Maverick Trading Review

Maverick Trading, an award-winning proprietary trading firm established in 1997, offers a unique and lucrative opportunity for individuals seeking a fulfilling and profitable career in trading. With a strong focus on trader education, backed by substantial capital, Maverick Trading aims to maximize profits while fostering a supportive and diverse trading environment. Maverick Trading did not give details about challenge accounts on their website. In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve into the key aspects of Maverick Trading, including their recruitment process, trading opportunities, capital sharing program, and overall trading philosophy, providing you with an in-depth understanding of why Maverick is a choice in the world of proprietary trading.

Maverick Trading
Maverick Trading

Maverick Trading: A Legacy of Trading Excellence

Maverick Trading proudly boasts a storied history spanning over two decades, dating back to its establishment in 1997. Since its inception, Maverick has consistently demonstrated its commitment to excellence in the proprietary trading industry. Over the years, the firm has nurtured some of the most talented traders in the business, garnering a reputation for being a breeding ground for trading success.

Diverse Trader Community

One of Maverick Trading’s standout features is its dedication to inclusivity. The firm warmly welcomes candidates from all walks of life, provided they exhibit trainability, dedication, and a relentless drive for success. This open and diverse approach is what sets Maverick apart, as it allows individuals from various backgrounds, including former floor traders, financial planners, teachers, sales professionals, accountants, and even former military personnel, to thrive in the world of trading. This diversity enriches the firm’s trading culture, fostering a dynamic and innovative trading environment that encourages the exchange of ideas and strategies among traders from diverse fields.

Trading With Maverick Trading: A Path to Financial Freedom

Maverick Trading’s unique trading program provides traders with a golden opportunity to trade with the firm’s capital after successfully completing their comprehensive training program. This offering is what sets Maverick apart from the traditional proprietary trading firms. Maverick traders have the flexibility to operate from the comfort of their homes or personal offices, choosing between full-time or part-time trading. What’s truly remarkable is Maverick Trading’s trader-friendly profit-sharing model, where traders retain an impressive 70-80% of the profits generated.

As traders grow in proficiency and profitability, they gain access to higher levels of trading capital and subsequently earn higher profit splits with the firm. This advancement structure ensures that traders are appropriately rewarded for their dedication and hard work. Successful traders at Maverick have the potential to earn substantial incomes, with some even exceeding $20,000 per month after their first year.

Reaching the elite status of an Elite Trader is a significant milestone at Maverick Trading. Elite Traders have the opportunity to trade with substantial capital, potentially earning over $100,000 per year. This reflects Maverick’s unwavering commitment to recognizing and rewarding excellence within its trading community.

The Maverick Recruitment Process: Selecting the Best of the Best

Maverick Trading takes its recruitment process seriously, as it’s the foundation upon which their successful trading community is built. The multi-step process is designed to ensure that aspiring traders are not only well-informed but also genuinely committed to pursuing a career in trading. The steps include:

  1. Introduction Video: Candidates begin by watching an informative introductory video that provides a clear overview of the firm’s approach and its unique profit-sharing model.
  2. Basic FAQs: To deepen their understanding of Maverick Trading’s operations, candidates are encouraged to review a set of basic Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
  3. Trader Profile Submission: Candidates must complete and submit a Trader Profile, offering valuable insights into their background and motivations, helping the firm identify dedicated individuals.
  4. Trading Video: The firm provides an in-depth trading video that delves into Maverick’s trading methodologies and sets clear expectations for traders.
  5. Advanced FAQs: For those with additional questions or seeking a deeper understanding, advanced FAQs are available to address any remaining queries.
  6. Suitability Interview: The final step involves scheduling a suitability interview with one of Maverick Trading’s recruiters, ensuring alignment between the candidate’s goals and the firm’s expectations.

This meticulous process ensures that candidates are well-prepared and fully informed about Maverick Trading’s unique approach to proprietary trading.

Unlimited Earnings Potential: Backed by Substantial Capital

Maverick Trading’s confidence in its traders and qualification program is evident in its backing of traders with substantial trading capital. By providing traders with access to more capital, Maverick Trading offers them better flexibility in their trading and significantly higher profit potential. This approach is revolutionary in the industry and allows traders to increase their leverage without the typical associated risks.

What sets Maverick Trading apart from other proprietary trading firms is its commitment to equitable profit sharing. Unlike many firms that focus on high-frequency trading to generate revenue, Maverick Trading prioritizes the well-being and success of its traders. Under this model, traders retain an impressive 70-80% of the profits they generate while trading the firm’s capital. This alignment of interests ensures that Maverick’s goals are inherently tied to the success of its traders, creating a symbiotic relationship that drives profitability.

Maverick Capital Sharing Program: Earning Your Way to Bigger Profits

Maverick Trading’s capital sharing program is a testament to the firm’s commitment to nurturing trader growth. Increases in access to firm capital are granted based on a trader’s trading performance, profits retained in their account, and the size of their risk deposit. The underlying principle is simple: the larger the buying power, the greater the potential for profits.

Earning this extra potential is primarily contingent on consistency. Maverick Trading looks for traders who can maintain low drawdowns and minimize account swings. Some of their traders consistently go an entire year without experiencing a losing month. Advancement to higher levels is subject to management approval, ensuring that only the most capable and disciplined traders progress.

