Red Dog Reversal

In the fast-paced world of trading, finding a reliable setup to catch trend reversals can be very beneficial for investors and traders alike. One such setup that has gained popularity is the Red Dog Reversal. This trend reversal trading strategy aims to identify potential stock reversals out of downtrends and capitalize on mean reversion – a powerful force in the US equity markets.

Red Dog Reversal
Red Dog Reversal

Understanding the Red Dog Reversal Setup

The Red Dog Reversal is a relatively simple yet effective trading setup that focuses on buying stocks that are potentially reversing out of downtrends. The name of this strategy is inspired by the trader who popularized it, Scott Redler, a prominent figure in the trading community.

The parameters of the Red Dog Reversal are as follows:

  1. Downtrend Identification: The first step is to identify a stock that is in a clear downtrend. This can be determined by observing a series of lower lows and lower highs on the stock’s price chart.
  2. Making a New Lower Low (A): During the downtrend, the stock must make a new lower low, represented as point A on the price chart. This marks the moment when the stock price falls to a new low that is lower than any previous low during the current downtrend.
  3. Testing and Rejecting the Low (B): The setup relies on a specific pattern the day after point A is made. On the following day, the stock should trade below the low of point A and make a new low (point B). However, the market should quickly reject this new low, and the bulls aggressively buy the stock, pushing its price back above the low at point A.
  4. Setting the Buy Stop: As the market initially trades below point A, traders should set a buy stop order a tick (or cent) above the low of point A. This buy stop order is designed to be triggered if the stock price starts to rebound after hitting point B.
  5. Stop Loss Placement: To manage risk, a stop loss order is set at the low of point B. This means that if the stock price fails to reverse and continues its downtrend, the stop loss will be triggered, limiting the potential loss on the trade.

The Red Dog Reversal setup seeks to find a specific bar that tests breaking below point A, briefly makes a new low (point B), but then faces strong rejection, leading to a rally above point A. This quick reversal signals a potential mean reversion trade opportunity.

Mean Reversion: The Driving Force Behind the Red Dog Reversal

To understand the significance of the Red Dog Reversal setup, we must delve into the concept of mean reversion. Mean reversion is a powerful force in financial markets and refers to the tendency of asset prices to return to their long-term average or equilibrium value over time.

Imagine a moving average on a stock’s price chart. When the stock price deviates too far from this moving average, it suggests that the market sentiment has become overly bearish, and there aren’t enough sellers willing to sell at such low prices. As a result, buyers step in to take control, pushing the price back towards the equilibrium price, closer to the moving average.

Mean reversion often occurs when a stock price experiences a sharp decline in a short period, triggered by events such as bearish news or substantial selling pressure from big investors. The Red Dog Reversal aims to capitalize on this phenomenon by identifying points where the market has overextended in one direction and then positions for a quick snap-back to the mean.

Distinguishing Red Dog Reversal from Trend Trades

It’s crucial to differentiate the Red Dog Reversal trades from traditional trend trades. The goal of a Red Dog Reversal trade is not to join a new trend in the opposite direction; instead, it’s about identifying moments when the market has overreacted and stretched too far in one direction.

These trades are relatively short-term in nature, often lasting only 2-3 bars or sessions. They are more akin to scalp trades, where traders aim to profit from quick price movements rather than riding the trend for an extended period.

In contrast, traditional trend trades involve identifying the beginning of a new trend and participating in it until there are clear signs of trend reversal. These trades require more significant commitments and may have longer holding periods compared to Red Dog Reversal trades.

Implementing the Red Dog Reversal: An Example

Let’s walk through a practical example of how the Red Dog Reversal setup works:

  1. Identify a stock in a clear downtrend, with lower lows and lower highs evident on the price chart.
  2. Observe as the stock makes a new lower low (point A), which becomes the starting point for the Red Dog Reversal trade.
  3. The following day, watch as the stock trades below point A and makes a new low (point B).
  4. If the market quickly rejects this new low and the stock rallies above point A, place a buy stop order a tick above the low of point A.
  5. Set a stop-loss order at the low of point B to protect against potential losses.
  6. Monitor the trade closely and consider taking profits when the stock price shows signs of overextension or when it reaches a predetermined target level.


The Red Dog Reversal is a trend reversal trading setup that seeks to profit from mean reversion in the US equity markets. By identifying stocks potentially reversing out of downtrends and quickly snapping back to the mean, traders can capitalize on short-term trading opportunities.

Remember, like any trading strategy, the Red Dog Reversal comes with its risks. Traders must exercise proper risk management and follow their trading plans diligently. While this setup can offer exciting and profitable trading prospects, it is essential to combine it with technical analysis, market context, and a comprehensive understanding of the overall market conditions.

As with any new trading strategy, it is recommended to practice the Red Dog Reversal in a simulated environment or use it on paper trades until you gain confidence and achieve consistent results. With patience, discipline, and a keen eye for mean reversion opportunities, the Red Dog Reversal can become a valuable addition to your trading toolkit.

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