MarketSmith Review

MarketSmith is a comprehensive stock research platform that empowers investors with intelligent tools and detailed insights into the stock market. Developed by Investor’s Business Daily (IBD), MarketSmith aims to provide traders and investors with the necessary tools and information to make informed decisions in the stock market. In this review, we will delve into the key features, usability, data analysis capabilities, and overall value of MarketSmith.

MarketSmith Review
MarketSmith Review

User Interface and Navigation

MarketSmith boasts a user-friendly interface that offers a seamless experience for both novice and experienced investors. The platform’s layout is clean, well-organized, and intuitive, allowing users to easily navigate and access the wealth of information available. The home screen presents a snapshot of the market, including key indices, top-performing stocks, and recent news. The well-designed menu and search function enable users to find specific stocks, industries, or screens quickly.

Powerful Research Tools

One of the standout features of MarketSmith is its powerful research tools. The platform offers in-depth fundamental and technical analysis of stocks, enabling investors to make well-informed decisions. The Stock Checkup tool provides a comprehensive analysis of a stock’s key fundamentals, financial health, and growth prospects. Additionally, the Pattern Recognition tool helps identify potential chart patterns, facilitating technical analysis and trend spotting.

Proprietary Ratings and Scoring System

MarketSmith employs its proprietary ratings and scoring system, providing users with valuable insights into a stock’s potential. The Composite Rating, EPS Rating, and Relative Strength Rating help investors evaluate a stock’s overall strength and growth potential relative to the market. These ratings, combined with expert analysis and historical data, offer a holistic view of a stock’s performance and aid in making informed investment choices.

Charting and Technical Analysis

MarketSmith offers robust charting capabilities that cater to the needs of technical analysts. The platform provides a wide range of charting tools, including various technical indicators, drawing tools, and customizable timeframes. The charts are interactive and dynamic, allowing users to analyze historical price movements, identify trends, and make accurate predictions. The inclusion of fundamental data on the charts enhances the analysis process by providing a comprehensive view of a stock’s performance.

Idea Generation and Stock Lists

MarketSmith excels in providing curated stock lists and idea-generation tools to assist investors in finding potential investment opportunities. The platform offers pre-built screens based on different investment strategies, including growth stocks, value stocks, and top-rated stocks. These screens help users identify stocks that meet specific criteria and align with their investment objectives. Additionally, the platform provides predefined watchlists and customizable portfolios for tracking and managing investments effectively.

Timely News and Market Insights

Staying up-to-date with market news and insights is crucial for successful investing. MarketSmith provides real-time news updates, market commentary, and analysis from experienced IBD professionals. The platform also offers daily and weekly reports, highlighting stocks with potential opportunities and important market trends. The availability of such timely information aids investors in making informed decisions and staying ahead of market movements.

Customer Support and Education

MarketSmith offers excellent customer support through multiple channels, including email and phone. Their knowledgeable support team is readily available to assist users with any platform-related queries or technical issues. Additionally, MarketSmith provides extensive educational resources, including webinars, video tutorials, and an extensive knowledge base. These resources empower users to enhance their investing skills and make the most of the platform’s features.


MarketSmith is a stock research platform that offers a wealth of tools, data, and insights for investors. With its user-friendly interface, research tools, proprietary ratings, and comprehensive charting capabilities, MarketSmith empowers investors to make informed decisions in the stock market. The platform’s curated stock lists, timely news updates, and educational resources further enhance its value. While the pricing might be a consideration for some, the overall value and comprehensive features make MarketSmith a good choice for investors seeking a sophisticated and all-encompassing stock research platform.

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