Profits Run Review

Founded in 2001 by father and son team Bill Poulos and Greg Poulos, Profits Run is a platform in the realm of investment and trading that offers a range of programs, services, and resources designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of investors and traders.

Profits Run Review
Profits Run Review

With a focus on risk management and portfolio protection, Profits Run claims to equip individuals with the tools and expertise necessary to navigate various markets, including stocks, options, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and foreign exchange (forex). In this review, we will explore the featured programs and services provided by Profits Run and its pros and cons. By delving into its key features, we can gain insights into the Profits Run platform.

Rapid Trading Engine

The Rapid Trading Engine offered by Profits Run is an options trading program that comes equipped with trade alert software. This platform automatically identifies options trades every night after the markets close, saving traders valuable time and effort. The Rapid Trading Engine claims to streamline the trading process, providing users with actionable trade alerts and insights to capitalize on market opportunities. By leveraging its advanced filtering technology, this program helps traders identify potential options trades. With its focus on automation and delivering real-time trade alerts, this program empowers traders to stay ahead in the fast-paced world of options trading.

Instant Options Alert

The Instant Options Alert program offered by Profits Run is a weekly trading program designed to capitalize on opportunities within a 16-day window using credit spreads with weekly options. This program claims to provide traders with timely alerts and actionable insights to make informed trading decisions. By focusing on shorter-term trading intervals, Instant Options Alert offers a dynamic approach to options trading. It leverages the flexibility of weekly options and credit spreads to potentially generate consistent returns. With its emphasis on timely execution and risk management, Instant Options Alert claims to cater to traders seeking shorter-term trading opportunities while maintaining a disciplined approach.

Wave Catcher Alert

The Wave Catcher Alert program provided by Profits Run is a daily trading program specifically designed to capitalize on the market activity typically observed during a 10-day market anomaly. This program claims to identify and capitalize on these anomalies, providing traders with potential trading opportunities on a daily basis. By leveraging its proprietary algorithms and market analysis, Wave Catcher Alert seeks to capture waves of market movements and generate potential trades. Traders utilizing this program can receive timely alerts and insights, enabling them to make informed trading decisions during these unique market conditions.

Crypto Profit Alert

The Crypto Profit Alert program by Profits Run is tailored to the highly volatile cryptocurrency markets, claiming to identify investment opportunities with higher potential and lower risk. With cryptocurrencies gaining increasing popularity, this program provides traders with insights and alerts specific to this unique asset class. By leveraging in-depth market analysis and technical indicators, Crypto Profit Alert seeks to identify favorable entry and exit points in the cryptocurrency market. The program’s goal is to help traders navigate the volatility and capitalize on potential trading opportunities while managing risk effectively. With its focus on the crypto market, Crypto Profit Alert provides traders with specialized knowledge and strategies to make informed trading decisions.

Free Newsletters

Profits Run offers free newsletters that provide readers with independent commentary, presenting an alternative to mainstream news sources. With no ties to corporate news conglomerates, these newsletters offer insights and information that can shape and influence investors’ decision-making process. By delivering unbiased perspectives on events and opportunities, Profits Run claims to provide valuable knowledge that can impact readers’ financial journeys. With a commitment to transparency and open communication, Profits Run’s free newsletters claim to contribute to building a community of informed investors ready to navigate the complexities of the financial world.

Profitsrun Review Pros & Cons


  • Emphasis on risk management, prioritizing portfolio protection.
  • Diverse range of programs and services catering to investors at all experience levels.
  • Focus on teaching strategies and providing resources for informed decision-making.
  • Potential for discovering unique investment opportunities through specialized programs.


  • Does not provide a comprehensive track record or performance history of their programs.
  • Its performance may depend on external market conditions, potentially affecting the outcomes for users.
  • Lack of personalized guidance which may leave some users seeking more tailored support for their specific needs and goals.
  • Lack of comprehensive customer support.


In conclusion, Profits Run presents itself as a platform committed to empowering investors and traders through risk management and comprehensive training. The diverse range of programs and services caters to investors at various experience levels and market preferences. Additionally, the provision of free newsletters with independent commentary provides information not commonly found in mainstream news sources. While Profits Run’s emphasis on risk management and its array of programs appear promising, prospective users should exercise caution.

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