New Horizons EA

In the vast and intricate world of forex trading, the role of automation has become increasingly prominent. Among the myriad of automated trading systems available, the New Horizons EA stands out as a notable option designed specifically for the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the intricate details, features, functionalities, and performance of the New Horizons EA. It is essential to underline from the outset that responsible trading practices and risk management are paramount, given the inherent uncertainties of trading in the forex market.

New Horizons EA
New Horizons EA

Unraveling the New Horizons EA

The New Horizons EA is an expert advisor (EA) that operates as a Forex robot. Its primary function is to execute trades based on a proprietary trend trading strategy. Unlike certain other automated trading systems, the New Horizons EA does not employ high-risk trading methods such as grid or martingale strategies. Instead, it relies on the careful identification of emerging trends in the currency market to make judicious trading decisions.

A Closer Look at the Features

A. Proprietary Trend Trading Strategy:

  • The core strength of the New Horizons EA lies in its ability to identify and capitalize on emerging trends within the forex market. This strategic approach can be deemed conservative, as it eschews the high-risk tactics that may lead to severe losses.

B. The Absence of Risky Trading Methods:

  • Notably, the New Horizons EA refrains from resorting to grid or martingale strategies. These methods, while potentially profitable in the short term, often result in significant losses when not managed meticulously. The avoidance of such tactics underscores the New Horizons EA’s commitment to responsible trading practices.

C. Built-in News Filter:

  • A noteworthy feature of the New Horizons EA is its built-in news filter, which can be conveniently enabled or disabled by users. This filter serves as a safeguard, helping traders steer clear of the heightened volatility and unpredictable market movements often associated with major news events.

D. Compatibility Across Forex Brokers:

  • Flexibility in broker selection is a significant advantage offered by the New Horizons EA. It is compatible with a wide spectrum of forex brokers, allowing traders the freedom to choose a broker that aligns with their unique preferences and trading style.

E. The Preferred Timeframe:

  • The New Horizons EA is optimized for use on the 15-minute chart. This timeframe has garnered favor among traders seeking a balanced perspective on short-term market trends, making it an apt choice for those navigating the dynamic terrain of forex trading.

Emphasizing Responsible Trading Practices

Before delving further into the evaluation of the New Horizons EA, it is imperative to underscore the paramount importance of responsible trading practices. Trading in the forex market is inherently fraught with risks, and there are no certainties of guaranteed profits. Here are some critical points to bear in mind:

A. Trading is an Arduous Journey:

  • Forex trading is a multifaceted endeavor that demands commitment, education, and continuous learning. It is not a shortcut to wealth; rather, success in this field often requires years of dedication.

B. The Imperative of Risk Management:

  • One of the defining traits of successful traders is their unwavering commitment to risk management. This entails the judicious setting of stop-loss orders, determining one’s risk tolerance, and prudently avoiding over-leveraging positions. When deploying the New Horizons EA, it is imperative to have a well-structured risk management plan in place.

C. Absence of Guarantees:

  • It is essential to acknowledge that no trading tool, including the New Horizons EA, can guarantee profits. The forex market is influenced by a plethora of variables, and a degree of uncertainty is always present.

D. The Role of Demo Accounts:

  • To gain a comprehensive understanding of how the New Horizons EA functions and to assess its performance over an extended period, it is highly recommended to initially utilize it on a demo account. This allows traders to experiment with the EA’s settings and observe its behavior without exposing real capital to risk.

Installation and Setup

The process of installing and configuring the New Horizons EA is relatively straightforward for traders already acquainted with the MetaTrader 4 platform. Here is a step-by-step overview:

A. Downloading the EA:

  • Users can obtain the New Horizons EA from the official website or authorized vendors. Once downloaded, the EA file should be saved in the “Experts” folder within the MT4 directory.

B. Attaching the EA to a Chart:

  • To utilize the EA, traders must attach it to a 15-minute chart of their chosen currency pair. The EA’s settings can be customized according to individual preferences.

C. The News Filter Option:

  • The New Horizons EA offers the flexibility of enabling or disabling its built-in news filter, depending on one’s trading strategy. Enabling the filter serves as a protective measure against the potential turbulence caused by news events.

D. Continuous Monitoring of Performance:

  • After attaching the EA, traders should maintain vigilant oversight of its performance, particularly when initially testing it on a demo account. This allows for a deeper understanding of its operation and its effectiveness under varying market conditions.

Backtesting and Optimization

To gain further insights into the New Horizons EA’s potential, traders can conduct backtesting using historical data. This involves running the EA on past market conditions to assess how it would have performed. Additionally, optimization can be undertaken to fine-tune the EA’s settings for specific currency pairs or market conditions.


The New Horizons EA presents traders with a formidable tool for automating aspects of their forex trading. Its foundation in a proprietary trend trading strategy, combined with a commitment to responsible trading practices, sets it apart. The inclusion of a built-in news filter, compatibility with diverse brokers, and optimization for the 15-minute chart render it a versatile instrument for traders navigating the ever-shifting landscape of the forex market.

Nevertheless, it is imperative to reiterate that forex trading carries inherent risks, and no trading tool can provide guaranteed profits. Users are strongly advised to commence their exploration of the New Horizons EA on a demo account, allowing them to grasp its functionality and gauge its performance over time. Additionally, stringent adherence to sound risk management practices is indispensable in mitigating potential losses.

In conclusion, the New Horizons EA can serve as a valuable addition to a trader’s toolkit, offering automation capabilities while adhering to responsible trading principles. It is a tool that warrants exploration, but it must be wielded with care and deployed alongside a robust risk management strategy. Forex trading is a demanding endeavor, and success is contingent on continuous learning, adaptability, and prudent decision-making.

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