Nifty Trading Academy Review

In the world of finance, the stock market stands as an enticing path for many individuals. People are drawn to the prospect of making significant opportunities through trading and investing in stocks. However, what many may not realize is that trading is not just a transaction; it’s an art form that requires a deep well of knowledge and expertise.

The stock market can be a double-edged sword. While it has the potential to deliver substantial gains, it can also lead to significant drawdowns. One of the most common pitfalls that befall aspiring traders is the tendency to trade on hope alone. This misguided approach often leads to disappointment and financial setbacks. To truly succeed in the stock market, one must grasp the intricacies of technical analysis—a key pillar of informed trading.

This is where Nifty Trading Academy comes into play. They have tried to carve a niche for themselves as a leading institution in the field of stock market education. What sets them apart is their approach of live market training, a concept they introduced to India. There are numerous compelling reasons why aspiring traders should consider joining Nifty Trading Academy for their education.

Nifty Trading Academy Review
Nifty Trading Academy Review

The Genesis of NTA

Nifty Trading Academy, a beacon of financial enlightenment, traces its roots back to the vision of Mr. Hitendra Dixit. A common man like many of us, Mr. Dixit embarked on a journey into the world of stock markets. Driven by life’s trials and tribulations, he recognized the need for a pursuit that would endure even into his retirement years. This epiphany marked the inception of NTA in the vibrant city of Surat.

From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Mr. Dixit’s journey serves as an inspiration to countless individuals. His unwavering dedication, unquenchable thirst for knowledge, and disciplined approach led him down the path of prosperity. Having tasted success as a trader himself, he felt compelled to share his invaluable insights with society. NTA now stands as a testament to his transformation from a professional trader to an educational pioneer. Notably, Nifty Trading Academy’s reach extends far beyond India’s borders, attracting students from around the globe. This international appeal is a source of pride for both Mr. Dixit and the nation. His philosophy toward success is elegantly simple: follow your passion and put in the hard work. He envisions NTA students as successful traders who possess the financial means to achieve their dreams.

Benefits at Nifty Trading Academy

Pinnacle of Quality

Nifty Trading Academy has garnered recognition as an ISO 9001:2015 certified institution, ensuring the highest standards of education. With a track record of successfully educating over 30,000 students, NTA has become a breeding ground for stock market participants.

Award-Winning Excellence

In 2016, Nifty Trading Academy was honored with the Excellence Award for ‘Best Share Market Training Institute in India,’ a testament to their commitment to quality education.

Comprehensive Education

NTA also tries to offer a comprehensive curriculum covering Investment Theory for Stocks, Options, Futures, Commodities, Exchange Traded Funds, Currencies, and Forex. They are masters in imparting knowledge through diverse techniques, including risk management, technical analysis, trading fundamentals, and real-world applications.

World Records and Recognitions

Notably, Nifty Trading Academy holds the “Golden Book of World Records” for hosting the largest-ever webinar on share market trading, an event that drew participants from far and wide. Additionally, they’ve been honored with the “Student Appreciation Award” by Urbanpro in May 2015.

World-Class Facilities and Faculty

NTA prides itself on providing a world-class learning environment with top-notch facilities and highly knowledgeable faculty members.

Nifty Trading Academy - Overview
Nifty Trading Academy – Overview

Courses at Nifty Trading Academy

The Path to Proficiency

Nifty Trading Academy offers a diverse array of courses catering to traders of all levels. These courses can be categorized into two main segments: free courses and paid courses.

Free Courses

Basic Stock Market Knowledge

Held every Monday and Thursday, this course imparts fundamental knowledge about the stock market and intraday trading.

Live Market Demo

This unique class offers a real-time trading demonstration, providing beginners with a firsthand understanding of the importance of expertise in intraday trading. Nifty Trading Academy takes pride in being the first Indian institute to introduce live market training.

Paid Courses

Diploma in Technical Analysis Course – Rs. 5,999

Ideal for beginners, this two-day course covers the fundamentals of the stock market, equipping newcomers with essential knowledge.

Intraday Trading Course – Rs. 9,999

For those aspiring to excel in the stock market, this course focuses on strategies for consistent trading opportunities.

Advance Technical Analysis Course – Rs. 61,999

This advanced course empowers students to develop their trading strategies based on institutional price action analysis. It includes insights into Sangam entry, morning trade strategies, and live trading sessions.

Pure Profit Course with Software – Rs. 353,999

Geared towards full-time traders, this course leverages advanced technical software tools to identify potential trading opportunities.

Benefits of the Courses to Students

  • Lifetime Free Repetition Facility: Students enjoy the freedom to revisit their courses at any time.
  • Live Market Support Team: Nifty Trading Academy provides real-time support to assist students during live market sessions.
  • Regular Query Webinars: Every 45 days, students can participate in query webinars to address their doubts and concerns.
  • Practical Training: The academy offers live market trade-to-trade practical training, allowing students to apply their knowledge.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Students have the assurance of a money-back facility if they are unsatisfied with their courses.
  • Dedicated Student Support: NTA offers continuous support through toll-free numbers, mobile contacts, and email correspondence. Students also receive a lifetime membership card, cementing their connection with the academy.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Nifty Trading Academy tries to stand as a beacon of knowledge and opportunity. Founded by the visionary Mr. Hitendra Dixit, this institution has transcended boundaries and transformed lives. It is not merely an educational center; it is a testament to the power of dedication, discipline, and the pursuit of passion.

Nifty Trading Academy’s impressive journey, from the aspirations of an everyday individual to becoming a globally recognized institution, is an inspiring narrative. Its commitment to quality education, as demonstrated through ISO certification and accolades, reflects the unwavering dedication to students’ success.

With a curriculum that covers every facet of the stock market and a faculty dedicated to excellence, NTA is a place where dreams of financial independence are nurtured and realized. The array of free and paid courses tries to ensure that traders of all levels find the path that suits their aspirations.

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