Safe Scalping EA

Safe Scalping EA is an automatic forex scalping system developed for MetaTrader 4 users. It has advanced trade entry/exit algorithms and a sophisticated risk management system to establish an ideal balance between trade quantity and quality.

The system weighs more on long-term steady account growth and avoids risky trading approaches like martingale and double up or double down methods.

The Safe Scalping EA suits all timeframes. Besides, the EA is applicable to trade all types of currency pairs listed in your MT4 platform. Although, in the beginning, sticking to a definite timeframe and trading assets can provide you with a better overview of the EA’s performance.

In this guide, we’ll explain the Safe Scalping EA trading strategy and discuss all of its key features and MT4 settings.

Safe Scalping EA Strategy

The Safe Scalper EA applies a 3-day weighted moving average to determine current market conditions. Next, it identifies key support/resistance zones based on previous market highs and lows.

Safe Scalping EA in MT4
Safe Scalping EA in MT4

The EA matches the price action with current trends and looks for possible market entries whenever the price breaks or rejects a support/resistance zone. For example, the EA will execute a buy order if the price rejects support or exceeds a resistance during a bullish market trend.

Safe Scalping EA Features

  • Identifies trends using moving averages.
  • Determines key price levels using support/resistance levels.
  • Can read candlestick patterns.
  • Applies trailing stops.
  • Can place pending orders ahead of potential price breakouts.
  • Works based on fixed lot sizes (no auto-lot trading).
  • Includes built-in trade filter system.

Safe Scalping EA MT4 Settings

  • Magic Number – Set an identification number for the EA.
  • Fixed Lots – Set a default trading lot size.
  • Stop Loss – Standard stop loss limit for each trade.
  • Trailing Stop – Default trailing stop loss (pips) for active entries.
  • Use MM – Enable/disable the built-in money management feature of the EA.
  • Risk – Determine the risk-to-reward ratio for each order.
  • Min Lots – Minimum trading lot size.
  • Max Lots – Maximum trading lot size.
  • Max Spread Plus Commission – Maximum spread and commission to be considered while executing an order.
  • Limit – Set the maximum number of traders allowed at a time.
  • Distance – Minimum distance (pips) from the current price while considering a pending order (buy/sell stop).
  • Filter – Adjust the trading frequency and sensitivity level of the EA.
  • MA Period – Input the moving average period for the EA.
  • MA Method – Select the moving average calculation method.
  • Start Hour – Default hour when the EA will start looking for trading opportunities.
  • End Hour – The hour when the EA will stop all trading activities.
  • End Minute – The number of minutes to be considered as a close of the hourly candles.
Safe Scalping EA MT4 Settings
Safe Scalping EA MT4 Settings

Safe Scalping EA Summary

The Safe Scalping EA applies a price-action-based trading approach that enables the forex robot to determine highly probable trading opportunities based on moving averages, support-resistance levels, and current market bias. From a technical point of view, trend, price level, and candlestick pattern signals are ideal components of developing trading strategies. However, it’ll be worthful if you apply the Safe Scalping EA in demo accounts to unveil how it meets your trading requirements and explore its areas of improvement.

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