QuantAnalyzer Review

QuantAnalyzer is an excellent tool for conducting in-depth analysis of your manual and automated trading strategies. You can quickly and easily analyse all aspects of your trading results to get a detailed overview of the historical performance which can be used to help try and identify areas in which you can improve. QuantAnalyzer has been developed by the talented StrategyQuant team whose other trading tools include the StrategyQuant X Pro software for building trading robots and the QuantDataManager for back testing trading robots with high accuracy. Here we will take a look at what the QuantAnalyzer software is and how it works, with a view to helping you decide if it is something you would find useful to use as part of your trading routine. Now without further ado, let’s get right into it!

What is QuantAnalyzer?

QuantAnalyzer lets you analyse your trading strategies and results in a quantified way, with no guess work required. This thorough analysis of your trading data can help you to find weak points and areas in which you can improve, which in turn could improve your trading results.

QuantAnalyzer Pro Software
QuantAnalyzer Pro Software

There are online services that provide free trading results analysis such as Myfxbook and FX Blue. However, with these services, you would need to connect your trading account or upload a detailed trading statement.

On the other hand, QuantAnalyzer runs as a desktop application and lets you import your trading statement in just a few clicks. It is capable of conducting the most demanding and complex of analysis that should provide more than enough information for even the most professional of traders to be able to review their trading strategy in extensive details.

You can use Monte Carlo, Money Management, What-If or Equity control simulations to verify strategy robustness or to find weak spots and potential for improvement.

The Portfolio Master feature can build a portfolio according to your constraints by automatically going through thousands of possible combinations.

How does QuantAnalyzer work?

You simply download the QuantAnalyzer desktop application and install it. You can then launch it and start importing your trading statements to analyse, in just a few clicks. The software is very user-friendly with a clear, concise and intuitive interface that even the most computer illiterate person shouldn’t have anyone problem navigating.

Once you have imported your trading statement, you can choose from the impressive range of QuantAnalyzer features and functionalities to analyse your individual or combined trading statements in as much details as you require. Whether that be simply to review your performance on individual trading instruments or to identify specific areas of improvement.

QuantAnalyzer Platforms
QuantAnalyzer Platforms

QuantAnalyzer supports some of the best trading platforms and tracking platforms. It takes just one click to load a strategy back test or real trades into QuantAnalyzer.

Why should I use QuantAnalyzer?

QuantAnalyzer can do so many different types of analysis, you can literally discover hundreds of different things about your trading strategies. This could be the days and hours that your trading strategy had the most success, the instruments that gave the largest profit/loss, the impact of trade duration on your results and much more.

QuantAnalyzer Strategy Analysis
QuantAnalyzer Strategy Analysis

You can run simulations that will show how your trading results would look with filtered trades. For example, you could create a custom trading statement that shows just trades which were taken between 8am to 12pm and that were long (buy) trades only. This way, you can fine tune your trading strategy based on real historical results.

Perhaps you have an automated trading system that you have been running on your account for a few months and you want to dig into the details of how good or bad it has performed. No problem!

Simply export your trading statement and import it into StrategyQuant to find numerous ways in which it can be improved. You may see that a specific currency pair had an overall loss, whereas another currency pair was the best performer. There are literally endless ways in which you can identify areas of improvement.

Another great way to utilise the QuantAnalyzer tool is to analyse strategy back tests. You may have a particular forex robot that you have run multiple back tests for on different timeframes and currency pairs.

QuantAnalyzer Overview
QuantAnalyzer Overview

You can import all of these back tests into QuantAnalyzer and either analyse them individually are combine them to create a customised portfolio. This is a great way to study multi-currency strategies and see how a different collection of back tests look when combined together.

This could be especially useful if you have an automated trading system that uses different settings on different instrument and you want a convenient way to combine them for analysis purposes.

I have seen a lot of EA developers who sell commercial forex robots using StrategyQuant. This way they can provide detailed historical statistics of how a forex robot performed in order for customers to review prior to purchase.

