MMA Indicator

An indicator that displays the average value of a security’s price over time is called a Modified Moving Average (MMA), also known as the Running Moving Average (RMA) or Smoothed Moving Average (SMMA). It functions very similarly to the Exponential Moving Average; their periods of operation are comparable (e.g., the MMA value for a 14-day period will be the same as EMA-value for a 27-days period).

The first point of the MMA is calculated in a similar manner to how the SMA is calculated. The new price is first added, and then the previous average is deducted from the total to arrive at other points, which are computed differently. You may add MMA with the desired timeframe to any of your currency pair charts.

What is the MMA Indicator?

The algebraic technique known as the modified moving average (MMA) increases the sensitivity of averages to changes in price. The smoothing constant for the modified moving average, which is a particular instance of the exponential moving average, is equal to the reciprocal of the smoothing interval. This average has a slope that enables it to keep up with changes in the trading price of the currency.

Modified moving averages are similar to Simple moving averages in general, although there are several distinctions. The Modified moving average’s initial point is calculated in the exact same way as the Simple moving average’s first point. All following points, however, are calculated by first adding the current price and then deducting the previous average from the total. The distinction, the new element in the plan, is MMA.

The MMA Indicator can be used as part of a trend-following strategy that is designed to help traders identify potential buy and sell opportunities in the market.

MMA Indicator
MMA Indicator

MMA Strategy

The MMA Indicator can help traders to develop their trading strategy and build an edge in the market by providing them with a comprehensive view of the market trends and price action. By using this strategy, traders can better understand the underlying drivers of market movements and make more informed decisions

Buy Signal

  • Price is above the MMA indicator
  • Bullish price action
  • Price breaks through resistance or bounces from support

Sell Signal

  • Price is below the MMA indicator
  • Bearish price action
  • Price breaks through support or bounces from resistance

MMA Indicator Pros & Cons


  • The MMA Indicator is a comprehensive strategy that combines multiple technical indicators to provide a comprehensive view of the market trends and price action.
  • It can help traders to identify potential buying and selling opportunities in the market.
  • It is relatively easy to implement and can be used by traders of all experience levels.


  • The MMA Indicator may generate false signals in choppy or ranging markets.
  • It is not a standalone strategy and should be used in conjunction with other analysis tools and techniques.
  • It may not be suitable for all trading styles and may not work well in certain market conditions.


The MMA Indicator is a trading strategy that combines various technical indicators to offer a broad view of market trends and price action. It aims to assist traders in identifying potential buy and sell opportunities and making more informed decisions. While it has its benefits and drawbacks, it can be a useful tool for traders seeking to increase their profitability. However, it is essential to keep in mind that no single strategy is foolproof and it is always advisable for traders to use multiple analysis tools and techniques to make informed trade decisions. Overall, the MMA Indicator can be a valuable resource for traders and can help them navigate the ever-changing financial markets.

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