Met Traders Review

Met Traders is a premier financial futures house that specializes in proprietary trading in the fixed-income and commodity markets. As a firm, they directly enter the market to earn their returns, rather than relying on commissions from third-party transactions.

The company’s founders have created their unique model for successful trading, combining techniques and fundamentals to establish a proven track record. With years of experience in futures trading, Met Traders has become one of the most reputable futures houses in the industry. For over a decade, the firm has been recognized as one of the leading proprietary trading firms across the world’s top derivative exchanges, located in West Hampstead, Met Traders’ office is well-connected by train, tube, and road. The office provides a dynamic alternative to the traditional City environment and has its own unique identity and local amenities.

What sets Met Traders apart from other trading firms is their focus on proprietary trading. The firm does not rely on third-party transactions to generate profits. Instead, they utilize their expertise in the market to directly enter trades and generate returns. This unique approach provides a distinct advantage in the industry, where relying on third-party transactions can result in commissions eating into profits, the company’s founders have developed a proprietary trading model that is based on a combination of techniques and fundamentals. This model has proven to be highly effective and has resulted in Met Traders being considered as one of the leading proprietary trading firms in the industry. Their track record of success speaks for itself, with its years of experience, Met Traders has become one of the most respected futures houses in the industry. The company has consistently demonstrated its ability to generate returns for its clients, and its reputation as a top-tier proprietary trading firm has been well-earned.

Who’s Behind Met Traders?

Steven Gordon

Steven is a co-founder and Managing Partner of the Met Group.

Steven is responsible for overseeing the operations of Met Traders, which is the proprietary trading division of the company. He established the training program for Met Traders in 2003 and continues to lead it to this day. Steven is also an active trader who specializes in STIRs and energy products. Prior to joining the Met Group, he worked for the Kyte Group where he traded on the LIFFE floor between 1994 and 1999. As trading shifted to screens, Steven emerged as one of the top STIR traders and was frequently featured in LIFFE’s highest global volumes tables. Steven holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Manchester University.

Gansham Halai

Ganny is a product of our own training programme.

Having initially joined as a student in 2006, Ganny has since become a prominent figure at Met Traders. In 2011, he took over the graduate programme and currently serves as a Trading & Development Consultant. In this role, he oversees the recruitment, training, and mentoring of new graduate traders, ensuring that the intensive eight-week course remains relevant and adaptive to changes in the economic climate and market conditions.

Ganny’s commitment to innovation is reflected in his efforts to explore new markets and incorporate them into Met Traders’ trading strategies, thereby expanding the firm’s portfolio. His background in Astrophysics, having obtained a PhD from the University of Birmingham, gives him a unique perspective and a strong analytical foundation that he applies to his work at Met Traders.

Ashley Chadwick

Ashley joined Met Traders in 2011 and now trains new recruits as well as trading himself.

Ashley became a part of Met Traders in 2011, where he not only trades himself but also trains new recruits. He initially started his career at Citigroup in sales and trading after completing his undergraduate studies. However, he felt dissatisfied with the slow progression towards trading and was determined to become a trader himself. Therefore, he applied for and successfully completed the Met Traders course. Ashley holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Cambridge University.

Met Traders Course Overview

Our eight-week intensive training programme combines theory and practice, with daily testing and assessment. You’ll learn everything you need to know to trade the Futures and FX markets:

Part 1: Theoretical understanding of the markets with a particular focus on fixed income and commodity products.:

  •  fundamental analysis of markets
  •  technical analysis of markets
  •  in-house trading strategies
  •  tools and charting techniques
  •  risk management
  •  problem solving, numerical and mental agility challenges.

Part 2: Put your knowledge into practice as you trade on a simulator with live prices. You will be continually assessed on the profit and losses generated from your trading during these four weeks.

  •  Application of risk management
  •  Developing an understanding of trading psychology
  •  Dealing with highly pressurised environments
  •  Trading discipline
  •  General market awareness and focus


Met Traders is a leading forex educational resource and training program that is held in high regard by many in the financial industry. It is designed to help traders improve their trading skills and knowledge in forex trading through the guidance of experienced and successful professional traders who act as mentors. The program’s main objective is to refine the abilities of traders and equip them with the necessary tools and techniques to become more effective and profitable in their trading endeavors. Through this comprehensive training and education, traders can develop a deep understanding of the forex market, learn to identify and capitalize on opportunities, and ultimately achieve their financial goals.

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