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In the ever-evolving world of online trading, finding the right opportunity and the right platform can be a daunting task. Among the plethora of prop trading firms and educational platforms, Ment Funding stands out as a unique proposition. Founded in 2021, this innovative company offers a transparent, one-step evaluation process for traders, providing funding of up to $2,000,000 with no time limits. In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve deep into the offerings and features of Ment Funding, from their evaluation process to hidden rules, account upgrades, and more.

Ment Funding
Ment Funding

Introduction To Ment Funding: Empowering Traders with Education and Funding

Ment Funding’s journey began with the creation of, a trading education company designed to bridge the educational gap in the market. However, the team behind Ment Funding quickly realized that education alone wasn’t enough. Many skilled traders were being overlooked and unfairly evaluated by traditional 2-step funding models. This realization led to the birth of Ment Funding, a platform that aims to provide a fair chance for talented traders to get funded and evaluated while respecting their skills and potential.

Ment Funding One-Step Evaluation Process: A Transparent Approach

Ment Funding prides itself on simplicity and fairness in its approach. There are no hidden rules or complex steps. The company offers a one-step evaluation process, and if you pass, you get funded with real money. The rules are transparent, and the approach is straightforward. The company’s philosophy is clear: “If the rule isn’t in the Terms & Conditions, you are in the clear.” This transparency is a breath of fresh air in the trading industry, where hidden rules and unclear conditions often leave traders in the dark.

Unlike most other prop trading firms that offer a two-step evaluation process, Ment Funding distinguishes itself with its one-step evaluation model. Traders are tasked with generating a 10% profit following the firm’s rules. This simplified approach streamlines the evaluation process and provides clarity for traders.

Freedom to Trade Your Way

One of the standout features of Ment Funding is the freedom it offers traders. There are no minimum or maximum trading days, allowing traders to take their time and trade at their own pace. Whether you’re an algorithmic trader, a manual trader, or a high-frequency trader, Ment Funding welcomes you to trade your way. The absence of trading style restrictions, such as EAs, hedging, or news trading, is a notable advantage. Traders have the power to shape their trading journey according to their vision.

Ment Funding Dedicated 24/7 Support: A Personal Touch

Anton Calmes, the CEO of Ment Funding, actively engages with the trading community, making himself available on Discord, the YouTube community page, and with the Ment Funding team. This dedication to supporting traders is a testament to Ment Funding’s commitment to its community. Having direct access to the CEO and a responsive support team can be invaluable for traders seeking assistance or guidance.

Ment Funding Hidden Rules: Transparency at Its Core

One of the most commendable aspects of Ment Funding is its commitment to transparency. Unlike other prop trading firms, Ment Funding states explicitly that there are zero hidden rules. All parameters for the evaluation and funded accounts are identical and can be found on their website. This transparency ensures that traders fully understand what they’re getting into, without any unpleasant surprises down the road.

Ment Funding Account Upgrades: Tailoring Your Evaluation

Ment Funding provides traders with the flexibility to customize their one-step evaluation. Traders can choose to pay extra for upgrades that fine-tune their evaluation to their specific trading system. These upgrades include:

  1. Hold over the weekend (10% price increase)
  2. Double Leverage (25% price increase)
  3. No Stop Loss Required (10% price increase)
  4. 90% Profit Split (20% price increase)

The ability to customize your evaluation allows you to align it with your trading style and preferences. You can choose to forgo all options and pay the original price, or mix and match options to create an evaluation that suits your needs.

Ment Funding Risk Management: Max Daily Loss and Max Loss Rules

Ment Funding has implemented comprehensive risk management rules to protect traders and the firm itself. These rules are designed to strike a balance between allowing traders to grow their accounts while ensuring prudent risk management:

  • 5% Max Daily Loss: This rule limits the maximum amount your account can lose in a single trading day. It’s calculated based on the previous day’s balance and resets daily at 5 PM EST. This rule provides a safety net for traders, allowing them to manage their risk effectively.
  • 6% Max Loss: Unlike some other firms, Ment Funding’s Max Loss rule is static and calculated based on the initial account balance. This means that if you start with a $100,000 account, your account can only be breached if it goes below $94,000 (6% of the original balance). This rule encourages traders to focus on preserving their capital while allowing for growth.

