Review is a global broker founded in 2008. The broker is regulated by various financial authorities, like CySEC, FCA,  ASIC, FSC BVI, and FSCA. is an established provider of online Forex and CFD trading services, offering a wide range of over 2,200 trading assets, spread across currency pairs, cryptocurrency, stocks, indices, bonds, ETFs, Blends, I.P.O.s, metals, energies, and other commodities. They provide clients with advanced and user-friendly trading platforms, helpful analysis tools, training resources, dedicated customer support, and high-quality trading conditions with tight fixed or variable spreads, good execution speeds, and minimal slippages. The broker has over 5 million registered accounts with hundreds of billions in annual trading volume.

Instruments offers a large number of trading products ranging up to 2200 in aggregate. The range includes popular asset classes such as stocks, currencies, ETFs, Commodities, Index, CFDs, Bonds, Blends, and Crypto.


From best-in-class trading technology in the form of Marketsx to powerful share dealing in the form of Marketsi, the trading platforms of are your doorway to the world’s financial markets. Explore mobile platform’s one-tap trading and automate transactions using MT4 and MT5.’s platforms are your all-access ticket to investing and trading the world’s markets because they are smart, quick, and customizable to your needs

Marketsx’s most advanced multi-asset platform ever helps you think quickly and trade faster with various fundamental, technical, and sentiment tools, including an advanced charting package and breaking news and analysis.’s patented technology executes transactions in a flash, whereas a suite of comprehensive risk management features, including eight distinct kinds of market notifications, help you safeguard your wealth.

Marketsx Platform
Marketsx Platform

Marketsi’s Marketsi platform is the share dealing platform for investors, allowing you to trade in a large choice of companies from across the globe and develop and manage your very own portfolio. Choose basic share dealing or utilize the investment plan builder, enabling users to filter by index, sector, market cap, and average daily volume to manage their portfolio dynamically.

Marketsi Platform
Marketsi Platform

MetaTrader 4

MT4 was designed with forex trading in mind, and it is still one of the most popular and simple-to-use trading platforms. Expert Advisors, micro-lots, hedging, and one-click trading are all part of the MT4 package and include everything you’d expect from this platform. It will perform your transactions quickly and with minimal spread, whether you are running it on your mobile, desktop, or web devices. MT4 Platform MT4 Platform

MetaTrader 5

While MT4 was created for forex trading, MT5 is a multi-asset derivatives platform built for trading on a broad variety of forex futures, stocks, and CFDs. It’s a tuned-up, speedier version of MT4 that supports hedging and netting, as well as additional technical indicators, market depth, and a larger range of timeframes. MT5 Platform MT5 Platform

Mobile Trading App

With the Marketsx mobile app for iOS and Android, you can be in charge of your trade wherever you are, 24 hours a day. The app, which has native designs for your devices and is regularly updated to provide the greatest experience possible, allows you to have your finger on the market pulse all the time. You can execute trades instantly, place orders, and manage alerts and positions with a single touch.


Better market insights provide you with additional information, which may help you make critical decisions about your trades. Marketsx is at the vanguard of trader expertise, offering insight and analysis from our team of experts as well as a wide variety of fundamental, technical, and sentiment tools. Our 14 trader tools give unrivaled market information. You may trade on your terms, whether long or short term. Everyone needs tools to take a prudent trade decision. With tools, you may have greater insight, better decision-making, and mode trade opportunities.

Fundamental Tools

Fundamental tools keep you updated on the macro-and micro-economic factors that can impact asset performance.

Financial Commentary

You can get market-leading insights into what may be impacting F.X. to make better trading decisions. In a rolling, real-time ticker, get information on international happenings, central bank statements, trade updates, and anything else that might affect your forex trades.

Advance Alerts

With Marketsx alerts, you’ll always know which direction your markets are heading, and you’ll be confident in your trades. There are eight distinct alerts, ranging from basic alerts informing you of price changes to more detailed insights informing you of an expert’s change of view on your asset. You may set the alarm anytime you see the bell symbol, and it is compatible with the majority of the in-platform features.

