Prop GT MT4 Review

In the ever-evolving landscape of forex trading, finding a robust and efficient Expert Advisor (EA) is pivotal for traders seeking success. The PROP GT MT4 Expert Advisor has garnered attention for its specialized design catering to Prop Firms’ challenges, coupled with a strong emphasis on rule adherence and drawdown management. In this detailed review, we will explore the various features, settings, and strategies employed by PROP GT, providing an in-depth analysis to help traders make informed decisions.

Prop GT MT4 Review
Prop GT MT4 Review

Introduction and Key Information

The PROP GT Expert Advisor is meticulously crafted to meet the unique requirements of Prop Firms’ challenges. Its primary focus lies in adhering to specific trading rules and maintaining drawdown limits. The EA is optimized for trading the EURUSD currency pair on a 15-minute timeframe, utilizing an Every Tick model for precise calculations.

GMT Parameter Configuration

Setting the GMT parameter correctly is of paramount importance for the optimal functioning of the PROP GT EA. Users are guided through a step-by-step process, ensuring that the GMT parameter is aligned with the broker’s trading server time. This attention to detail reflects the developer’s commitment to user-friendly configurations and optimal performance.

PROP Controller Module

The PROP Controller Module is a cornerstone of the PROP GT EA, designed to manage risks effectively. This module plays a pivotal role in collecting key account parameters, monitoring drawdown levels, and issuing commands to prevent excessive losses or trading when predetermined profit levels are reached.

Input Parameters

The flexibility provided by the input parameters of the PROP Controller Module is a standout feature. Users can customize settings such as Broker’s time offset, Money Management type, and parameters related to PROP Firm rules. The option to choose between Fixed Lot and Risk per Transaction empowers traders to tailor their risk management strategy based on individual preferences.

PROP Firm Rules Integration

Seamless integration with PROP Firm rules ensures that the PROP Controller Module aligns with specific drawdown limits, daily drawdown thresholds, and maximum drawdown requirements. The inclusion of Prop Phase Target % allows traders to set profit goals, adding an extra layer of control and precision to their trading approach.

Breakout Scalper Strategy

The underlying trading strategy of PROP GT revolves around the breakout of support and resistance levels. This strategy is complemented by a high-performance trailing stop module, aiming to minimize drawdowns and facilitate smooth completion of Prop Firm challenges.

Performance and Drawdown

The emphasis on minimal drawdowns is a significant advantage for traders. This not only contributes to account stability but also aligns with the risk-averse approach that many traders seek. Historical verification of results since 2014 adds credibility to the claim of low drawdowns, instilling confidence in users.

Efficient Trailing Stop Module

The incorporation of an efficient trailing stop module enhances the overall effectiveness of the breakout scalper strategy. Traders benefit from a tool that actively manages trades, optimizing profits while mitigating potential losses.

PROP GT Configuration

The PROP GT EA arrives fully configured for trading five currency pairs. The streamlined configuration process emphasizes user-friendly navigation, requiring users to focus on setting the risk level for each trade. The recommendation to stick to the provided currency pairs simplifies decision-making for traders, reducing the likelihood of suboptimal results.

Recommended Currency Pairs

While users have the option to trade additional instruments, the emphasis on sticking to recommended currency pairs showcases the developer’s commitment to providing users with the best possible trading experience. This strategic recommendation aligns with optimizing performance and minimizing potential risks.

GMT Parameter Reiteration

The importance of configuring the GMT parameter is reiterated, underlining its critical role in ensuring the optimal performance of the PROP GT EA. Clear and concise instructions, coupled with a focus on user education, contribute to a positive user experience.

Prop Firm Challenge Guidance

Traders aiming to pass the Prop Firm challenge are provided with a comprehensive and strategic guide. The step-by-step approach to risk management, especially the recommendation to adjust risk percentages based on the challenge’s progress, demonstrates a thoughtful and strategic approach to achieving success.

Historical Testing Assurance

The reassurance of historical testing results, highlighting the absence of account blow-ups since 2014, further solidifies the reliability of the PROP GT EA. Traders can approach the challenge with confidence, but the past is no means an indication of what the future will bring.

Bonus: Trading Panel

For traders who prefer a more hands-on and manual approach, the inclusion of a Trading Panel as a bonus feature is a valuable addition. This module allows for manual trading with a high-performance trailing stop, offering flexibility for users who want more control over their trading decisions.

Signal Strategies and Indicators

The Trading Panel incorporates signal strategies, namely Imbalance and Trend Follow, along with indicators for manual entry points. The emphasis on avoiding trades around important news releases and support/resistance levels adds an additional layer of risk management, catering to both novice and experienced traders.

Account and Currency Pair Parameters

Clear and concise information regarding account and currency pair parameters further enhances the transparency of the PROP GT EA. Traders are provided with essential details, including recommended currency pairs, leverage, minimum deposit requirements, and specific spread conditions for the EURUSD pair.


In conclusion, the PROP GT MT4 Expert Advisor emerges as a comprehensive solution for traders navigating the challenges presented by Prop Firms. Its meticulous risk management through the PROP Controller Module, coupled with a breakout scalper strategy and user-friendly configuration, positions it as a promising tool for both novice and experienced traders.

The inclusion of a Trading Panel as a bonus feature adds an extra layer of versatility, appealing to traders who prefer a manual approach. The strategic guidance provided for Prop Firm challenges, backed by historical testing results, instills confidence in users considering the PROP GT for their trading endeavors.

Traders seeking a kind of optimized EA to meet Prop Firm requirements may find the PROP GT to be a valuable addition to their toolkit. Its attention to detail, user-friendly interface, and robust performance make it a contender in the competitive landscape of Expert Advisors for MetaTrader 4. However, this EA does not guarantee profits.

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