POW Edge Strategy Review

The POW Edge Strategy is a very powerful and beginner friendly trading strategy that is built into the excellent TradingView platform. The Pow Edge system combines 6 unique trading strategies into one easy to understand template that gives clear buy and sell signals. The question is, how good are these signals and is this system for you? In this POW Edge Strategy review, we will take a closer look at what it is, how it works and most importantly, what are the results like?

POW Edge Strategy Review
POW Edge Strategy Review

What is the POW Edge Strategy?

I am always on the look out for new and innovative trading strategies. More often than not, you will see the same standard technical indicators repackaged as some sort of exclusive system when they aren’t actually bringing anything new to the table. Thankfully, the POW Edge Strategy does stand out from the majority of trading systems in many aspects.

POW Edge gives you actionable buy and sell signals along with optional take profit and stop loss levels. You can choose to take every trade as is, or use your very own market analysis to confirm each signal. An entry signal in the opposite direction can be a sign to get out of a position and possible look to take another.

One of the main things that I like about the POW Edge Strategy is that it is very easy to use and takes into consideration a combination of market analysis. This helps to ensure it can do a good job of filtering out false signals and give you an edge in the market, as the name rightly eludes to. It is also very flexible, as you can use it on any currency pair or other financial instrument of your choice. You can use it for short term scalping in the lower chart timeframes, or day trading and swing trading on the mid to long term chart timeframes.

The POW Edge Strategy built-in trading algorithm that analysis the market fully automated and can save you literally hours from scanning the charts looking for opportunities. You do not need years of experience to utilise the signals that it provides, but you can of course confirm them before entry if you wish.

The buy and sell signals or sent as alerts in TradingView so you do not need to sit around watching charts all day long. Once you receive an alert via your preferred method, you can take a trade on your platform of choice. I know many traders who will use TradingView for signals but take positions of the popular MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 platforms.

You will get 2 strategies, the POW Edge Trend & POW Edge Reverse. They work in unison together to make sure that you can capitalise on both trending and ranging market conditions. This means that there are plenty of trade opportunities so you can take those which fit best within your day trading routine and trading style.

POW Edge Strategy
POW Edge Strategy

POW Edge Strategy Features

POW Edge has a unique feature where it tells you the lot size you need to trade in line with your own risk, using the integrated lot size calculator (Edge Trend). I like how you can automate your own trading alerts or use the developers in Discord. The fully customisable display options help you set specific candle colours whilst in a trade to help you with your psychology, something that is often overlooked by many traders but can still have a huge impact on your performance.

  • Fully automated market analysis
  • Actionable buy and sell signals
  • Optional stop loss and take profit levels
  • Combination of technical indicators
  • Easy to use and understand the signals
  • Ready-made TradingView template
  • Get trade alerts via platform, SMS and email
  • Can be used to trade any instrument
  • Can be used on any chart timeframe
  • Get 2 strategies – POW Edge Trend & POW Edge Reverse
  • Access to VIP Discord server
  • Access to video tutorials that’ll help you get the most out of Edge

POW Edge Strategy Support

When reviewing trading robots and systems, I do not just look at the quality of the software itself, but also the support that is provided. I mean, we could have the best software in the world but it might be rendered useless if customer support was non-existent. I am pleased to say that the POW Edge Strategy comes with industry leading support from the very approachable team POW.

They are always willing to listen and help, keeping traders’ best interests at the forefront of what they do. I also like how they do not use overly complex jargon unnecessarily, keeping things as simple as possible to understand. This is evident by how easy to use the POW Edge Strategy is.

It is worth mentioning that team POW have other cool trading products you might want to take a look at. This includes one of the best prop trading EA’s in the POW Banker EA. This can be a possible solution for those of you who are looking for an automated trading system that can pass prop firm challenges. It has funded plenty of accounts with proven payouts. There is also the POW RedAlert EA which is developed for automatically trading the news. The diversity of the developer’s products show they have ample experience in the markets and know what they are doing.

POW Edge Strategy Conclusion

Overall, I really like the POW Edge Strategy for many reasons that I have outlined within this review. It is very user-friendly and has everything you need to generate buy and sell signals on all of your favourite currency pairs and chart timeframes. Whatever your trading style or availability to trade, the system is very flexible so it can adjust to meet everyone’s needs.

It doesn’t matter if you are a complete novice with no trading experience or an expert trader looking to gain that extra edge in the market, the POW Edge Strategy can be beneficial. It is also backed by some of the best support in the industry, with a team dedicated to helping traders reach their full potential.

The whole point in this system is to give you an edge in the market, when you combine this with sensible money management and good trading discipline, this can be the recipe for success. You can visit the Pow Edge Strategy website below where you will also find a link to the developer on TradingView.

POW Edge Strategy









  • Automated market analysis
  • Combination of technical indicators
  • Trend and reverse system in one
  • Easy to setup and understand
  • Any currency pair
  • Any chart timeframe
  • For scalping, day trading and swing trading
  • Discord community
  • Buy and sell signal alerts
  • Excellent support


  • No free trial
  • Requires TradingView
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