OsMA Indicator

The OsMA Indicator is a technical analysis tool that utilizes histogram bars to display the data. It is a simple and easy-to-use indicator that can help traders identify the momentum of a market trend. The OsMA Indicator can be applied to various timeframes and currency pairs and is typically displayed in a separate window below the main trading chart. The default settings can be modified from the input tab, and it is recommended to test different settings and parameters to find the most suitable configuration for your personal trading strategy.

The OsMA Indicator, also known as the “Moving Average of Oscillator,” was invented by the famous technical analyst and trader, Alex Nekritin. It was officially introduced to the market in the early 2000s.

What is the OsMA Indicator?

The OsMA Indicator is a technical analysis tool used in the Forex market to identify potential buy and sell signals. It is a combination of two indicators: the oscillator and the moving average.

  • The OsMA Indicator is a momentum-based indicator that is used to identify the strength of a trend.
  • It is calculated by taking the difference between a shorter-term oscillator, such as the MACD, and a longer-term moving average.
  • The indicator is displayed on a separate chart below the main price chart, usually in the form of a histogram.

OsMA Strategy

Buy Signal

  • A buy signal is generated when the OsMA Indicator moves above its zero line. This indicates that the short-term oscillator is above the longer-term moving average, suggesting bullish momentum in the market.
OsMA Indicator Buy Signal
OsMA Indicator Buy Signal

Sell Signal

  • When the OsMA Indicator drops below the zero line, it generates a signal to sell, indicating that the shorter-term oscillator is weaker than the longer-term moving average, showing a too much stronger and significant pull in the market.
OsMA Indicator Sell Signal
OsMA Indicator Sell Signal

OsMA Pros & Cons


  • The OsMA Indicator can help traders identify potential buy and sell signals, which can increase the chances of making profitable trades.
  • It can be used to identify potential trend changes by measuring the difference between a short-term moving average and a long-term moving average.
  • It can be used to detect momentum and to determine overbought or oversold conditions.


  • It can be affected by the choice of moving averages and the time frames used, which can make it difficult to compare results across different traders or systems.
  • It is not a standalone indicator and should be used in conjunction with other technical analysis tools and market analysis.
  • It is based on past price action, and thus not capable of predicting future moves.


Incorporating the Color OsMA indicator into your trading strategy can be beneficial. However, it’s important to remember that no indicator can guarantee 100% accurate signals. The indicator’s performance can also vary depending on market conditions. It can be a useful tool to include in your system but be sure to also consider other indicators and market analysis. Additionally, keep in mind that there are other free forex indicators available for download and testing.

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