Night Hunter Pro EA Review

In this post I will be reviewing the Night Hunter Pro EA which trades forex automatically in the industry standard MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) trading platforms. The Night Hunter Pro expert advisor gained popularity via the MQL website where traders and programmers share thousands of forex EA’s and other trading tools including forex indicators, scripts, signals and strategies.

This is another forex robot form Valeriia Mishchenko. She has a collection of forex EA’s which you can get from her own website “Valery Trading”. I have reviewed some of her other forex robots including the Waka Waka EA, News Catcher Pro EA, Evening Scalper Pro EA, Golden Pickaxe EA and the Perceptrader AI EA.

In this Night Hunter Pro EA review, I will take a look at some of the pros and cons, along with any back tests and most importantly, real verified results. Hopefully, this can help you decide if this is an automated forex system that you would like to consider using on your account or not.

Night Hunter Pro EA
Night Hunter Pro EA

Night Hunter Pro EA Trading Strategy

The Night Hunter Pro EA implements an innovative scalping system which utilizes smart entry/exit algorithms with sophisticated filtering methods to identify entry points during calm periods in the forex market, where volatility is low. The Night Hunter Pro robot does not use martingale or grid trading strategies. It only enters a trade with pending orders and uses a stop loss for each trade.

There are some very useful features and settings that you can adjust, including a handy news filter and maximum spread input. You can use the default settings or experiment with your own, depending on your trading style. There are a few recommended currency pairs but you can choose to trade the currencies that you prefer. I would aim for major currency pairs such as the EUR/USD as they tend to have the lowest spreads due to their liquidity.


Recommended timeframe: 5-minute Charts

Night Hunter Pro EA Settings
Night Hunter Pro EA Settings

The Night Hunter Pro EA can scan the charts in your MT4 platform for possible trading opportunities according to the software’s built-in algorithm. When there is a trade setup, it can place and manage the trade on behalf of the user. Whilst this does make it a hands-off solution which might be attractive for those who do not have the time nor skills to trade, there are some important things to be aware of before using any forex trading robot.

Firstly, there can be no guarantee on results. Past performance is by no means any indication of what will happen in the future. Then you need to consider that this is a forex scalping robot that attempts to capture a few pips on each trade. The problem with this, is that when you take into account the brokers spread, commission and potential slippage, this can have a huge impact on results.

For instance, if the Night Hunter Pro EA was targeting 5 pips per trade and the spread was 2 pips, the commission 2 pips and slippage 1 pip, that would be 5 pips. Therefore, the expert advisor would need to make 10 pips on that trade to cover the costs. That being said, the developer has taken all of these factors into account during development and testing, to ensure that it can perform well across various broker and market conditions.

I do feel that scalping strategies can be some of the most difficult to produce consistency with. They tend to be very sensitive to broker and market conditions. I have seen the exact same scalping robots give a completely different set of results between brokers and accounts. For the best chance of success with any manual or automated forex scalping system, I would look to use an ECN forex broker such as IC Markets. They tend to have tight spreads and quick execution speeds, which can be very important when scalping the forex market.

Night Hunter Pro EA Features

  • Fully automated forex scalping robot developed for the MetaTrader platform
  • The EA is designed and optimized to try and achieve stable results in the long run, rather than making quick profits
  • There are features to help try and reduce possible drawdown with dozens of different risk management configurations
  • Can be used on any forex broker but as with any scalping strategy, requires a broker with low spreads and commission fees along with reliable execution
  • Constant updates are being released to keep up with the latest technologies in the trading area as well as the behaviours of the global financial markets
  • Personal support from the developer, available 7 days a week for anything you might need, including remote configuration via AnyDesk
  • Exclusive Telegram Group community, filled with hundreds of active expert traders and Night Hunter Pro users

Night Hunter Pro EA Back Testing

Over 20 years of real tick data back-testing with hundreds of different variables (currency pairs, risk parameters, lot sizes, etc). I am impressed that the modelling quality is 99% as this means the developer is using tick data along with real variable spreads. However, it is not clear if they have accounted for commission which could also have a big impact on the Night Hunter Pro EA results. The Forex Robotron EA does use tick data and take into consideration variable spreads, slippage and commission fees. Regardless, the Night Huner Pro EA backtest portfolio is very impressive and shows that the EA was able to adapt and produce good results throughout various market scenarios.

Night Hunter Pro EA Back Tests
Night Hunter Pro EA Back Tests

Night Hunter Pro EA Results

In addition to some long-term back tests, the developer has also published a Myfxbook account where you can see the latest verified Night Hunter Pro EA results. The account is quite small compared to some of the other forex robot results that I have seen in the past but the statistics are still there to give you an idea of how it has traded in recent market conditions. At the time of me writing this Night Hunter Pro EA review, I think it is fair to say the EA has done very well.

To see the latest live verified trading account performance of all forex robots please visit my best forex robots results page.

It looks like a losing trade can take out a run of consecutive winners, something that is quite common place with scalping robots. The problem is that if you tighten the stop loss on a scalping EA, it can also significantly reduce the win rate. It is worth considering that if this account was trading larger positions in terms of lot size, the execution speeds may not be the same due to slippage which could also impact the results. Again, the developer has taken this into consideration during development to make sure there is not such a detrimental impact on the EA performance.

Night Hunter Pro EA Summary

Overall, there is a lot to like abouit the Night Hunter Pro EA which is evident from the back testing and the verified results provided by the developer. Whilst I do think forex scalping robots can be too dependent on the broker and market conditions, the Night Hunter Pro EA is one of the more stable forex scalping EA’s that I have come across over the years.

You can purchase the Night Hunter Pro robot from the official website or MQL website. There are not many differences between the website or MQL purchases. On MQL, each license comes with 10 VPS terminal activations, while on website it comes with the possibility to use the Night Hunter Pro expert advisor on 10 different accounts simultaneously, without being tied to a specific VPS.

If you do wish to give it a try, I would only start on a demo account to begin with. Whilst this can give you a feel for how it trades, just keep in mind that demo trading conditions are often very different to real live account conditions. They cannot always account for things such as spreads, slippage and liuqidity. These can all have an impact on performance, not to mention trading emotions where you may be tempted to interfere with the EA.

The Night Hunter Pro robot includes instructions, full support, updates, access to the Telegram channel and a money back guarantee. I must say that the developer is very active and responsive, so they get my respect for that. There is also a free Night Hunter Pro demo version which allows you to test the robot before making any commitment.

The Valery Trading website does have a great collection of forex EA’s that you should certainly checkout if you haven’t already.

Night Hunter Pro EA









  • MetaTrader 4 & MetaTrader 5 Platforms
  • Fully Automated Scalping Robot
  • Customisable Settings
  • News Release Filter
  • Verified Results
  • Back Tests
  • Good Support
  • Free Updates
  • Detailed Instructions
  • Money Back Guarantee


  • Requires Ideal Conditions
  • Broker Sensitive
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