Roadmap Indicator

The Roadmap Indicator in Forex trading was created by a group of traders and analysts. It was officially introduced to the market in the early 2000s.

What is the Roadmap Indicator?

The Road Map Indicator for MT4 is an innovative tool that makes trading using the Elliot Wave principle a lot easier and more convenient. The Elliot Wave principle is a complex system that involves counting swing high and swing low sequences, as well as being aware of different Fibonacci levels. This can be a tedious and time-consuming task for traders, but the Road Map Indicator for MT4 simplifies the process by automatically displaying the Elliot Wave data for you.

With the Road Map Indicator for MT4, traders no longer need to manually construct charts for Elliot Wave sequences, which frees up time and resources to focus on executing accurate entries. This indicator provides a roadmap for trading opportunities and gives traders an edge in the financial markets.

It’s worth noting that not all traders focus on using the Elliot Wave principle because of the workload involved, but the Road Map Indicator for MT4 removes this obstacle, making it a valuable tool in any trader’s arsenal.

Before diving into the Road Map Indicator, let’s take a closer look at the Elliot Wave principle and how it works. The Elliot Wave principle is a powerful trading resource and is worth exploring further.

The Power of the Elliot Wave Principle

The Elliot Wave theory is a powerful trading tool that involves identifying two waves: impulse waves and corrective waves. In a downtrend, impulse waves are characterized by downward swings while corrective waves are upward retracements. In an uptrend, the opposite holds true. The goal of trading using the Elliot Wave principle is to enter trades during corrective waves when evidence shows that the retracement has reached its end.

It is important to correctly identify the wave count and to enter trades early in the trend, as the majority of profit opportunities arise at the early stages of a trend. Traders who are meticulous about the wave count can take advantage of the Road Map Indicator for MT4, which simplifies the Elliot Wave analysis process. This indicator makes it possible to trade the Elliot Wave principle without getting bogged down in the wave count sequence.

When trading the Elliot Wave principle, it’s important to focus on the classic structural formation of the pattern, rather than the numbering system used by the Road Map Indicator for MT4. The indicator provides a clear visual representation of the wave structure, making it easy for traders to identify and trade the pattern without getting caught up in the details.

Elliot Wave Analysis with the Road Map Indicator

The Road Map Indicator For MT4 is an innovative tool that simplifies the process of analyzing and trading the Elliot Wave principle. This tool is designed to help traders identify the start and end of a new Elliot Wave sequence with the use of green and red horizontal lines. The green line marks the beginning of a bullish sequence while the red line signals the start of a bearish one.

When it comes to trading the Elliot Wave, the Road Map Indicator For MT4 is particularly useful for intraday traders who prefer to monitor the market on the 4-hour, 1-hour, and 15-minute time frames. The ability to track the movements of big banks with ease makes the indicator an attractive option for those who prefer to trade the Elliott Wave principle.

Key Features of the Roadmap Indicator

  • The Roadmap Indicator is a combination of multiple technical indicators.
  • The indicator provides traders with a clear and concise visual representation of the market trend.
  • It helps traders identify key levels of support and resistance, as well as potential entry and exit points.

Roadmap Strategy

Buy Signal

  • The Roadmap Indicator issues a “buy” signal when it recognizes a bullish trend in the market. A trader may enter into a long position when the price moves above the crucial resistance level.
  • To validate the signal, the Elliot Wave pattern can be used as confirmation.
Roadmap Indicator Buy Signal
Roadmap Indicator Buy Signal

Sell Signal

  • The Roadmap Indicator signals to sell when it identifies a bearish market trend, allowing traders to enter a short position once the price drops below a significant support level.
  • The Elliot Wave pattern can also be used to confirm the signal.
Roadmap Indicator Sell Signal
Roadmap Indicator Sell Signal

Roadmap Indicator Pros & Cons:


  • The Roadmap Indicator is a visual and easy-to-use tool for traders.
  • It provides traders with clear buy and sell signals.
  • It helps traders identify key levels of support and resistance.


  • The indicator may generate false signals in choppy market conditions.
  • It is based on past market data, which may not always reflect future market movements.
  • The trader still needs to use discretion and combine the Roadmap Indicator with other analysis tools.


The MT4 Roadmap Indicator streamlines Forex trading through use of the Elliot Wave principle by highlighting two waves (impulse and corrective) to enter trades when the retracement ends during corrective waves. The indicator offers a visual representation of wave structure, making it easier to spot the beginning and end of a new Elliot Wave sequence using green and red horizontal lines for bullish and bearish sequences respectively. It integrates various technical indicators such as moving averages and oscillators to generate clear buy/sell signals and identify important support/resistance levels.

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