RockGlobal Review

RockGlobal (Previously Rockfort Markets) is an online trading broker based in New Zealand, which offers a great range of financial instruments including shares, options, indices, forex, ETFs, CFDs, and futures for online trading. This regulated broker provides clients with the powerful and user-friendly MetaTrader 4 and Trader Workstation trading platforms, for web, desktop and as mobile trading apps. You can also benefit from a selection of useful trading tools, market analysis and educational resources. RockGlobal offer multiple account types to cater for investors and traders from all backgrounds with different financial goals. The broker has a required minimum deposit of $200 for a real live trading account or you can practice trading online with the RockGlobal free demo account.

RockGlobal operate the straight-through processing (STP) execution model. Straight-through processing usually refers to the method of processing Forex trades which routes them straight through a broker’s servers and on to liquidity providers without having to be re-entered and without any dealing desk intervention. The absence of a Dealing Desk is what actually makes the electronic trading platform Straight Through Processing. The absence of an intermediary gives the brokers the capacity to instantly process their clients’ orders and the passage of not having to send re-quotes to the clients. This is advantageous in the sense that it allows the customers to trade without limit.

STP brokers work with several liquidity providers, which has proved to be advantageous as this allows them to get better fills for the traders. Most of the liquidity providers used are banks. What this means for you when trading with RockGlobal, is tight spreads and rapid trade execution speeds at the best available prices.

RockGlobal was previously known as GPP Markets and obtained its New Zealand regulatory license back in 2018. Since then, the broker has provided access to the global financial markets and strived to deliver exceptional trading conditions to traders around the world. They are one of only a handful of companies granted a derivatives issuer license in NZ to offer CFDs. This is an honour to the brokers product and services, showing that they can maintain the highest standard of professionalism when dealing with clients.

On boarding with RockGlobal is designed to be simple and streamlined without negating the understanding of their Compliance and AML practices. They make no compromise when it comes to what they offer clients, so you can enjoy the most convenient trading experience.


With RockGlobal you can trade CFDs on Forex, Commodities, Indices & Metals. A Contract for Difference, or CFD, is a contract between two parties to exchange the difference in the value of an asset, taken from the time the contract is opened, to the time the contract is closed. You can open a trade on an asset at a certain price, wait for the price to increase or decrease, and then make a profit (or a loss) on the difference.

One of the biggest differences between trading CFDs and traditional investing is that you do not take ownership of the asset. Instead, a CFD reflects the price of the underlying asset, and rather than buying that asset, you can speculate on how its price might change. CFDs cover the full range of Asset Classes giving diversification.

The broker can offer leverage up to 1:500 across major and minor currency pairs. Leverage effectively enables you to trade with a larger position size than you would be able to without it. E.g. an account of $1,000 with leverage could trade a position size of up to $500,000 ($1,000 x 500 = $500,00). Please remember when trading with leverage your positions are amplified and you can lose substantially more than your initial deposit.


RockGlobal provides two sophisticated trading platforms for you to get fast execution, deep liquidity and tight spreads across 50+ markets. Both platforms are powerful yet user-friendly and thus suitable for new and experience traders alike.

MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

MT4 is a very popular trading platform and award-winning trading platform for trading forex and contracts for difference (CFDs). It has a user-friendly interface, advanced charting capabilities, a vast array of built-in indicators, and support for algorithmic trading. It is simple, yet powerful, enabling you to trade the world’s CFDs market from your fingertips. You can get access to a huge range of expert advisors, algos, and strategies from the MT4 marketplace. It is your one-stop shop for trading.

RockGlobal MT4 Trading Platforms
RockGlobal MT4 Trading Platforms

The MT4 trading platform is available for Windows and Mac computers and a WebTrader that runs directly on most modern web browsers, eliminating the need to download and install any additional software. There is also the MT4 mobile app, which is compatible with Android and iOS devices and is beneficial to traders who wish to access their accounts easily.


MT4 allows you to trade from a variety of different chart types including bar charts, candlestick charts, Kaji, Heikin-Ashi and more where you can place orders directly from the charts. As such, you can analyse instruments across multi-time frame to trade with the longer-term trend.


Access over 30 indicators, 20-line studies and 50+ technical studies with many more available free from the MT4 marketplace. Both Desktop and Mobile platforms give you detailed charting, trade from charts features and the ability to include multiple analytical tools.

Multiple Timeframes

You can analyse charts across multiple time frames from intraday data down to 1 minute for day traders and up to monthly data for longer term traders. Use the higher timeframe to set your trend and then trade from the lower timeframe. Analyse the market from every angle and then place orders directly from the charts.

