Ryan Pierpont Hidden Breakouts

The Ryan Pierpont Hidden Breakouts course is a comprehensive educational resource designed to teach individuals the methods and strategies employed by Ryan Pierpont, a successful investor who achieved back-to-back top-3 finishes in the United States Investing Championship. This review aims to provide an in-depth analysis of the course curriculum, highlighting its key components and evaluating its effectiveness in imparting valuable knowledge to aspiring investors.

Ryan Pierpont Hidden Breakouts
Ryan Pierpont Hidden Breakouts

Part 1 – Getting Started

The course begins with a warm welcome from Ryan Pierpont himself, followed by Part 1 – Getting Started. This section lays the foundation for the course, setting the stage for what learners can expect throughout the program. It is advisable to save questions until the completion of the course, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the material before seeking clarification.

Part 2 – Method Overview

Part 2 of the course, titled “General Chart Overview,” delves into the method overview. This section is crucial as it familiarizes learners with the general chart structure and the concepts behind hidden breakouts. By understanding the underlying principles, participants can grasp the significance of hidden breakouts in identifying potentially profitable investment opportunities.

Part 3 – Technical Buy Points / Scanning

Part 3 is divided into two sections, each focusing on different aspects of technical buy points and scanning. Section 1 covers entries, teaching learners how to identify opportune moments to enter trades effectively. Section 2 expands on this knowledge by exploring additional entry techniques, equipping individuals with a comprehensive understanding of technical buy points and scanning. These sections are instrumental in developing the skills required to make informed decisions when entering trades.

Part 4 – Selling

The selling process is a crucial aspect of successful investing, and Part 4 of the course delves into this topic. Learners are guided through various selling strategies, enabling them to optimize their trading strategies while managing risks effectively. By covering this essential aspect, the course equips participants with a well-rounded skill set that can be applied in real-world investment scenarios.

Part 5 – Charting

In Part 5, learners engage in a comprehensive review of charting techniques. This section allows individuals to develop a deep understanding of how to interpret and analyze charts effectively. By honing these skills, participants can identify hidden breakouts and capitalize on emerging trends. The inclusion of a blank chart review further reinforces the knowledge gained, ensuring learners can apply their skills to real-time market scenarios.

Part 6 – Process, Fundamentals, Indicators

Part 6 focuses on the interplay between process, fundamentals, and indicators. This section explores the role of these factors in investment decision-making and teaches learners how to incorporate them into their strategies effectively. By understanding the fundamentals and indicators that influence the market, participants can make more informed investment choices, reducing the potential for costly errors.

Part 7 – Apply Ryan’s Methods

The final part of the course, Part 7, provides an opportunity to apply Ryan Pierpont’s methods in practical scenarios. By simulating real-world situations, participants can test their knowledge and gain confidence in their ability to implement the strategies learned throughout the course. This section consolidates the learning experience and ensures individuals are prepared to apply the techniques independently.

Ryan Pierpont Q&A

The course concludes with a Q&A session with Ryan Pierpont. This interactive segment allows learners to seek clarification on any lingering questions or doubts they may have. It provides an invaluable opportunity to engage directly with an experienced investor and gain additional insights into the concepts covered throughout the course.


The Ryan Pierpont Hidden Breakouts course offers a comprehensive and well-structured curriculum that equips learners with the knowledge and skills necessary to identify hidden breakouts and make informed investment decisions. By covering essential topics such as charting, technical buy points, selling strategies, and the incorporation of fundamentals and indicators, the course provides a holistic approach to successful trading. The inclusion of practical applications and the opportunity to engage in a Q&A session with Ryan Pierpont further enhances the learning experience.

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