How Maverick Traders Get Paid: A Fair and Transparent System

Maverick Trading pays its traders on a monthly basis via ACH directly to their bank accounts. The firm’s transparent profit-sharing system is a significant advantage for traders. Let’s illustrate this with an example: Suppose a trader earned $10,000 in profits during the March options period and was on a 75% profit split. In this case, the trader would receive a disbursement of $7,500 on April 1st. This flexible compensation structure allows traders to choose whether to reinvest their earnings or retain them within their trading account for future growth.

The Maverick Team: Experienced Traders by Your Side

At Maverick Trading, the team is a crucial component of the firm’s success. The staff members at Maverick hail from various areas of the trading and investing world, collectively boasting years of experience in the financial markets. Their primary goal is to assist Maverick’s traders in achieving the highest profits possible while effectively managing risk.

What sets Maverick’s support team apart is their direct involvement in trading. Every staff member is an active trader who trades the markets side-by-side with Maverick’s traders. This hands-on experience ensures that the support team can empathize with the challenges traders face and provide practical guidance tailored to real-world trading situations.

The Maverick Way: A Winning Philosophy

The “Maverick Way” serves as the foundational philosophy that guides Maverick Trading’s trading strategies. This approach revolves around high-probability trading strategies with a strong emphasis on strict risk and money management. Unlike traders who fret over the outcome of individual trades, Maverick traders focus on statistics and probabilities. They understand that over time, they will end up with a profitable batch of trades as long as the statistics are in their favor.

To become a Maverick trader, candidates must fulfil three essential requirements:

  1. Pass a Series of Online Quizzes: Demonstrating an understanding of the “Maverick Way” trading principles is a crucial first step. Each quiz in the series verifies that candidates have a firm grasp of the principles of the stock and options markets, as well as Maverick Trading’s strategies and techniques.
  2. Create a Personalized Trading Plan: In the world of trading, a non-existent or poorly designed business plan is the number one reason businesses fail. Maverick Trading recognizes this and requires its traders to develop and submit a clearly defined trading plan. This plan covers all aspects of trading, including entry points, position sizing, position management, capital management, and minimum monthly goals. By doing so, Maverick ensures that its traders approach trading as a business and treat it as their profession.
  3. Follow Your Trading Plan: Once a trader has developed their trading plan, the next crucial step is to follow it consistently. Each trader is required to produce a trading statement from any major brokerage, showing a minimum number of profitable trades and a consistent period of profitability. In some cases, trading statements from a demo (practice) account may be accepted at management’s discretion. This rigorous approach ensures that Maverick’s traders can successfully implement the trading plans they have developed.

Monthly trading profits at Maverick Trading are calculated from each option period. A trader’s profits are credited on the Saturday after options expiration, which falls between the 15th and 22nd of each month. Profit disbursements are then made on the 1st of the month following the prior trading period. To illustrate, if a trader earned $10,000 in profits during the March options period and was on a 75% profit split, they would receive a disbursement of $7,500 on April 1st. Traders also have the flexibility to retain any earnings within their trading account and apply for higher capital amounts.

Maverick Trading: A Unique Approach to Proprietary Trading

Maverick Trading stands out in the world of proprietary trading for several compelling reasons. First and foremost is the firm’s commitment to providing traders with substantial capital, allowing them to maximize their profit potential while minimizing risk. Unlike many other proprietary trading firms that focus on high-frequency trading to generate revenue, Maverick Trading prioritizes equitable profit sharing. Traders keep an impressive 70-80% of the profits they make, aligning the firm’s goals with those of its traders.

Another noteworthy feature is Maverick Trading’s dedication to diversity and inclusivity. The firm welcomes individuals from all backgrounds, providing them with the opportunity to succeed in the world of trading. This diversity enriches the firm’s trading culture and fosters an environment where traders can learn from each other’s unique experiences.

The firm’s transparent profit-sharing model and emphasis on trader education set it apart from traditional proprietary trading firms. Maverick traders have the opportunity to earn significant income while developing their skills under the guidance of experienced professionals who are active traders themselves.

Conclusion: Unlocking Your Trading Potential with Maverick Trading

In conclusion, Maverick Trading offers a unique and compelling opportunity for individuals seeking a fulfilling and profitable career in trading. With a rich history of trading excellence spanning over two decades, the firm has consistently demonstrated its commitment to nurturing talent and rewarding dedication. Maverick’s diverse trader community, backed by substantial capital and a transparent profit-sharing model, makes it a standout choice in the world of proprietary trading.

If you’re dedicated, trainable, and driven to succeed, Maverick Trading could be the platform that propels your trading career to new heights, with virtually unlimited earnings potential. Whether you come from a financial background or an entirely different field, Maverick Trading welcomes you to join their community and embark on a journey towards financial freedom and trading success. Unlock your trading potential with Maverick Trading today and take the first step towards a prosperous and fulfilling trading career.

Is Maverick Trading legit?

Maverick Trading is a prop trading firm that claims to provide capital, training, and mentoring to traders who join their program. According to their website, they have been in business since 1997.

It depends on certain factors to say whether Maverick Trading is legit. However, I would advise you to do your own research and due diligence before joining any prop trading firm, especially one that asks for upfront payments or deposits. You should also look for reviews and feedback from independent sources and former traders who have experience with the firm. You should also compare the features and benefits of different prop trading firms and choose the one that suits your goals and preferences.

Maverick Trading’s alternatives

Here are some alternative proprietary trading firms to Maverick Trading that you can consider: SurgeTrader, FTMO, FX2 Funding, and The Funded Trader.

Please note that it’s important to thoroughly research each firm and understand their terms and conditions before making a decision.

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