MyMT4Book Review

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In this post I will be reviewing the MyMT4Book analyser tool that allows you to instantly analyse MT4 accounts directly from your charts. Users can analyse multiple trading strategies and choose the best ones on MetaTrader 4. This is a time saving tool that runs as an MT4 plugin and can give some useful insights into the users trading activity to help identify areas in which they can improve.

MyMT4Book Features

In a nutshell, MyMT4Book is a simple MT4 add-on that allows you to analyse trading results according to currency pair, trade comment or magic number in just a few seconds. This makes a tedious manual task quick, easy and fully automated, thus saving you time. You can analyse your account performance instantly from directly within the chart window without needing to upload your trading statement online.

MyMT4Book Review - Steps To Analyse Trades
MyMT4Book Review – Steps To Analyse Trades

MyMT4Book will group and examine all trading positions according to your preferences and will show you trading performance for each strategy so you can spot those that are working well and those that aren’t.

You can run multiple instances of MyMT4Book on the same account with different parameters. On one chart you could have trade statistics grouped by magic number whilst the other charts might display statistics for each currency symbol.

It can be used on any trading instrument available on your MT4 trading platform including forex, commodities, stocks, cryptocurrencies, precious metals, energies, indices, etc.

MyMT4Book Summary

This is a very easy to use and useful trading tool to help analyse your trading performance. You simply attach MyMT4Book to your chart, choose how you want to analyse trades and then enjoy instant comprehensive analysis according to important metrics such as trade count, net profit, return/drawdown ratio, profit factor, etc.

MyMT4Book add-on for MT4 is a basic alternative to MyFxBook where you get the trade statistics delivered fast and directly on your MT4 chart window. There is no free trial but support is offered along with a 30-day guarantee.










  • Instant analytics
  • Runs directly on charts
  • Any trading instrument
  • Group & sort trades
  • Easy to use
  • Full support
  • Money back guarantee