Midaz Deo EA

The Midaz Deo is an automated trading tool designed for use with the popular MetaTrader 4 platform. This Expert Advisor is optimized to trade the GBP/USD currency pair. The proprietary trading system employed by Midaz Deo is based on an algorithm that factors in the overall trend of the market as well as the level of volatility at any given time. This approach allows the software to identify potential trading opportunities while minimizing risk.

Midaz Deo EA Strategy

The strategy used by Midaz Deo EA does not involve the use of grid or martingale techniques. Instead, the EA utilizes a stop loss and take profit mechanism to protect all open trades from excessive drawdowns. Traders can select between two different time frames, 15-minute and 30-minute, to suit their preferred level of risk. The 15-minute time frame is considered more risky, while the 30-minute time frame is less so. This allows traders to adjust the strategy to their individual risk appetite and trading preferences.

Midaz Deo EA Features

  • Specifically optimized to trade the GBP/USD currency pair.
  • Capable of working with a wide range of currency pairs beyond GBP/USD.
  • Recommended minimum account balance for optimal performance is $200, according to the developer.

Midaz Deo EA Settings

  • FirstSymbol                                                    GBPUSD
  • SecondSymbol                                              USDCAD
  • Magic                                                              123
  • Max_orders                                                   2
  • work_time                                                     ***** Work time *****
  • Use_work_time                                            false
  • start_time_1                                                 00:00
  • stop_time_1                                                  24:00
  • Pending_Stop_Orders                                 true
  • Pending Limit_Orders                                 false
  • koeff_limit                                                     2.0
  • TF                                                                     60
  • K                                                                       100
  • D                                                                      1
  • S                                                                       1
  • Iv_buy                                                             100
  • lv_sell                                                              100
  • MM_SL_TP                                                    MoneyManagement_Profit_Loss
  • Lot                                                                   0.01
  • use_dynamic_lot_balance                         false
  • dynamic_balance                                         100.0
  • dynamic_lot                                                  0.01
  • RiskPercent                                                    0.0
  • use_dynamic_stop_loss                              true
  • StopLoss                                                         0
  • LossMoney                                                    999
  • TakeProfit                                                      0
  • TakeProfitPercent                                        999.0
  • BreakEven                                                      BreakEven
  • use_breakEven                                             false
  • breakEven_level                                           8
  • breakEven_Size                                             1
  • Trailing                                                           TrailingStop
  • use_traling_stop                                          false
  • TrailingStart                                                   0
  • TrailingStop                                                   20
  • TrailingStep                                                   10
  • add                                                                  Additional
  • min_step                                                        10
  • Delta                                                               210

Midaz Deo EA Summary

Overall, the Midaz Deo has been optimized for the GBP/USD currency pair the strategy used by Midaz Deo EA involves the use of stop loss and take while it doesn’t use grid or martingale techniques. Traders can choose between two different time frames to adjust the strategy to their individual risk appetite and trading preferences. It is important to note that there is no guarantee of profitability with the use of Midaz Deo EA and traders should always exercise caution and risk management. It is recommended that traders test the EA using a demo account before using real money to ensure they fully understand the tool and its capabilities.

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