Pips Alert Review

In this post I will be reviewing the Pips Alert forex trading signal service. They claim to have over $15 million in assets and thousands of traders from around the world within their online community. They aim to offer trader signals as tools that can help to assist you in finding setups in Forex. You can receive signals from other forex traders on a daily basis to assist your decision making. The signals are sent mostly during the London and NYC session, some of the busiest times for trading.

Pips Alert Review - Forex Signals
Pips Alert Review – Forex Signals

What is Pips Alert?

The Pips Alert team state that their traders have years of experience in the Forex market and go through a rigorous 9 months evaluation before being certified to send signals. It is actually hard to verify this information in all honesty. I would certainly not trade these signals “blind” and would much prefer to only use the signals as a guide in addition to my own detailed technical, fundamental and price action analysis.

Pips Alertprovide live market signal updates with traders on the market 24/7 monitoring closely. This means that they might signal for earlier exits, break-evens and even provide half-lot closing updating for traders who like to do trade hybrid mode. You can of course maintain full control over all of your trades.

Pips Alert is focused on long-term gains, re-investing into tools, traders, support staff and more to ensure that they can create a healthy environment for long-term trading goals. The signals are sent in MT4 for forex currency pairs such as the EURUSD and commodities such as gold.

Pips Alert Review - MT4 Trading Signals
Pips Alert Review – MT4 Trading Signals

The Pips Alert online dashboard platform makes it convenient and easy to manage all the signals, get customer support and more. They offer a weekly video series where the team put the signals to test with 3rd-party back testing. On top of that they provide some insightful free tips related to the analysis involved in finding the signals.

Pips Alert Review - Online Dashboard
Pips Alert Review – Online Dashboard

In addition to forex signals, they do provide a Max ROI free trading course to all traders, providing you all the essentials you will need to get started with Pips Alert signals. There is also an A-Z trading course with 40+ videos which users can enrol for free on.

Pips Alert Results

You can view the Pips Alert recent and historical performance on the official website and also read customer testimonials. There are pricing packages that are created to be affordable for any trader to join, whatever your trading knowledge or experience level. They do also offer a 14-day trial if you wish to subscribe and test out how these forex signals perform for you. I would say that 14 days is not a lot of time to make a fair judgement in my opinion as trading strategies can have up and down weeks, months even years! The Pips Alert team does a great job of communicating when providing weekly and monthly reviews of their signal performance.

Pips Alert Packages

The Pips Alert trading pricing packages are created to be affordable for any trader to join. Traders can choose from various packages and each package costs a monthly fee and or you can choose to do a 3-month package to save more. It is good to see that they have a variety of packages as it means that you can give them a try before making a commitment for the long term, if at all.

Pips Alert Trading Courses

It is worth noting that Pips Alert have created an easy-to-follow forex course that is packed with lots of helpful information a new and experienced trader needs to help them learn how they can trade like institutional and professional traders. With a combination of tutorial videos, learning and practicing materials, plus quizzes. Pips Alert have made sure to create an enjoyable learning experience. This includes the following:

  • 450+ Minutes of Videos Explaining in Detail
  • Practice material to enrich the learning process
  • Access documents & presentations
  • Quizzes to ensure and measure your knowledge
Pips Alert Trading Course
Pips Alert Trading Course

Pips Alert Summary

Whilst all of the Pips Alert signals are publicly provided for anyone to back-test, I think they could really improve by publishing and sharing a real verified trading account showing how good or bad the trading signals have performed over a long period of time.

It is very important to note that there are no guarantees of results when copying trading signals. Past performance is not an indication of what will happen in the future. Anything can happen in trading so it is important to make sure that you never risk more than you can afford to lose.

When choosing any forex signal service, the first things that I would look at would be if they are publishing any real verified results. Without these, we will not have any idea of how the forex signals may have performed historically speaking. This could also give you an idea of the types of trading strategies that the signals are using to see if they are suitable for your prefeed trading style.

If I was going to copy forex trades, I would make sure that I did so on a demo trading account to begin with. This would allow me to get a feel for what type of signals to expect so that I can determine if they live up to expectations. You can get a free demo trading account from most forex brokers. Once you have built some confidence and have some success, you may then consider switching over to a real live account.

Overall, the Pips Alert signal service could be an option to consider for those of you who may not have the time or knowledge to trade manually by yourself. However, I personally feel that it is better to learn how to trade by spending time studying and practising. That way, you can learn about all of the different trading indicators and combine those which you like the best into your very own bespoke trading system that is catered towards your own needs.

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