Master Class Training Course Review

Master Class Training Course Review

In this post I will be reviewing the Master Class Training Course from the team over at trading strategy guides. I have reviewed some of their other forex trading systems and forex robots over the years as they have been around for a while.

The Master Class Training Course is designed to take beginners step by step through how to trade the markets. They state that one of the team members who helped to create the course has over 25 years of trading experience and skills that they share throughout the program.

Master Class Training Course Review

This forex trading course is designed as a three-part training module. It can allow aspiring traders the ability to learn at their own pace without being overwhelmed by the new content available to learn in each section. They specifically talk about each market structure and why they consider the strategies that they use to be so powerful.

Master Class Training Course Review - Buy Trade
Master Class Training Course Review – Buy Trade

Here are a few highlights you can expect in this particular forex training course:

Module #1: (1 Hour Session) Trend Reversals: This module will cover some of the essentials to trading trend reversals. This will include price structure analysis, popular indicators for trend reversals and a customised trend reversal strategy.

Module #2: (1 Hour Session) Trend Following: This module will cover some of the essentials to trading the trends. This will include trend analysis, popular indicators for following the trends, and a customised trend following strategy.

Module #3: (1 Hour Session) The Power of Fibonacci: This part of the course is based on the powerful Fibonacci Sequence. It also includes a customised Fibonacci strategy.

All sessions are recorded and then placed in the membership area. Thus, if you miss it, no worries, you will be able to watch the training unlimited amount of times when it is convenient for you.

Master Class Training Course Review - Sell Trade
Master Class Training Course Review – Sell Trade

There are also another three additional training classes that are presented by Hubert Miranda. His trading approach is based on analysis of the broader price structure of any given instrument, utilising a variety of methods, such as, Elliot Wave theory, moving averages, momentum analysis, chart patterns, and Fibonacci sequence.

Module #1: Introduction to Trade Theory LIVE (1 1/2 – 2 Hours): This will be the introduction to Hubert’s trading methods and tactics. Hubert’s Trading Strategy that he is going to teach involves the following areas: Wave Theory and reading the quality of price-action, essential tools to assess market structure (moving averages, oscillators), Points of confluence, trend gauging and more.

Module #2: Wave Theory and Price Action Techniques – LIVE (1 1/2 – 2 Hours): Hubert discusses some of the essential tools for understand Wave Theory. Wave can be a complex theory to understand, but Hubert will break it down into many simple steps so that everyone who goes through this training will have a better understanding. This training will be core to Hubert’s Trading Strategy.

Module #3: Q & A Session + Conclusion to Trade Theory and Essential Elements – LIVE (1 Hour):  Hubert answers questions that pertains to his trading strategy. He also goes through a “tool time” session during this time, he will show you all of his favourite indicators and tools that are available to traders worldwide. This part will be about 20-30 minutes since there a variety of indicators and tools that are covered.

Master Class Training Course Review - Analysis
Master Class Training Course Review – Analysis

Master Class Training Course Summary

There is a generous amount of content in this particular forex training course and considering the price tag, it is a cheaper alternative to some trading courses which can cost in the thousands.

It is useful to have the content explained in easy to understand terms whilst you are free to learn at your own pace. Perhaps you may wish to open a demo trading account with a forex broker to practice some of the things you have learned.

If you need a trading account, I have conveniently compiled a list of my best forex brokers that you may wish to use for inspiration and help finding a broker the meets your requirements.

The Master Class Training Course includes the following materials:

  • The 1 hr trend reversal strategy class Valued at $600
  • The 1 hr trend following class Valued at $600
  • The 1 hr Fibonacci trading class Valued at $600
  • The 30+ other Bonus Free strategies Valued at $297
  • The Master Class Trading Signals Bonus Pack Valued at $997
  • The recording which you can access at any time
  • The PDF Training Guide Valued at $397
  • The Question and Answer Session Valued at $597

Overall, I personally believe that this course can be useful for traders of all different trading styles and experience levels. The team behind it have experience in the forex industry and I have reviewed their previous works. The course is easy to digest and also includes a money back guarantee should you deem it to be unsuitable for your needs.

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