Ment Funding Required Stop Loss: Ensuring Safety

Ment Funding mandates the use of stop loss orders when opening trades, unless traders have customized their evaluation to opt out of this requirement. This mandatory stop loss helps protect traders from excessive losses and ensures that prudent risk management practices are followed.

Ment Funding Running Risk Rule: Managing Lot Sizes

The Running Risk Rule sets limits on the maximum lot size traders can use, based on their account’s leverage and buying power. This rule is important for risk management and helps prevent traders from overleveraging their positions. It’s crucial for traders to understand how leverage and margin work to avoid breaching this rule.

Ment Funding Payout Options: Flexibility for Traders

Traders have the freedom to choose when they request their first payout. Whether you choose to compound your account or withdraw profits, Ment Funding offers flexibility. By default, the profit split is 75/25 in favor of the trader. However, traders have the option to upgrade to a 90/10 profit split at the checkout page when customizing their evaluation.

Ment Funding Weekend Trades: Closing Positions on Fridays

Ment Funding requires all trades to be closed by 3:30 PM EST on Fridays unless traders have customized their evaluation to allow weekend trades. This practice ensures that traders don’t leave positions open over the weekend, where market conditions can be unpredictable.

How to Lose a Ment Funding Account: Clear Guidelines

Ment Funding provides clear guidelines on how traders can lose their accounts. There are three ways:

  1. Breach of the 5% Max Daily Stop Rule: If your account loses more than 5% of its daily balance, it will be considered a breach.
  2. Breach of the 6% Max Loss Rule: If your account balance falls below 6% of its initial balance, it will breach this rule.
  3. Inactivity: If you fail to open or close a trade for 30 consecutive days, your account will be considered inactive and at risk of being breached.

It’s worth noting that Ment Funding doesn’t impose a minimum trading days requirement, but maintaining an active account is essential.

Ment Funding Account Limits: Generous Opportunities

Ment Funding offers substantial opportunities for traders to manage their accounts. The firm provides a maximum funding limit of $2 million per person, which can be made up of multiple assessments, provided none are of the same size at the same time. Additionally, there’s no limit to the number of accounts a trader can have within this $2 million limit. This approach allows traders to compound their earnings and manage larger sums of capital as they see fit.

Ment Funding Account Sizes and Challenge Rules: Options for All Traders

Ment Funding offers a range of challenge accounts with different sizes to cater to traders of varying experience levels and risk appetites. These challenge accounts include $25,000, $50,000, $100,000, $200,000, $400,000, $1,000,000, and $2,000,000. Regardless of the account size chosen, the rules remain consistent:

  • 10% Target Profit
  • No Minimum/Maximum Trading Days
  • 5% Max Daily Loss
  • 6% Max Loss
  • Up to 1:20 Leverage (Upgrades available)
  • Profit Split: 75% (90% with upgrade) in Favor of the Trader
  • First Withdrawal Can Be Requested at Any Time

This diversity of account sizes and consistent rules ensures that traders can find an option that suits their preferences and goals.

Ment Funding Coupon Codes & Discount

If you are interested in getting discounts on Ment Funding, you can use coupon codes to save money on their evaluation and funded accounts. Coupon codes are special codes that you can enter during the checkout process to get a percentage off the original price. By using coupon codes, you can get discounts on Ment Funding and save money on your evaluation and funded accounts. You may possibly enjoy other benefits such as increased profit split, fee refund, or scaling plan depending on the coupon code that you use. However, you should always check the validity and expiration date of the coupon codes before using them. You should also read the terms and conditions of the coupon codes and make sure that they do not conflict with any of the rules or policies of Ment Funding.

Conclusion: Ment Funding – A Fair, Transparent, and Empowering Trading Platform

Ment Funding stands out in the world of prop trading firms and trading education platforms for its commitment to fairness, transparency, and empowerment. With a one-step evaluation process, no hidden rules, flexible account customization options, and clear risk management guidelines, Ment Funding provides traders with a unique and refreshing opportunity to pursue their trading aspirations.

