MyForexVPS Review

MyForexVPS is a specialized provider that offers tailored VPS solutions exclusively designed for forex traders. With data centers located in Amsterdam, New York, and London, MyForexVPS ensures that traders can enjoy superior services compared to its competitors. In addition to its impressive geographical reach, the company prides itself on being the first to offer customers myRDP and Latency services to forex brokers. Let’s delve deeper into the features, support, pricing, and pros and cons of MyForexVPS.

MyForexVPS Review
MyForexVPS Review

Ultra Low Latency

MyForexVPS understands the importance of minimizing slippage and requotes for forex traders. With multiple data center locations worldwide, strategically chosen to be as close as possible to broker servers, traders can bid farewell to latency-related issues. The ultra low latency forex VPS ensures traders benefit from the lowest possible pings, facilitating seamless and efficient trading execution.

Uptime SLA

Reliability is a top priority for MyForexVPS. By leveraging multiple redundant networks and servers, the company aims for 100% network and hardware uptime. In the event that they fall below these standards, MyForexVPS has a service level agreement (SLA) in place, allowing customers to claim compensation. This commitment to high availability ensures uninterrupted trading experiences.

100% SSD Disks

MyForexVPS employs cutting-edge solid-state (SSD) disk drives for exceptional reliability and blazing-fast transfer speeds. By utilizing this advanced storage technology, traders can enjoy significantly faster data access compared to traditional hard drives. The use of SSDs enhances overall system performance, ensuring rapid execution of trades and smooth platform operation.

No Long-Term Contracts

Flexibility is a key advantage provided by MyForexVPS. Unlike traditional hosting services, MyForexVPS offers VPS solutions on a weekly rolling basis. This means traders have the freedom to adjust or cancel their VPS servers as needed, granting them total control over their hosting accounts. The absence of long-term contracts provides peace of mind and adaptability for traders.

High-Speed Networks

MyForexVPS boasts super-fast tier 1 network connectivity, enabling swift data transmission between traders and their brokers. Each server hardware is equipped with its own dedicated 1gb network interface, ensuring optimal speed and performance. The high-speed networks minimize data transfer bottlenecks and provide traders with a reliable and responsive trading environment.

Choice of Brokers

Simplifying the setup process, MyForexVPS offers Autobroker, which takes the headache out of platform installation. Traders can have their forex VPS ready for trading within just 15 minutes. By entering their MT4 account details during the initial login, traders can seamlessly connect to their preferred broker and start trading without delay. The platform supports a wide range of brokers, providing traders with flexibility and choice.

Instant VPS Activation

Time is of the essence for forex traders, and MyForexVPS understands this. As soon as payment is received, VPS setup and activation commence, enabling traders to start trading without unnecessary delays. The necessary installation work is completed within approximately 15 minutes, and traders receive access details promptly. This swift activation process helps traders capitalize on market opportunities quickly.

Dedicated IP Address

With MyForexVPS, traders can enjoy the benefits of having their own dedicated IP address. This ensures that they do not encounter any blockages or restrictions imposed on shared IP addresses due to the actions of other users. The dedicated IP address remains unchanged for the entire lifetime of the VPS, providing traders with a stable and uninterrupted connection to their trading servers.

Unlimited Traffic

MyForexVPS offers VPS packages with unlimited traffic usage. While a fair usage policy applies, traders can rest assured that they won’t face any restrictions or additional charges for excessive data transfer. This unlimited traffic allowance allows traders to execute their trading strategies without any constraints related to bandwidth limitations.

Remote Desktop Access

To provide traders with total control over their platforms, MyForexVPS offers full access through any Windows Remote Desktop Connection compatible device. This feature enables traders to easily manage and customize their trading environments according to their preferences. There are no restrictions on installing expert advisors or choosing specific brokers, making the trading experience seamless and hassle-free.

Enterprise Grade Equipment

MyForexVPS is committed to delivering top-notch hosting solutions by employing high-spec hardware. With 100% Intel CPUs and SSD disk drives, traders can expect reliable performance and fast data processing. The company prioritizes utilizing enterprise-grade equipment from trusted brands such as Juniper, IBM, and NetApp. This ensures that traders have access to state-of-the-art technology and the best available virtualization methods.


MyForexVPS offers several avenues for technical assistance. Traders can contact the vendor through live chat, email, or even by sending a physical letter using the provided U.A.E. box office addresses. While telephone support and a ticketing system are not available, the support team is responsive and ready to address any inquiries or issues. It’s worth noting that MyForexVPS has a limited knowledge base, so most queries are best addressed through direct communication with their support team.


MyForexVPS provides affordable hosting plans tailored to meet the needs of forex traders. The company does not charge for the initial setup of VPS services, making it cost-effective for traders to get started. Pricing is listed in U.S. dollars and offered on a monthly basis, although annual payment options are available as well.

MyForexVPS offers the “SOLO NL” plan at an incredibly affordable price of $12.99 per month, PRO NL at $17.99, XPERT NL at 27.99, GURU NL at $52.99, and the ULTRA NL for $89.99. MyForexVPS ensures that cost-effective pricing doesn’t compromise the quality of the hosting services provided. While customers can cancel service and billing at any time, refunds are only applicable if reported within five days.

Pros and Cons of MyForexVPS


  • Ultra low latency and high-speed networks for optimal trading execution.
  • Guaranteed resources and dedicated IP address, eliminating performance disruptions.
  • Instant VPS activation, allowing traders to start trading promptly.
  • Enterprise-grade equipment ensures reliability and performance.


  • Lack of backup and restore services, requiring traders to take extra precautions for data protection.
  • Limited support options and knowledge base resources, necessitating more reliance on direct communication with the support team.


MyForexVPS stands out as one of the leading providers of specialized VPS solutions for forex traders. With its extensive range of features, including ultra low latency, and instant activation, MyForexVPS empowers traders to execute their strategies seamlessly. While the company lacks certain backup services and support resources, its commitment to reliability and affordability makes it a valuable choice for traders seeking a robust hosting solution. By leveraging the power of MyForexVPS, traders can enhance their trading experiences and focus on what matters most—capitalizing on the dynamic world of forex markets. You might want to take a look at my article on forex brokers with a free VPS for other options.

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