Pet-D Indicator

Each day, many forex traders utilize these indicators to assist them in determining whether to buy or sell on the currency market. These forex indicators are recognized as a crucial component of technical analysis, comprising price level and trend analysis.

This guide will explain how the Pet-D indicator helps forex and stock traders assess market directions and precise trade entry levels in MT4.

What is the Pet-D Indicator?

The Pet-D indicator recognizes market trend reversal points and early price trends. As a result, forex traders can employ indicator color changes as trading signals. The MT4  indicator is relatively straightforward and useful for locating entry and exit places.

Both beginner and experienced forex traders can benefit from the indicator. New forex traders can easily trade the bar color change, which serves as BUY-SELL signals.

Advanced traders, on the other hand, can use trend information, apply additional technical confirmations, and trade with a greater confluence. Both the daily, weekly, and monthly price charts, as well as all intraday price charts, perform well with the indicator.

The indicator works well for technical analysis from the top down. Price patterns over longer time periods typically last longer and provide a favorable risk-reward ratio.

Pet-D Indicator MT4 Chart Setup
Pet-D Indicator MT4 Chart Setup

Trend directions assessed in higher timeframes should always be considered by traders when taking a position on a smaller time frame price chart. The majority of the time, top-down chart analysis yields good outcomes, and many profitable forex traders employ it.

Pet-D Indicator Trading Strategy

The Pet-D indicator changes the color of the bar to GREEN during uptrends. So, following the bullish signal bar, forex traders might join the market with a buy position. The prior swing low would be the ideal spot to put a stop loss on this trade. Yet, the indicator’s opposing trade signal is the optimum place to take profits.

Similar to this, a GREEN bar turning RED denotes the start of a bearish trend for the market. Technical forex traders can now execute a SELL trade by switching to a bearish market trading strategy.

Consider a stop-loss above/below the most recent swing is high or low depending on your trade-entry direction to safeguard the position. Conversely, technical traders might make money when they see the reverse trading signal because it denotes the end of current market trends. Besides, forex traders might book profits if the position achieves a favorable risk-to-reward ratio.

Buy Signal

Here’re the buy conditions of the Pet-D indicator:

  • The price swings upside after rejecting a solid support zone.
  • The signal bar turns green.
  • Stop-loss below the first signal candle.
  • Take profit on red Ped-D signal bars.
Pet-D Indicator Buy Signal
Pet-D Indicator Buy Signal

Sell Signal

Here’re the sell conditions of the Pet-D indicator:

  • The price swings downwards after rejecting a significant resistance zone.
  • The signal bar turns red.
  • Stop-loss above the first signal candle.
  • Take profit on green Ped-D signal bars.
Pet-D Indicator Sell Signal
Pet-D Indicator Sell Signal

Pet-D Indicator Pros & Cons


  • Straightforward trend signals.
  • Compatible with all forex/stock/crypto trading strategies.
  • Signals both trade entry & exit.
  • Suits multi-timeframes in MT4.
  • Beginner-friendly.


  • Requires additional price level confirmations.
  • May not perform steadily in lower timeframes.


The Pet-D indicator efficiently determines the direction of the bullish/bearish market trends and offers to buy and sell signals for forex trading. To validate trend shifts, the indicator performs best when used in conjunction with other technical indicators. Trading signals close to support-resistance, trend lines, or price channels are excellent choices for the greatest trading performance. Also, downloading and installing the indicator is simple for forex traders.

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