Thomson Reuters Stock Report

This downloadable report, supplied by Thomson Reuters and accessible directly from the Marketsx platform, is jam-packed with useful information and insight. The stock report is company-specific research that comprises an average stock rating backed by indicators and essential data. See the 1- and 5-year returns, as well as average analyst ratings and how the company compares to the sector as a whole. It provides a thorough insight into your trades that is updated daily, with certain parts updated weekly.

Technical Tools

Technical tools are those that assist you in making asset decisions based on historical market data.

Related Instruments

Related Instruments might provide traders with ideas for fresh trades. See whether assets are connected to diversify their portfolio or better grasp what is affecting their trade. Related instruments are instruments that straddle asset classifications. Gold, for example, is linked to several currency pairings, energy assets, and other precious metals.

Advanced Charting

The charting package enables traders to have a more in-depth understanding of their trades and assets. Forecasting, Long/Short position monitoring, Elliott Wave, Fibonacci Retracement, Gann’s, and many more indicators and oscillators are included. Multi Charts Multi Charts

Sentiment Tools

Sentiment measurement tools are often short-term and provide insight into how the market perceives an asset.

Bloggers Opinions

Bloggers’ Opinions give traders access to the opinions of 50,000 financial bloggers, allowing them to gauge sentiment on assets. Traders may track their stock recommendations and convert their information into trading chances. The tool uses cutting-edge technology to find the experts and bloggers who regularly choose the best stocks to beat the market.

Hedge Funds Investment Confidence

The Hedge Funds Confidence tool monitors the stocks hedge funds purchase and sells to determine sentiment using data from the S.E.C. It indicates whether a stock’s popularity among fund managers has risen or fallen in recent quarters. Traders may also examine how hedge fund managers trade the stock, such as adjusting an existing position or initiating a new one.

Insider Trades

The Insider Trades tool shows changes in share ownership for over 36,000 business insiders. This enables traders to make better-informed decisions about their holdings. It gathers, analyses, and displays the most recent transactions performed by insiders. The transaction history displays individual buys and sells, who is behind them, their status in the organization, and how their trades rank.

Trading Analyst Recommendations

Analyst Recommendations reveals what experts believe about significant U.S. equities. It enables you to search for top Wall Street analysts, filter them by star rating, and receive their take on the most important stocks. To calculate their Star Rating, each analyst included in the tool is tested on accuracy. The Star Rating ranges from 0 to 5, with 5 being the best possible score for an analyst.

Trends In Trading

Trader Trends analyses every transaction completed on the platform in real-time to provide you with immediate market sentiment. See how thousands of other traders are positioned to determine whether to trade with the crowd or on your own. With real-time updates, you can watch how the platform’s sentiment evolves in real-time.

Trading Signals

Without leaving the platform, get insights on crucial assets. Signals are such an easy-to-use and intuitive tool that you’ll find yourself using them without even realizing it. The Signals tool combines information from five of our most powerful products. Traders may obtain fast sentiment from any tools without leaving their dashboard or charts. Technical Indicators Technical Indicators

Education seeks to put that power in your hands by offering unrivaled tools for acquiring professional insights, opinions, and education about trading and investing. From the knowledge center, you may acquire knowledge on trading and invest in four distinct ways, depending on what you want.


XRay is your streaming service for financial analysis. gathers together some of the finest names in finance to present professional thoughts and opinions in short, simple-to-watch videos. You may live-stream your XRay material or catch up at a suitable moment. More importantly, you can subscribe to programs and even ask the presenters questions that they can answer in real-time. Get crucial decision-making insights right in the platform in a manner that fits you.

Trading Webinars

You may increase your market knowledge with free training from some of the greatest brains in the world of financial markets. Expert speakers are on hand to answer your questions and take you through various subjects, from utilizing our state-of-the-art platforms to knowing the ins and outs of the markets.

Market News’s professional team reports on the daily changes and events in the market that might affect your trades and investments. From earnings season to policy announcements and elections, everything that influences the markets can be found in Trading News, plus our insights on what effect traders may perceive.

Conclusion is a well-regulated online trading broker that offers a wide selection of tradable instruments across different asset classes. They offer tight spreads and advanced trading tools through their award-winning trading platform.











  • A wide range of trading instruments
  • User-friendly trading platforms and apps
  • Advanced market research tools
  • Trading signals and alerts
  • Range of educational materials
  • Excellent customer support


  • Cannot accept USA traders
  • Inactivity fees
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