NR7 Inside Bar

The NR7 Inside Bar strategy is an approach used by forex traders to try to identify potential breakout opportunities in the market. NR7 stands for “Narrowest Range 7,” which refers to a bar with the smallest price range observed over the past seven trading periods. The concept of the Inside Bar refers to a bar whose price range is fully contained within the range of the preceding bar. Combining these two patterns creates a simple yet effective trading strategy that can be applied to various forex pairs and timeframes.

NR7 Inside Bar - Overview
NR7 Inside Bar – Overview

Narrowest Range 7 (NR7)

The NR7 is a candlestick pattern that denotes the narrowest price range observed over the past seven trading periods. This range is calculated by measuring the difference between the high and low prices of each bar over the seven-day period and finding the smallest range. When an NR7 bar forms, it tries to suggest that market volatility has contracted significantly, indicating a potential build-up of momentum for a breakout.

Inside Bar

An Inside Bar is a candlestick pattern where the entire price range is contained within the range of the preceding bar. This pattern tries to signify a period of indecision or consolidation in the market, where neither buyers nor sellers have taken control. It serves as a visual representation of a pause in the ongoing trend, potentially indicating an imminent breakout or reversal.

NR7 Inside Bar Strategy Rules

To implement the NR7 Inside Bar strategy, traders follow these basic rules:


Look for an NR7 bar, which has the narrowest price range in the past seven trading periods.

Inside Bar Confirmation

Confirm that the current bar (inside bar) is entirely contained within the range of the NR7 bar.

Breakout Direction

Anticipate a breakout in the direction of the subsequent price movement based on the Inside Bar’s high or low being breached.

Trading Signals

The NR7 Inside Bar strategy generates two primary trading signals:

Bullish Signal

NR7 Inside Bar - Example
NR7 Inside Bar – Example

When an NR7 forms, followed by an Inside Bar, and the high of the Inside Bar is breached, it may signal a potential bullish breakout. Traders can consider going long (buying) on the currency pair.

Bearish Signal

If an NR7 occurs, followed by an Inside Bar, and the low of the Inside Bar is breached, it may suggest a bearish breakout. Traders might consider shorting (selling) the currency pair.

Timeframes and Currency Pairs

The NR7 Inside Bar strategy can be applied to various timeframes, from short-term intraday trading to longer-term swing trading. Different currency pairs exhibit varying degrees of volatility, so it’s essential to test and adapt the strategy to suit specific pairs.

Backtesting and Practice

Before applying the NR7 Inside Bar strategy in live trading, traders should conduct thorough backtesting using historical data to evaluate its effectiveness. Additionally, practicing the strategy on a demo account can try to help build confidence and familiarity with its nuances.

NR7 Inside Bar Pros & Cons


  • Simplicity: The NR7 Inside Bar strategy is relatively easy to understand and implement, making it accessible to traders of all experience levels. The clear rules for identifying NR7 and Inside Bar patterns facilitate straightforward decision-making.
  • Clear Entry and Exit Points: The strategy provides clear entry points, typically after the breakout of an Inside Bar in the direction of the trend. This can assist traders in defining precise entry and exit levels for their trades.
  • Trend Reversal Recognition: The NR7 Inside Bar pattern excels at spotting potential trend reversals. When the market experiences a period of consolidation after a significant trend, this strategy can act as an early warning system for potential reversals, allowing traders to adjust their positions accordingly.
  • Minimal Indicators: This strategy relies primarily on price action and minimal indicators, which tries to reduce complexity and potential confusion for traders who prefer a more straightforward approach to trading.


  • False Breakouts: Like many breakout strategies, the NR7 Inside Bar can be susceptible to false breakouts, where the price initially moves beyond the Inside Bar’s range but then reverses and invalidates the trade signal.
  • Whipsaw Markets: During periods of high market volatility or choppy price action, the NR7 Inside Bar strategy may generate multiple conflicting signals, leading to confusion and potentially poor trade execution.
  • Subjectivity in Identification: While the concept of NR7 and Inside Bar patterns is clear, their identification can sometimes be subjective, leading to discrepancies in trade interpretations among different traders.
  • Missed Trades: Due to the conservative nature of the strategy, it may result in missed trading opportunities. The strategy requires patience, waiting for valid Inside Bars to form, which might lead to traders missing out on some potential trades.
  • Limited Potential Opportunities: Since the NR7 Inside Bar strategy tries to aim to capture breakouts from periods of consolidation, the strategy might not fully capture larger trends and sustained price movements, which generates the limited potential opportunities for traders¬† in certain market conditions.
  • Lack of Context: The NR7 Inside Bar strategy tries to consider only price action patterns, which means it may not take into account broader market context, such as fundamental factors or macroeconomic events, which could influence price movements.


In conclusion, the NR7 Inside Bar strategy is an addition to a forex trader’s toolkit, which tries to offer a simple yet effective approach to try to identify potential breakouts and trend reversals in the market. By combining the concepts of the Narrowest Range 7 (NR7) and the Inside Bar patterns, traders can try to gain insights into market consolidation and anticipate significant price movements.

The strategy’s strengths lie in its simplicity, clear entry and exit points, and its ability to recognize potential trend reversals. It tries to allow traders to define precise entry and exit levels, facilitating better risk management. Moreover, the strategy’s versatility tries to enable traders to apply it to various timeframes, catering to individual trading preferences and styles.

However, the NR7 Inside Bar strategy also comes with its share of limitations. Traders need to be cautious of false breakouts and the possibility of missed trading opportunities during choppy or volatile market conditions. The subjective nature of pattern identification and the strategy’s focus solely on price action may not always account for broader market context and fundamental factors that influence price movements.

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