N9Tx EA is an innovative Night-Scalping EA. PROscalper’s main strategy is supplemented by TrendFollowerSR and DailyBreakouts, as well as several additional filters. The EA does not employ grid, martingale, or other risky strategies. Every position includes a fixed stop loss and take profit.

The N9Tx Expert Advisor can be purchased from the MQL marketplace whilst there is a free demo version also available to give it a try before making any commitment. In this article, I will be taking a look at how the N9Tx EA works. Hopefully, that will help you to decide if this is a trading robot that you would consider using on your trading account.

Scalping the Night Markets with N9Tx EA

Scalping in forex trading refers to a trading strategy that involves entering and exiting trades quickly, often within seconds or minutes, in order to make small profits on each trade. The goal of scalping is to accumulate many small profits throughout the day.

Night market scalping involves trading during the night when market volatility tends to be lower. This strategy may involve using technical analysis to identify trends or using news events to make quick trades.

To implement night market scalping in forex, traders typically use a combination of technical indicators and chart patterns to identify potential trade setups. They may also monitor news releases or economic data releases to look for opportunities to enter or exit trades. The N9Tx EA helps save traders the stress of doing the bulk work by automatically scanning the charts for buy and sell opportunities, after which it executes the trades accordingly. If a trade does not appear to be profitable, the Loss-Protection System will attempt to minimize the resulting losses without exceeding the maximum stop loss. The EA is intended to trade all supported symbols on a single chart.

Scalping night market in forex requires a high level of skill and experience as it involves quick decision-making and the ability to react to rapidly changing market conditions. It is also important to have a solid risk management strategy in place to protect against potential losses.


N9Tx EA Parameters

  • Trading Type – Type of Limit Orders to place
  • Order Type – Type of Orders to place – Limit and/or Market
  • Stop Loss – Max. Stop Loss
  • Smart Take Profit – Adjust Take Profit after bad Slippage
  • One-Chart-Setup – Use the EA on only 1 Chart for all Pairs
  • Currency Pairs – Recommended Currency Pairs to trade
  • Risky Currency Pairs – Risky Currency Pairs to trade
  • Money to Trade – What money should be traded
  • Money To Trade – Type of the Money which should be traded
  • Amount – Amount of max. Money to trade
  • Hard-Close – Close all Positions if the max. Limit will be reached
  • Auto-Lot – Use Autolot of whole money or max. Money to trade
  • Manual Lot-Size – Lot-Size if Auto-Lot = OFF
  • Risk Management – Used Risk to trade
  • Decrease Risk – Risk-Decreaser
  • Auto-GMT – Detect the Server Time and Offset automatically
  • GMT Offset – Broker GMT Offset (used when Auto-GMT = false)
  • Daylight Savings – Daylight Savings of your Broker
  • Auto-Currency-Exchange – Used in Accounts with different Currency as USD or EUR


N9Tx EA is a night scalping trading robot which can be utilized by all kinds of traders, although it may be found more interesting particularly by traders who prefer trading during quiet market hours. When trading this system, a forex VPS is recommended, as is a low spread and commission-based broker such as IC Markets.

Overall, night scalping in forex can be a profitable trading strategy for experienced traders who are willing to take on the associated risks. However, traders may want to always practice proper risk management techniques.

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