loss and take-profit prices to preset levels or the manual input of pip values. This level of flexibility empowers traders to adapt quickly to changing market conditions and execute their exit strategies with precision.

4. Enforce Trading Limits

Overtrading is a common pitfall for many traders. Magic Keys addresses this issue by providing a dedicated trading limits panel. This panel offers a clear visualization of a trader’s daily limitations, preventing them from exceeding their predetermined boundaries. This feature promotes discipline and helps traders stay in control of their trading activities.

5. Performance Statistics

Understanding your trading performance is crucial for continuous improvement. Magic Keys provides traders with detailed statistics on their performance with individual instruments. This insightful data allows traders to identify strengths and weaknesses in their strategies and make informed decisions before entering new trades.

Additional Features

Magic Keys offers a plethora of additional features that further enhance its utility:

  • Instant Risk Calculation: Get real-time risk calculations for each trade, ensuring that you’re always aware of the potential downside.
  • Automatic Break-Even Price: Set automatic break-even points to protect your trades from turning into losses prematurely.
  • Multiple Partial Take Profit Prices: Customize your take-profit strategy by setting multiple partial take-profit levels.
  • Partial Stop Loss: Fine-tune your risk management by setting partial stop-loss orders.
  • Scale In and Out: Easily scale in or out of trades, whether you’re in profit or facing a loss.
  • Lower Time-to-Trade: Speed up your trading process and seize opportunities quickly.
  • Precise Stop-Loss Adjustments: Move your stop-loss levels with unprecedented precision.
  • Scale-In Trades: Add new entries to your initial trades, enabling you to build positions strategically.
  • Individual Trade Targeting: Target specific trades or adjust the entire position at once.
  • Chart Zoom: Zoom in and out of your trading charts for a clearer view of price action.
  • Fast Pendings: Place limit and stop orders swiftly to capitalize on market movements.
  • Quick Timeframe Changes: Switch between timeframes rapidly to analyze market trends effectively.
  • Quick Action Buttons: Execute trade level adjustments based on risk-reward ratios with the click of a button.
  • Performance-Based Statistics: Review statistics based on your past trade performance for data-driven decision-making.
  • Custom Script Integration: Seamlessly integrate your custom scripts and trading automations.
  • Price Locking: Ensure that your trade levels closely follow market movements with price locking.
  • Pip Counter: Keep track of pip movements for open trades, aiding in decision-making.
  • Trail Stop Loss: Implement trailing stop-loss orders to protect your gains.
  • Instant Buy or Sell: Execute buy or sell orders instantly for rapid decision implementation.


Magic Keys is undeniably a powerful trading tool that has the potential to revolutionize the way traders manage their positions and risk. With a wide array of features designed to simplify and enhance trading, it caters to both novice and experienced traders. Its compatibility with popular trading platforms and cross-platform availability make it accessible to a broad audience.

Whether you’re looking to fine-tune your risk management, automate trade management, or gain insights into your trading performance, Magic Keys offers a comprehensive solution. The trading limits panel and performance statistics add an extra layer of discipline and data-driven decision-making to your trading strategy.

However, it’s important to note that while Magic Keys offers a wealth of features, its effectiveness ultimately depends on how well it is integrated into your trading strategy and the level of discipline you maintain. As with any tool, it’s essential to thoroughly understand its functionalities and use them judiciously.

In summary, Magic Keys lives up to its promise of adding a touch of magic to your trading experience. It empowers traders to make more informed decisions, manage risk effectively, and execute trades with precision. For those willing to invest the time to learn and harness its capabilities, Magic Keys has the potential to become an invaluable asset in their trading arsenal.

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