The company’s dedication to education, support, and collaboration within its diverse community of traders further underscores its commitment to redefining industry standards. Ment Funding isn’t just a prop firm; it’s a community of passionate traders who share a vision of success. If you’re a trader looking for a platform that values your skills and offers a clear path to growth and funding, Ment Funding is a compelling choice.

In a world where trading education and opportunities have often been lacking or riddled with complexities, Ment Funding emerges as a beacon of simplicity, transparency, and empowerment for traders.


What is Ment Funding’s maximum drawdown?

Ment Funding has a maximum loss of 6%.

What is Ment Funding’s profit target?

Ment Funding has a profit target of 10%.

What are Ment Funding’s minimum and maximum trading days?

Ment Funding has no minimum or maximum trading days.

What are Ment Funding’s challenge fees?

Ment Funding’s challenge fees for the various accounts are as follows:

  • For $25,000 – $250
  • For $50,000 – $450
  • For $100,000 – $750
  • For $200,000 – $1,500
  • For $400,000 – $3,000
  • For $1,000,000 – $7,500
  • For $2,000,000 – $15,000

Does Ment Funding offer a retry?

Based on web search results, it seems like Ment Funding does not offer a retry.

Does Ment Funding offer a fee refund?

Ment Funding does not offer a fee refund.

What is Ment Funding’s profit split?

By default, the profit split is 75/25 in favor of the trader. However, traders have the option to upgrade to a 90/10 profit split at the checkout page when customizing their evaluation.

Does Ment Funding offer a scaling plan?

Ment Funding offers a scaling rule for funded traders. As traders grow their accounts and demonstrate consistent profitability, they can request an increase in their Max Lot Size, allowing for more significant trading positions. This approach incentivizes traders to compound their accounts and manage larger capital, aligning their interests with the firm’s growth.

Does Ment Funding allow expert advisors?

Ment Funding welcomes the use of Expert Advisors, Copy Traders, Scripts, and Indicators. This flexibility is essential for traders who prefer algorithmic trading strategies, adding to the diversity of trading styles within the Ment Funding community.

Does Ment Funding offer a free trial?

Based on web search results, it seems like Ment Funding does not offer a free trial.

What is Ment Funding’s minimum deposit?

Based on web search results, it seems like Ment Funding does not have a minimum deposit.

What are Ment Funding’s brokers?

Ment Funding partners with EightCap, a reputable and well-established regulated broker. All spreads on tradable instruments are provided by EightCap under its raw account spreads, starting as low as 0.0 pips on Majors. This low-cost trading environment allows traders to execute their strategies without the constraints of high spreads, regardless of their trading timeframe. Trading without spread limitations can be a game-changer for traders looking to maximize their profitability.

What are Ment Funding’s platforms?

Ment Funding empowers its traders with the industry-standard MetaTrader platforms in MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5). These platforms are renowned for their intuitive interface, advanced charting tools, and automated trading capabilities through Expert Advisors (EAs).

What is Ment Funding’s leverage?

Ment Funding offers 1:20 Leverage (Upgrades are available)

Is Ment Funding legit?

Based on the web search results, Ment Funding seems to be a legit prop firm that offers funding to forex traders who can pass their one-step evaluation program. The prop firm has a verified company status on Trustpilot and has received mostly positive reviews from its clients. However, as with any prop firm, there are some risks and challenges involved in trading with their funds. Therefore, it is advisable to do your own research and due diligence before applying for their program.

Ment Funding’s alternatives

If you are looking for alternatives to Ment Funding, you might be interested in some other prop trading firms that offer similar or different features and benefits. Here are some of the possible alternatives to Ment Funding that you can explore: Traders With Edge, Lux Trading Firm, Surge Trader, and FTMO.

These are some of the possible alternatives to Ment Funding that you can explore if you are looking for prop trading firms that offer similar or different features and benefits. However, you should always do your own research and due diligence before joining any prop trading firm.

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