Multi Chart Sync MT4

The Multi Chart Sync MT4 is a versatile tool that holds immense potential for traders seeking enhanced chart analysis and decision-making capabilities. By synchronizing multiple charts and allowing customization of settings, this utility opens up new possibilities for traders to gain deeper insights into market trends and make informed trading choices. In this article, we will delve into the workings of the Multi Chart Sync MT4 and explore how it can be utilized effectively to maximize trading outcomes.

What is the Multi Chart Sync MT4?

Multi Chart Sync MT4
Multi Chart Sync MT4

The Multi Chart Sync MT4 is a powerful tool designed to synchronize multiple charts in MetaTrader 4, enabling users to view and manipulate charts with different time frames and symbols. This product allows for enhanced chart analysis by synchronizing chart settings, start times, end times, and time frames across multiple charts. It operates as an indicator, allowing users to run additional expert advisors or scripts without interference. With easy-to-use functionality and the flexibility to synchronize various chart elements, such as background, indentation, and size, the Multi Chart Sync MT4 enhances the trading experience. Users can choose between left and right synchronization and adjust synchronization frequency to suit their needs. While the MT4 version focuses on chart synchronization, the MT5 version extends its capabilities to include synchronization of system indicators. Whether you are a trader seeking better chart analysis or utilizing the MT5 platform, the Multi Chart Sync provides a seamless synchronization solution for your trading needs.

Features of the Multi Chart Sync MT4

Multi Chart Sync MT4
Multi Chart Sync MT4

With a range of powerful features, this utility empowers traders to seamlessly analyze multiple charts, compare time frames, and maintain consistent settings. Let’s delve into the remarkable features of the Multi Chart Sync MT4 utility.

Chart settings synchronization:

With the “Multi Chart Sync MT4,” traders can synchronize various chart settings across multiple charts. This includes background color, indentation, size, and other visual parameters. By ensuring consistent chart settings, traders can maintain a cohesive and organized workspace, making it easier to analyze multiple charts simultaneously.

Window start time synchronization:

This feature allows users to synchronize the start times or end times of multiple chart windows. Traders can align the start and end points of different charts, enabling them to perform synchronized technical analysis across various time frames. Whether analyzing shorter time frames for scalp trading or longer time frames for swing trading, synchronized window start times provide a cohesive perspective.

Time frame synchronization:

The Multi Chart Sync MT4 also facilitates the synchronization of time frames across multiple charts. This means traders can view and compare the same time frame for different symbols or analyze different time frames for a single symbol. By synchronizing time frames, traders can easily identify correlations, patterns, and trends, helping them make more informed trading decisions.

Compatibility with other EAs/Scripts:

Unlike some indicators that may interfere with the operation of other expert advisors (EAs) or scripts, the Multi Chart Sync MT4 is compiled as an indicator. This ensures compatibility with other EAs and scripts, allowing traders to use additional tools and strategies without any conflicts or disruptions.

User-friendly operation:

The utility is designed to be user-friendly, making it accessible to traders of all skill levels. To utilize the “Multi Chart Sync MT4,” traders designate their first open chart as the operation chart. They can then load the program onto additional charts without affecting their primary analysis chart. This simple and intuitive operation allows for seamless integration of the utility into existing trading setups.

Flexible synchronization options:

The Multi Chart Sync MT4 offers flexible synchronization options to cater to individual preferences and trading strategies. Traders can choose to lock chart start times and chart scale, ensuring consistent synchronization across all charts. Alternatively, they can opt for more flexibility, adjusting chart start times and scale independently. This feature accommodates different trading styles and preferences, empowering traders to personalize their synchronization experience.

Multi Chart Sync MT4 Pros & Cons


  • Seamless Chart Synchronization.
  • Customizable Chart Settings.
  • Time Frame Synchronization.
  • Compatibility with EAs and Scripts.
  • Flexibility in Operation.


  • Limitations on MT4 Platform.
  • Limited Functionality Compared to MT5 Version.
  • Learning Curve


In conclusion, the Multi Chart Sync MT4 is a powerful utility that offers seamless synchronization of multiple charts, customizable settings, and flexibility in operation. It provides traders with the ability to view and manipulate charts in various time frames and symbols, enhancing their analysis and decision-making process. While it has some limitations on the MT4 platform and a learning curve associated with its usage, the utility proves to be a valuable tool for traders seeking efficient chart synchronization.

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