Whilst historical results can give a rough idea of past performance, it is by no means any guarantee of future results. This is trading and anything can happen! A system that was amazing for 10 years could be poor for the next 10. It is important to be aware of the risks involved with trading online and as the old saying goes, never risk more than you can afford to lose.

QuantAnalyzer Features

By now, you should have a clear idea on what the StrategyQuant software is and what it can do for you. Here we will take a look at some of the key StrategyQuant features, which include:

Analyse Results

You can quickly and easily analyse results of your real accounts or back tests, looking to identify areas for possible improvement.

Extensive & Detailed Reports

QuantAnalyzer can provide extensive reports for advanced metrics such as Sharpe Ratio, Return/Drawdown ratio, AHPR, Z-score, Deviation, Expectancy, Strategy Quality Number, Monthly and Annual % return, Payout ratio, Win/Loss ratio, Z-Probability, Exposure, Stagnation in days and % and many more.

QuantAnalyzer Detailed Reports
QuantAnalyzer Detailed Reports

Having all the information about your strategy or portfolio at your disposal is like having good eyesight. The clearly arranged overview from QuantAnalyzer allows you to have all the necessary information in one place. You can get as much information as you should need to analyse every aspect of a trading strategy that you could imagine.

Advanced Simulations

QuantAnalyzer supports advanced simulations to see how trading strategies would have performed under different conditions. You can run Monte Carlo simulations, different Money management settings, What-If analysis, Equity control simulations and more.

Portfolio Master

I really like the StrategyQuant portfolio feature. Sometimes I have a large set of results from different trading systems and/or instruments that I want to combine together to see how they would complement each other, or not.

You can combine strategies in StrategyQuant to help you choose the right combination of uncorrelated strategies which can help towards constructing the perfect portfolio. It automatically goes through thousands of possible combinations to find the ones that match your requirements.

QuantAnalyzer Portfolio Master
QuantAnalyzer Portfolio Master

One of the key functions is automatic filtering by strategy correlation. It allows you to build the portfolio so that the correlation of strategies is as low as possible.

If you have multiple strategies from different sectors, you will appreciate this function. It allows the user to build a custom portfolio so that strategies from different sectors are equally represented.

You can automatically filter portfolios by conditions to automatically filter out portfolios that don’t fulfil the given conditions.

When using the genetic search option in the StrategyQuant Portfolio master, you are able to reserve some part of the data as an Out of sample part. This means that this part will be not used in genetic evolution, the engine will not “see” this part when it evolves the population of portfolios in genetic evolution.

Monte Carlo Analysis

QuantAnalyzer supports complex Monte Carlo tests. The main principle of the Monte Carlo analysis is that many simulations are run, each time with a small change. The more simulations we run, the more reliable results we can possibly get. Monte Carlo simulations are a standard way to estimate strategy robustness and real edge, as well as predict possible future performance.

QuantAnalyzer Monte Carlo Simulations
QuantAnalyzer Monte Carlo Simulations

Monte Carlo tests can find out if your strategy really works and if it has the potential to be profitable in the future, or if it’s overoptimized and can easily fail in real trading. This can give you an excellent view of how robust your strategy is and how it is vulnerable to changes in the conditions of the market.

Historical results of the strategy give us an idea, how the strategy behaved in the past and to some extent certain expectations for the future. However, the market can change in the future and therefore it’s necessary to measure how the strategy is vulnerable to changes such as market cycles, sequence of transactions, etc.

To do this, Monte Carlo analysis is used. It helps us get a perhaps more realistic idea of what we may expect from the strategy. Of course, with no guarantees as nobody can 100% predict the markets. If you can, please get in touch!

What-If Scenarios

What-if scenarios allow to simulate many different situations, such as trading at specific hours or on specific days. Therefore, you can find and improve weak points of your various trading strategies.

QuantAnalyzer What-if Scenarios
QuantAnalyzer What-if Scenarios

Every option of what-if analysis is implemented as a simple code snippet with full source code provided. You can easily create your own conditions with some basic programming skills using the built-in QuantEditor tool.

