Reindeer Scalper Pro

The Reindeer Scalper Pro is an automated trading system that specializes in trading on the popular currency pairs EURUSD and GBPUSD, as well as on the commodity asset XAUUSD (Gold). This trading robot incorporates the trend following and counter-trend strategies in different market conditions. With its risk management system, every trade is executed with Stop Loss and Take Profit levels. Unlike some other trading robots that rely on outdated indicators and patterns, Reindeer Scalper Pro uses a simple algorithm that analyzes the market and makes informed decisions on trade entry and direction.

Reindeer Scalper Pro Strategy

The Reindeer Scalper Pro utilizes an algorithm which is based on years of market research and analysis, allowing it to make informed decisions on trade entry and direction. Here is a breakdown of the strategy used by Reindeer Scalper Pro:

Trend-following strategy: Reindeer Scalper Pro uses a trend-following strategy to identify long-term market trends and tries to capitalize on them. The trading robot analyzes price movements and identifies key support and resistance levels to determine the trend direction. It then places trades in the direction of the trend.

Counter-trend strategy: In addition to trend-following, Reindeer Scalper Pro also employs a counter-trend strategy which tries to take advantage of short-term market fluctuations. The trading robot identifies overbought and oversold market conditions and places trades in the opposite direction of the current trend.

Reindeer Scalper Pro Features

  • Reindeer Scalper Pro requires a minimum account balance of $100 to operate effectively, as mentioned by the developer.
  • It is designed to work on a variety of currency pairs, including EURUSD, GBPUSD, and XAUUSD, although it can be used on any pair.
  • The trading robot is optimized for use on the H1 time frame, allowing traders to make more precise and timely trades.

Reindeer Scalper Pro Settings

  • Lot: lot amount with autolot disabled
  • Autolot: Enable autolot or disable it
  • Risk: risk for autolot calculation
  • Magic Number: id for identify Ea orders
  • Spread Allowed: spread limit, over no trade will be open
  • Max Orders: Max number of orders at a time
  • Rsi Lower Level: Rsi Lower Entry Level
  • Rsi Upper Level: Rsi Upper Entry Level
  • Rsi Periods: Rsi Indicator Periods
  • Rsi Applied Price: Rsi Indicator Applied Price
  • Rsi Timeframe: Rsi Applied Timeframe
  • Fast Atr Periods: Fast Atr Indicator Periods
  • Slow Atr Periods: Slow Atr Indicator Periods
  • Atr Timeframe: Timeframe for both atr indicators
  • Take Profit: take profit for orders
  • Stop Loss: stop loss for orders
  • Trade Comment: comment for a trade
  • Enable Buy: Enable Buy Trade
  • Enable Sell: Enable Sell Trade
  • Enable Fixed Trading Hour: if true, change from recommended trading hours to your trading hours
  • Fixed Start Hour: hour for start trading
  • Fixed Start Minute: minute for start
  • Fixed Stop Hour: hour for stop trading
  • Fixed Stop Minute: minute for stop
  • Enable Bars to Close: Close trades after a fixed number of bars
  • Bars to Close: number of bars for close a trade
  • trading days, if true, enable this day for trading orders
  • Recovery mode: enable recovery mode, so the Ea try to recovery fast the loss
  • Recovery Factor: lot*this amount for recovery (high risk involves for recovery mode)
  • Enable Trailing Stop: Enable Trailing Stop
  • Start only in Profit: Start only if Stop loss is in Profit
  • Trailing Stop in Point: Trailing Stop in Point
  • Trailing Step in Point: Trailing Step in Point
  • Change Chart Color: Change Chart Color in Scalper Pro Colors
  • Show Panel: Show trading panel of the EA
  • Show Error: Show error messages if something is wrong

Reindeer Scalper Pro Summary

Overall, the Reindeer Scalper Pro uses a combination of strategies to generate potential trades in the forex and gold markets. It uses a simple algorithm that analyzes the market and also incorporates a risk management system that includes Stop Loss and Take Profit levels for every trade. It has undergone various testing and optimization which tries to ensure its reliability, but there is no guarantee of profits. Traders might want to use a demo account to test the system before trading with real money.

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