Multi-Currency Brain EA

The Multi-Currency Brain EA system is an automated tool that offers traders a unique approach to navigating the complex world of forex trading. By tapping into the interconnectedness of global economies and financial markets, this system provides valuable insights and helps to develop your analytical abilities and decision-making skills. The forex market’s unmatched accessibility and adaptability mean that this system can be used by both experienced traders and newcomers alike, by employing the Multi-Currency Brain EA system, you could gain valuable insights into the intricate workings of the foreign exchange industry.

Multi-Currency Brain EA Features

  • Compatible with the MT4 trading platform.
  • Employs hedging trading strategies.
  • Automatically carries out trades.
  • Automatically sets stop-loss and take-profit points.
  • Applies robust risk management to minimize potential losses.
  • Offers adjustable settings for lot size allocation.
  • Trades primarily major forex currency pairs.

Multi-Currency Brain EA Strategy

It utilizes four distinct pairs (eight completely different currency pairs) to maximize diversification. Two of these pairs are directly correlated, while the other two are inversely correlated. The system accounts for the fact that each currency pair moves up and down with varying strengths, resulting in different upward and downward trends for each currency pair. Consequently, using the same parameters for BUY and SELL orders of the same currency is not ideal, and Multi-Currency Brain EA takes this into consideration.

Unlike most hedging strategies, It enters the market on only one currency pair from a Ligament, based on a specific signal. A hedging order will open only if the open position goes into a loss. The two open orders in the Ligament then interact, and the overall result determines further actions: either profit-taking or searching for entry on just one currency pair from the Ligament.

The market entry conditions for each order type of each currency pair are chosen to be multidirectional, maximizing risk diversification. For example, if a currency in one Ligament employs the Rebound strategy, the same currency in the other Ligament will trade based on Breakout. Considering the use of differently correlated Ligaments and the fact that positions within the Ligament open in various types, it prevents identical positions in the same direction on the same currency.

Multi-Currency Brain EA Account Requirements

  • Minimum account balance: $500
  • Account types: Standard
  • Account leverage: 1:500
  • Trading Hours: 24/5
  • Timeframe: H1
  • Requires VPS for continues EA operation.


The Multi-Currency Brain EA system is am interesting tool for forex trading. Its unique features and strategies provide traders with a holistic understanding of global economies and financial markets, enabling them to make informed decisions and sharpen their analytical abilities. The system’s versatility makes it an essential asset for both seasoned traders and newcomers to the forex market, tne of the main reasons the Multi-Currency Brain EA system is so innovative lies in its approach to diversification. By utilizing four distinct currency pairs (two directly correlated and two inversely correlated), the system ensures that traders can take advantage of various market conditions and trends. This broad scope of analysis offers users a more comprehensive perspective on the forex market, ultimately improving their decision-making skills and mitigating risk.

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