Money Management Simulator

Good money management can be the difference between a winning and losing strategy. The built-in money management simulator allows you to test and compare multiple money management methods and choose the best one for your own individual trading strategy and goals.

QuantAnalyzer Money Management Simulator
QuantAnalyzer Money Management Simulator

You can simulate the impact of different position sizing models. For example, you can compare results of a strategy with a fixed position size for every position and a strategy where you risk a percentage from the account.

Every money management method is implemented as a simple code snippet with full source code provided. You can easily create your own position sizing method with some basic programming skills using the built-in QuantEditor tool.

Extendable & Scriptable

The more advanced users can add their own metrics and functionality for even more complex and customisable analysis. The StrategyQuant software is extendable without limitations by plug-ins and code snippets. This is one of the core features that helps separate it from the other aforementioned online trade data analysis services.

The custom snippets allow you to extend the already feature packed QuantAnalyzer with new functions, statistical analyses, money management types, etc. With the help of snippets, you can implement more or less any function that you need into the software.

QuantAnalyzer Extendibility
QuantAnalyzer Extendibility

QuantAnalyzer is designed to be extensible without limits by plug-ins and snippets. You can easily create your own parameters, statistical values, etc. For example, you can implement new money management models or Monte Carlo simulations.

The extensibility also gives you access to the source code of all currently running methods and calculations via built-in QuantEditor, which allows you to see how they work and adjust them if you need to do so.

What can be extended includes the following:

  • Metrics such as Sharpe Ratio, Calmar ratio, CAGR
  • Items in the database and strategy overview
  • Report formats
  • Monte Carlo & Equity control simulations
  • Money management models
  • What-if scenarios
  • Result analysis charts

QuantAnalyzer Price & Packages

The StrategyQuant team keep things nice and simple, with 2 packages to choose from. There is the QuantAnalyzer free version or the QuantAnalyzer Pro version.

Your licence will be delivered to you by email immediately after purchase and you can cancel your subscription anytime. If you need an additional license, they can provide you with a discount upon request.

Free Version

The QuantAnalyzer Free version has some limitations when it comes to the more advanced features. I believe that it should have more than enough features for the average user.

You could always use the free version to begin with and only consider upgrading if you run into a limitation that would require an upgrade to the Pro version.

The free version features include:

  • Standard metrics & analysis
  • What-If scenarios
  • Money Management simulator (limited to 30% of your trades)
  • Monte Carlo analysis
  • Equity control simulation (limited to 30% of your trades)
  • Portfolio Master (limited to maximum 4 strategies)
  • Compare results tool (limited to first 50 trades only)
  • Free with no hidden fees

Pro Version

The QuantAnalyzer Pro version has all of the advanced features available, including:

  • Standard metrics & analysis
  • What-If scenarios
  • Money Management simulator
  • Monte Carlo analysis
  • Equity control simulation
  • Portfolio Master
  • Compare results tool
  • $29 per month
  • $349 for a lifetime license

QuantAnalyzer Conclusion

Putting together all that we have covered in this QuantAnalyzer Review, I think it is safe to say that this is one of the best trading tools when it comes to analysing trading results and identifying areas of improvement.

It is capable of conducting extremely in-depth analysis in just a few click, without any special coding skills or knowledge required. Literally anyone can use it to find out more about any automated or manual trading strategy.

It is very user-friendly with an intuitive interface that makes it a pleasure to use, rather than a chore. In fact, I am a frequent user of the QuantAnalyzer tool myself and wouldn’t need to use anything else for analysing my trading strategies. They even offer a free version with has some limitations in functionality compared to the Pro.

If you would like to find out more or give it a try, please feel free to visit the QuantAnalyzer website by using the link below.


Free to $29








  • Analyse trading results
  • Identify areas to improve
  • Conduct complex analysis
  • Monte Carlo Analysis
  • Portfolio Master
  • Extendable & Scriptable
  • What-If Scenarios
  • Money Management Simulator
  • Extensive & Detailed Reports
  • Import & Export Results


  • Quite Complex For Beginners
  • Sometimes Slow To Load
  • Limited Free Version
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