Nasdaq Ghost Robot Platinum

If you’re looking for an automated trading system to trade the Nasdaq 100 index, then the Nasdaq Ghost Robot Platinum may be a tool that catches your interest. This EA currently has two versions that use distinct trading strategies, making it an option for traders.

However, before deciding to use it, it’s essential to take a closer look and consider its strengths and weaknesses. In this review, we will provide a comprehensive analysis of the Nasdaq Ghost Robot Platinum, including its features, settings, trading strategies, currency pairs, timeframes, and money management. By the end of this review, you should have a clear understanding of whether or not this EA is suitable for your trading needs.

Nasdaq Ghost Robot Platinum Strategy

Nasdaq Ghost Robot Platinum
Nasdaq Ghost Robot Platinum

The Nasdaq Ghost Robot Platinum is an automated forex robot that currently has two versions with distinct trading strategies. This EA is specifically designed for the Nasdaq 100 index, also known as NAS100, US100, US TECH, US30, DJ30, GER30, or any similar index, but it also works well on all currency pairs.

Nasdaq Ghost Robot Platinum version 1 utilizes the grid method, making it a bit risky. This forex trading strategy involves placing orders at regular intervals above and below a predetermined price level to create a grid-like pattern. The developer recommends a minimum account balance of $100 for this version, but it is important to only trade with funds that you can afford to lose.

Nasdaq Ghost Robot Platinum version 2 is considerably safer than version 1, but its ROI is lower. The safer Version 2 has a recommended minimum account balance of $35 by the developer and is best run 24/5 for optimal performance. Both versions work best on the H1 timeframe and can be run on the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform.

Nasdaq Ghost Robot Platinum Activity
Nasdaq Ghost Robot Platinum Activity

While the Nasdaq Ghost Robot Platinum is a paid product, it includes a range of features such as the ability to trade on multiple currency pairs and a range of settings to customize it. The EA contains instructions on how to use it and the recommended settings.

The pros of the Nasdaq Ghost Robot Platinum are its high ROI for version 1 and slow and steady growth for version 2, and its ability to work on any currency pair. However, it also has its cons, such as the need for traders to closely monitor trades during volatile markets or news events and the risk associated with the grid method used in Version 1. In contrast, the safer Nasdaq Ghost Robot Platinum Version 2 has a lower ROI and slower growth, which may not be suitable for traders seeking higher returns. Overall, the Nasdaq Ghost Robot Platinum can be a useful tool for traders, but it is recommended to test it in a demo account for at least a week before using it in a real account.

Nasdaq Ghost Robot Platinum Features

  • Fully automated forex robot
  • Works best on the H1 timeframe
  • Two versions designed to work with the Nasdaq 100 index and other similar currency pairs
  • Version 1 utilizes the risky grid trading method for high returns, while version 2 offers slow and steady growth
  • 24/5 continuous operation
  • Can be optimized for individual trading styles and preferences.
  • Provides an easy-to-use interface for setting up and managing trades.
  • A highly responsive customer support team is available to assist with any issues or questions.
  • Comes with detailed documentation and tutorials.

Nasdaq Ghost Robot Platinum Settings

  • Lot Size: The size of the trading position to be opened.
  • Take Profit: The price level at which the trade will automatically close with a profit.
  • Stop Loss: The price level at which the trade will automatically close with a loss.
  • Percent To Risk: The percentage of the account balance that is at risk with each trade.
  • Layer Multiplier: The factor by which the lot size is multiplied for each additional layer in a grid trading strategy.
  • Lot Type: The type of lot size to be used, such as fixed or dynamic. It is only available in the second version.

Nasdaq Ghost Robot Platinum Summary

The Nasdaq Ghost Robot Platinum is a versatile tool that can work well for traders who want to automate their trading of the Nasdaq 100 index or any currency pair. It has two versions, each with a distinct trading strategy, which can be customized to suit individual trading needs. One of its strengths is that it offers high ROI with version 1 and slow but steady growth with version 2. Additionally, it can be used on any currency pair and works best on the H1 timeframe.

However, it’s important to note that version 1’s grid trading method can be risky, especially during volatile market conditions or news events, while version 2 produces a low ROI. Also, there is a need to monitor trades closely which can be time-consuming for some traders. Traders should also note that it’s not a guaranteed way to make profits.

Overall, the Nasdaq Ghost Robot Platinum is for traders who are comfortable with automated trading systems and are looking for a tool to trade the Nasdaq 100 index or currency pairs. It is important to note that all trading strategies, including automated ones, carry risks and potential drawbacks, and it is up to the trader to practice money management strategy and exercise caution when trading.

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