Minted Seed Order Action Review

Minted Seed Order Action, a term coined by Minted Seed, is making waves in the world of trading. In this comprehensive review, we’ll explore the origins, philosophy, and mission of Minted Seed’s Order Action, shedding light on how it distinguishes itself from conventional price action trading.

Minted Seed Order Action Review
Minted Seed Order Action Review

Minted Seed’s Founding Philosophy

Minted Seed’s journey began organically, driven by a commitment to delivering a new dimension of trading education. Unlike many content providers in the trading space, Minted Seed meticulously curates its team of traders, writers, mentors and educators. This selection process reflects their dedication to producing high-quality, detailed content that caters to traders of all levels.

What sets Minted Seed apart is its profound belief in a unique philosophy that redefines trading discipline. They compare growing a trading account to nurturing a plant, emphasizing the importance of cultivating the right mindset. This philosophy underpins their approach to trading and education, setting them apart from the crowded trading education landscape.

The Essence of Order Action

At the core of Minted Seed’s philosophy lies the concept of Order Action, a term they’ve coined to distinguish it from traditional price action. While conventional price action is what most traders encounter in their search for trading wisdom, Minted Seed boldly claims that it pales in comparison to Order Action.

Order Action, as defined by Minted Seed, represents true price action in the form of supply and demand. Unlike conceptual price action, which relies on historical patterns and chart analysis, Order Action looks to the future. It seeks to identify unfilled or unfinished orders, emphasizing that these are the true indicators of market movement. This perspective shifts the paradigm for traders, encouraging them to focus on what’s yet to happen rather than dwelling on the past.

Mission & Vision

The name “Minted Seed” itself carries profound symbolism. “Minted” can signify wealth or a fresh start, aligning perfectly with their mission to educate traders and provide them with a fresh perspective on price action. Traders, in this context, are likened to seeds that Minted Seed cultivates. Their goal is to impart a deeper understanding of price action, helping traders comprehend the intricacies of market movements.

In a world awash with trading indicators, automated robots, and signal providers, Minted Seed addresses a specific niche—the educated trader. These traders have already ventured into the realm of price action but may have encountered the limitations of conventional approaches. Minted Seed is here to bridge the gap between conceptual price action and the more profound Order Action, offering a unique education tailored to the “woke trader“.

Advanced Trading Insights

One aspect that Minted Seed prides itself on is its commitment to educating traders about the advanced facets of trading. In a market where many are lured by the promises of financial freedom and instant success, Minted Seed takes a more pragmatic stance. They acknowledge that trading is not a magic bullet; it requires dedication, hard work, and a deep understanding of the market.

The team at Minted Seed highlights the shortcomings of relying solely on historical price action patterns. Many traders fall into the trap of looking to the past for clues about the future, assuming that history will repeat itself. Minted Seed encourages traders to shift their gaze to the left, not in search of price action patterns, but of unfilled orders that foreshadow future market movements. This perspective fundamentally alters the way traders analyze and interpret market data, offering a fresh and exciting approach to trading.

Order Action in Practice

To truly appreciate the power of Order Action, let’s delve deeper into its practical application. Minted Seed’s educational content is structured to guide traders through the intricacies of identifying and leveraging Order Action in their trading strategies.

1. Supply and Demand Dynamics

Central to Order Action is an understanding of supply and demand dynamics. Minted Seed emphasizes that market prices are driven by the constant interplay between buyers and sellers. Conventional price action often focuses on historical support and resistance levels, but Order Action goes beyond this.

Order Action encourages traders to look for areas on the chart where supply and demand are imbalanced. These are the zones where significant market movements can occur. By identifying these areas, traders can anticipate potential price reversals or breakouts, enabling them to make informed trading decisions.

2. Unfilled Orders as Leading Indicators

One of the key tenets of Order Action is the concept of unfilled or unfinished orders. These are orders that have not yet been executed but remain pending in the market. Minted Seed teaches traders to spot these orders on their charts, as they represent a glimpse into future market movements.

Imagine a scenario where there is a cluster of unfilled buy orders below the current market price. According to Order Action, this indicates a strong buying interest in that area. Traders can anticipate that prices may gravitate towards this zone as these orders get filled, potentially leading to a bullish move. Conversely, unfilled sell orders above the market price can indicate potential resistance levels.

3. Eliminating Emotional Trading

One of the most significant advantages of adopting Order Action is its ability to reduce emotional trading. Emotional trading is a common pitfall for many traders, leading to impulsive decisions and significant losses.

By focusing on objective criteria such as unfilled orders and supply-demand dynamics, traders can remove the emotional element from their trading. This discipline allows for a more systematic approach to decision-making, reducing the likelihood of impulsive actions driven by fear or greed.

4. Risk Management and Trade Planning

Minted Seed’s educational material goes beyond merely identifying Order Action opportunities; it also emphasizes the importance of robust risk management and trade planning. Traders are taught to set clear stop-loss and take-profit levels based on the principles of Order Action.

For example, if a trader identifies a strong supply zone using Order Action, they may choose to place their stop-loss just above this zone to limit potential losses. Similarly, they might set a take-profit level at a logical point where unfilled orders suggest a potential reversal.

The Evolution of Trading Education

Minted Seed’s approach to Order Action represents a significant evolution in trading education. It empowers traders to move beyond the superficial understanding of price action and embrace a more holistic and future-oriented approach.

While traditional price action education often relies on historical patterns and subjective interpretations of charts, Order Action provides a structured and objective framework for analyzing markets. This paradigm shift can be particularly valuable for both novice and experienced traders looking to enhance their trading strategies.

Success Stories and Community

To gauge the effectiveness of Minted Seed’s Order Action approach, it’s essential to consider the success stories and the supportive community that has emerged around this unique trading philosophy.

Traders who have adopted Order Action principles report a more profound understanding of market dynamics and improved trading results. They attribute their success to the disciplined and systematic approach that Order Action encourages.

Minted Seed has fostered a thriving online community of like-minded traders who share insights, experiences, and trading strategies. This community provides valuable support, allowing traders to learn from each other and stay updated on the latest developments in Order Action.

Challenges and Criticisms

No trading approach is without its challenges and criticisms, and Order Action is no exception. While Minted Seed’s philosophy is compelling, some traders may find it challenging to transition from their existing trading methods to this new paradigm.

One criticism often leveled at Order Action is its reliance on identifying and interpreting unfilled orders. Critics argue that this information is not always readily available or easily discernible, making it difficult for traders to apply in real-time trading situations.

Additionally, some traders may be skeptical of any new trading philosophy, especially when it claims to be a game-changer. Skepticism is healthy in the trading world, and it’s essential for traders to thoroughly understand and test any new approach before fully adopting it.


In conclusion, Minted Seed’s Order Action represents a significant advancement in the field of trading education. Its unique philosophy, focus on future-oriented analysis, and commitment to educating traders about advanced trading concepts make it a compelling option for traders looking to enhance their skills.

The concept of Order Action challenges conventional price action trading and encourages traders to evolve beyond historical patterns and chart analysis. By adopting a disciplined and systematic approach rooted in supply and demand dynamics, traders can potentially gain a deeper understanding of market movements and improve their trading results.

While Minted Seed’s approach is not without its challenges and criticisms, it has already garnered a following of traders who credit Order Action with transforming their trading strategies. As with any trading methodology, success ultimately depends on the trader’s ability to understand, adapt, and apply the principles effectively.

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