Punisher Scalper EA

The Punisher Scalper EA is an automated trading software that utilizes an algorithm to search and analyze the market for local highs and lows. This expert advisor is designed to execute trades on behalf of the user, where it tries to scalp price movements. By using a breakdown mechanism, the Punisher Scalper EA tries to identify trades for entry and exit points in volatile market conditions.

Punisher Scalper EA Strategy

Punisher Scalper EA Strategy
Punisher Scalper EA Strategy

The Punisher Scalper EA’s strategy is built around the concept of identifying and local extrema in the market. A local extremum is a point on a function where the value of the function is at its highest (local maximum) or lowest (local minimum) in the surrounding area. These points are also known as critical or stationary points because the derivative of the function is equal to zero at these points. It’s essential to note that a local extremum is only valid within the proximity of the point and not necessarily across the entire function domain.

The Punisher Scalper EA uses an algorithm to identify local extrema in the price action of a given currency pair. By identifying these critical points, the software tries to enter and exit trades. The breakdown mechanism of the EA tries to execute the trades on time.

Punisher Scalper EA Features

  • The Punisher Scalper EA does not utilize risky methods such as martingale, grid, or HFT.
  • The EA executes a moderate number of trades each day, ranging from 2 to 6.
  • Pending orders and trailing stops are utilized to enter and exit trades.
  • All trades are executed with a small Stop Loss and Take Profit.
  • The EA can be configured to use either a fixed lot or an auto-lot, which increases the size of transactions automatically based on specified criteria.
  • The Punisher Scalper EA is optimized for trading on currency pairs such as EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD, and XAUUSD, and is recommended by the developer to be run on all four pairs.
  • The EA is designed to work best on the M30 timeframe, although it can be used on all timeframes.

Punisher Scalper EA Settings

  • ExpertName                                                                                    Punisher SCALPER EA v8.00
  • ZZ                                                                                                       —– Parametre ZigZag —–
  • ExtDepth                                                                                                              18
  • ExtDeviation                                                                                                        5
  • ExtBackstep                                                                                                         3
  • filter                                                                                                    =========Variable Filter=========
  • ICC                                                                                                                         ICC
  • period_CC                                                                                                            14
  • applied CC                                                                                                           Close price
  • Level_buy                                                                                                             -80
  • Level_sell                                                                                                             80
  • R                                                                                                                             RSI
  • period_Rsi                                                                                                            14
  • applied                                                                                                                  Close price
  • par                                                                                                           —– Business parameters ——-
  • TP_buy                                                                                                                 1000
  • SL_buy                                                                                                                 100
  • TP_sell                                                                                                                 1000
  • SL_sell                                                                                                                  100
  • TRAL                                                                                                           –Parametre TrailingStop —
  • TrailingStop                                                                                                           50
  • TrailingStep                                                                                                           50
  • fr_tr                                                                                                             —– TrailingStop With fractel ——-
  • TrailingStopFr                                                                                                         false
  • mm                                                                                                              —– Money Managment ——-
  • Lots                                                                                                                        0.01
  • MM                                                                                                                         false
  • risk                                                                                                                          15.0
  • cl                                                                                                               — Closing and deleting your order Friday —
  • Friday                                                                                                                       true
  • Time_End                                                                                                                18:00
  • End hour                                                                                                                  false
  • hour                                                                                                                          21
  • slippage_auto                                                                                                        autoslippage = active
  • Max SPREAD                                                                                                           28
  • Magic Number                                                                                                       54411

Punisher Scalper EA Summary

Overall, the Punisher Scalper tries to scalp price movements by utilizing an algorithm to search for local highs and lows in the market. The strategy of the EA is built around the concept of identifying local extrema, which are critical points on a function where the value of the function is at its highest or lowest in the surrounding area. The EA uses an algorithm to identify these points and execute trades accordingly.

It is important to note that there is no guarantee of profit with the Punisher Scalper EA and traders should use caution when trading with automated software. The developer recommends using a demo account to test the EA’s performance before using it in a live trading environment.

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