Algorithmic Trading

One of MetaTrader 4’s most powerful feature is its ability to automate your trading with customised scripts for systems, orders and indicators. You can either build your own scripts or simply purchase scripts from the MT4 marketplace and utilise them as a basis for new innovations. You can also simply track other traders using the copy trading facilities provided by the MT4 marketplace or sites like Myfxbook.

MT4 Key Features

Some of the key MT4 features include the following:

  • Trade over 50+ Currency Pairs and CFDs including Forex, Indices, Metals and Commodities
  • Analyse markets with technical indicators on various chart types and timeframes
  • Choose from a range of order types including instant execution, limit and pending orders
  • Trade with automated systems and back test them on the MT4 strategy tester
  • Set price alert notifications to be sent via email, SMS and platform pops
  • Develop customised trading tools, indicators, systems and scripts
  • Create, save and load your own customised trading system templates
  • Get trading signals and add-ons both free and paid, from the MQL marketplace

MT4 Mobile Trading

The MetaTrader 4 Mobile App is a powerful smart phone-based software that provide visually stunning watchlists, charting, technical analysis and order execution directly from your phone. Never miss a trading opportunity while you’re away from your PC with the MT4 Mobile App.

MT4 Mobile Trading App
MT4 Mobile Trading App

The MetaTrader 4 mobile platform is your daily assistant and an irreplaceable working tool. Stay mobile, trade in financial markets, access and analyse trading information 24 hours a day with the MetaTrader 4 applications for iPhone/iPad and Android.

Trader Workstation (TWS)

This is a one-stop shop for trading global markets on one platform. It offers traders access to a multi-currency account where they can trade shares on over 30 exchanges. Forex Traders will enjoy the specialised FX layout that makes viewing currency pairs and fast execution a breeze. Options Traders will love the Strategy Builder and the ease of which multi legged strategies can be place as one order. TWS have one of the widest ranges of Stock CFDs, along with CFDs on metals, ETFs and commodities available with fast execution and detailed reporting. Access the Global markets from One Account.

RockGlobal Trader Workstation (TWS)
RockGlobal Trader Workstation (TWS)

Barrons consistently rates the TWS platform as the best online platform in the world. With low fees and superior order execution capabilities the TWS platform lets you execute orders of any size quickly and easily. For large orders SMART routing allows access to dark pools and off exchange liquidity whilst safety settings can help to prevent errors. TWS gives you the ability to take charge of your execution and cut out the middle man.

If you are an Algo Trader you can link in a variety of third-party platforms to fully automate your trading. TWS provides access to common platforms like Ninja Trader, Multicharts and you can even link MT4 via an Order Bridge. Copy Trading is possible on TWS via third party services like Collective 2 or simply take advantage of the Portfolio Trading tools provided on the TWS platform.

Forex Traders and CFD Traders will also love the wide range of currency pairs and stock, index, and commodity CFD markets available on the platform with DMA capabilities. Futures traders can access most exchanges in the world across America, Europe and Asia with Straight Through Processing.

The TWS trading platform is available as a downloadable desktop application for Windows and Mac computers and mobile app that is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Market Scanners

Scan the markets based on a variety of fundamental analysis or technical analysis. Look for price points, set alerts and let Trader Workstation do the heavy lifting in identifying trade-able opportunities. There are multiple options to choose from in terms of layout and watchlists.

News & Research

Streaming news can be sent straight to your platform with a variety of sources to choose from. Top Tier providers including Dow Jones News Wires, Bloomberg and Reuters are available. Screen fundamental statistics provided by Reuters, and review combined analyst reports from some of the most well-known institutions on the planet.

Events Calendar

Up to date Events Calendars keep you abreast of economic news and corporate events like earnings announcements and dividends. Derivative traders will like calendars that identify contract expiry and rollovers.


Set alerts with triggers from price action, technical indicators, dates and even fundamentals. Never miss a trade with multiple notification methods including e-mail, sound or even SMS.


Create as many watchlists across as many screens as you like. Set up watchlists for Stocks or Stock CFDs, Foreign Exchange markets, Bonds, Options, Futures and any other market available on TWS.

Profit & Loss

Daily activity statements and real time reporting shows your profit and loss based upon marked to market valuations or closed trade valuations. Detailed reporting covers your full trading history or you can break it down.

Risk Management

A myriad of risk management tools lets you determine settings for maximum order size, analysis, value at risk and other stress testing measures so you can keep a handle on your trading.

TWS Key Features

Some of the key TWS features include the following:

  • Access Global Liquidity & Exchanges across Share markets, Forex, Options and Futures
  • With API and FIX Access link in third party trading platforms like Multicharts, Ninja Trader, Protrader or even MT4
  • Detailed reporting makes it easy to calculate returns at year end, view all of your transactions in local currency
  • Save money on Foreign Exchange Conversions with built-in conversion tools allowing you to convert funds in your Multi-Currency Account at fractions of a PIP, not the high fees you get with most brokers

TWS Mobile App

The TWS Mobile app is one of the most advanced mobile trading apps on the planet with access to multiple markets, watchlists and tools right from the palm of your hand. Stock Traders will love the ease at which you can monitor your stock portfolio right from your phone, whilst options traders can run scans, place orders and decide on strategies directly from the mobile app. The TWS Mobile App also supports Futures, Forex and ETF Trading directly from the app interface. You can even view your account summary directly from your Smart Phone.

TWS Mobile Trading App
TWS Mobile Trading App

Advantages Web Platform

The TWS web platform is unparalleled with its sheer diversity of tradeable products and online trading tools available. Spread Trader allows you to execute across multiple time expiries with one order, Basket Trader lets you trade multiple stocks with one order, or even run pairs trading strategies and you can also run pairs trading strategies with the Pairs Trading Tools. Couple with access to news and fundamentals, and low cost of execution TWS is a highly compelling platform. Don’t be daunted however, because the platform can be kept very simple if all you require is basic order execution.


The broker provides traders with a range of useful trading tools in addition to those built into the MT4 and TWS trading platforms. They include Trader Assistant, Market Analysis, and a Dedicated Account Manager. They also offer forex technical analysis via the excellent Trading Central software.

Trading Central

RockGlobal has proudly partnered with Trading Central to help deliver clients confident, timely and educated investment decisions to assist in their trading. Trading Central has been perfecting this since 1999 to best support your trading experience. This dynamic product suite is available to you within the RockGlobal MT4 platform.

  • Independent second opinion for a clear sense of direction
  • Key target and stop levels to craft your trades
  • Markets Never Sleep: 24H global coverage
  • 8,000 assets covered: FX, Equities, Commodities & Indices
  • Data delivered straight to your inbox without any hassle
  • Long and short entry/exit signals
  • Numerous trading ideas suitable for your needs
  • Automatic detection of candlestick patterns
  • Opportunity to spot an idea from several indicators simultaneously
Trading Central
Trading Central

The opinions and recommendations are by Trading Central and do not take into account individual client’s circumstances, objectives or needs, and are not intended as recommendations of particular securities, financial instruments or strategies to particular clients. Users of this service should take independent decisions regarding any securities or financial instruments mentioned.

Trader Assistant

The Rockfort Trader Assistant is here to help stay in touch with not only your trading account but also the financial markets. Understanding the markets are constantly on the move, they bring the markets and account notifications straight to your mobile device through messaging apps like WhatsApp and Messenger.

TWS Trader Assistant
TWS Trader Assistant

Account Notifications​

You can access key information about your trading account including, balance, positions and trade notifications all within a messaging conversation.

Markets & Trading

Whether looking for a market overview or quotes for specific instruments simply ask the Rockfort Trader Assistant for the information and receive the requested information.


The Trader Assistant allows you to fully personalize what you receive when you receive it and where. Specify the time you wish to receive notifications, choose what account and trade notifications you want to receive; you are in control of what you are notified of.

News, technical indicators & trade ideas

Receive key market news, technical indicators and trade ideas that are 100% personalized and delivered via leading messaging apps.


The education section of the broker’s website has detailed trading guides covering various trading topics. There is also a Q and A section that has a range of commonly asked questions and their corresponding detailed answers.

Trading Guides

You can learn to trade and navigate the financial markets using a range of free trading guides available on the brokers website. Subjects covered include detailed market analysis, platforms, trading strategies, money management and more.


RockGlobal is a regulated online trading broker that operates from New Zealand. They offer plenty of financial instruments for online trading via the intuitive MT4 and TWS trading platforms for multiple devices. They also have a good range of useful trading tools, market analysis and educational resources.

Established by a sophisticated and experienced team of trading experts, RockGlobal has a New Zealand Derivative Issuer license securely in place and extensive connections with brokers and industry leading fintech companies.

In one of the world’s most carefully regulated business environments – their personal service alongside the latest technology can create a seamless introduction to your trading experience.

It’s quick and easy to get started – even with a small deposit. You can apply in minutes with the simple application process.












  • Trade a variety of markets
  • Excellent trading platforms and apps
  • High-quality market research tools
  • Multiple account types to choose from
  • Simple account opening process
  • Convenient funding options


  • Cannot accept USA traders
  • Minimum $200 deposit
  • Inactivity fees
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