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S.A.M. Trade is a regulated and multiple award-winning trading broker that offers retail and institutional clients around the globe access to trade forex, cryptos, stocks, indices and commodities via the powerful yet easy to use MetaTrader 4 trading platforms for web, desktop and mobile. The broker has excellent trading conditions including tight spreads, low commission fees and lightning fast trade execution speeds. You can open a trading account instantly with a minimum deposit of just $10. There are also free demo accounts available if you would like to practice trading online before switching over to a real live account. There are various accounts to suit all different trading styles along with leverage of up to 1:000 and convenient funding options. Important update: Samtrade FX suspends operations in response to Singapore probe. Samtrade FX is being jointly investigated by the Commercial Affairs Department (CAD) of the Singapore Police Force and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) for possible offences under Section 82 of the Securities and Futures Act 2001. In an official response to the CAD’s indictment of its executives, as well as MAS’s investigation, Samtrade FX said it will immediately suspend local and overseas business operations of their “key operating entities and other affiliated entities.” The suspension includes account opening, account changes, settlements, payments, opening and closing of trades.

S.A.M. Trade operates using the STP/ECN execution model and has No Dealing Desk (NDD) intervention. Hence, it offers affordable, swift, and reliable access for online trading of global markets. The lack of a dealing desk is a positive as it means there is no interference between the trader and the markets that they are trading. The broker aggregates its prices from various liquidity providers and streams them directly to the MT4 trading platform, thus ensuring you get the best available prices at any time.

Samtrade FX was created in 2015, by founder Sam Goh. With its core operations in the Asia-Pacific region, the broker is headquartered in Shanghai China and has regional offices in Hong Kong and Singapore. They rebranded to S.A.M. Trade in 2021 which signifies the great work the company has done since they were originally incorporated. The broker continues to offer a professional and personalized service to traders from all backgrounds and of all experience levels.

Samtrade FX have won numerous brokerage awards, including the ‘Best STP/ECN Broker 2016’ at China (Shenzhen) Forex Expo, and the ‘Best Forex Broker of the Year 2017’ at the China International Investments and Financial Expo. They received international recognition from the London Trader Show 2020 where the brokers list of authoritative awards expanded with 3 awards in a row – “Best Forex Trading Platform, Asia”, “Best Forex Introducing Broker, Asia” and “Best Forex STP/ECN Broker”. This helps to emphasise the quality and longevity of the brokerage.

S.A.M. Trade Awards
S.A.M. Trade Awards

The S.A.M. Trade cash rebate program lets you earn back more, the more you trade. The competitive 4 tier rebate scheme has attractive commission and they can create a bespoke package catered to your own needs. There is also the refer a friend program which existing clients can use to introduce fellow traders.

As a regulated broker, S.A.M. Trade hold client’s funds securely in segregated accounts. This means that funds cannot be used for any other purposes. You can choose from multiple deposit and withdrawal methods for quick and easy account funding.

If you are new to trading online, you may find the S.A.M. Academy for market analysis very helpful. The broker has regular training seminars and webinars whereas you can find e-learning videos available to watch at your own pace on their website. This shows that the broker cares about their clients and support informed trading decisions.

S.A.M. Trade Platforms & Tools

S.A.M. Trade provides the world’s leading platform MetaTrader 4 (MT4). The powerful and intuitive MT4 platform is popular amongst forex and CFD traders for many reasons, including its abundance of tools, features and functionality. It is user-friendly enough for new traders whilst has capabilities to meet the needs of even the most demanding traders.

MT4 was developed by MetaQuotes Software and released in 2005. The software is licensed to foreign exchange brokers who provide the software to their clients, such as Samtrade FX. MetaQuotes has proven itself to be a trusted leader in developing forex and multi-asset trading platforms for online forex brokers and retail traders globally.

S.A.M. Trade MetaTrader 4
S.A.M. Trade MetaTrader 4

Samtrade FX offers the MT4 platform as a desktop application for Windows and Mac computers, a WebTrader that runs directly on modern web browsers without installing any additional software, and the MT4 mobile app which is compatible with Android and iOS devices. The mobile app can be downloaded from the relevant app store, and it is ideal for traders who wish to manage their accounts and place trades whilst on the go.

If you’ve never used MetaTrader 4 before, Samtrade FX offer you the opportunity to experience the dynamic power of the platform before you invest real funds. You can open a demo account free of charge which comes with preloaded virtual funds so that you can trade risk free. This can be a great way to get familiar with the platform and practice your trading strategies.

MetaTrader 4 Desktop Platform

MT4 is packed with technical analysis tools for conducting in-depth market analysis across multiple chart types and timeframes. It has a user-friendly interface that makes it suitable for traders of all experience levels, while its capabilities can be expanded through the installation of additional trading tools.

You will find thousands of free and paid add-ons available from within the marketplace that you can access directly from within the platform. This includes technical indicators, custom scripts, trading signals and trading robots.

The MT4 platform supports the automation of trading strategies with expert advisors (EAs), which can be back tested over historical data using the MT4 strategy tester. You simply select the trading instrument and dates you would like to test your automated strategy on and let it get to work. The strategy tester can even be set to optimize your strategy to help identify the best settings based on historical data.

S.A.M. Trade MetaTrader 4 Desktop Platform
S.A.M. Trade MetaTrader 4 Desktop Platform

MT4 Desktop Platform Features

Some of the key features of the MT4 desktop platform include the following:

  • Choose from multiple chart types and time frames
  • Supports various order types including instant, pending and limit orders
  • Analyse the markets with plenty of technical indicators and drawing tools
  • Fully customisable and user-friendly interface for traders of all experience levels
  • Create custom trading tools using the built-in MQL programming interface
  • Run automated trading strategies in the platform with expert advisors
  • Back test expert advisors on historical data in the strategy tester
  • Create, save and load chart templates of your strategies
  • Get real time price quotes directly from the market watch window
  • Place, managed and close positions at the click of a button
  • Set price alerts to notify you when price reaches a certain point
  • Discover a huge range of add-ons from the built-in marketplace

MetaTrader 4 Web Platform

If you prefer to trade in your browser without downloading or installing any additional software, the MT4 web trading platform may be your preferred option. The MT4 WebTrader works on any web browser and supports all operating systems. All you need is an internet connection to start using the platform. The overall view of the workspace, control panels and charts fully correspond to the MT4 platform for desktop. Just keep in mind that the MT4 desktop platform has complete functionality and can perform functions the web platform cannot, such as run expert advisors.

S.A.M. Trade MetaTrader 4 Web Platform
S.A.M. Trade MetaTrader 4 Web Platform

MT4 Web Trader Features

  • No need to download or install anything
  • Access from any Web Browser and OS
  • Easy to use interface
  • Access to trading anytime from anywhere
  • Strong data protection implemented
  • Trade on MT4 WebTrader using your trading account like you would on any other trading terminal of the MetaTrader 4 platform
  • Complete suite of Trading Operations
  • One-Click Trading
  • Real Time Quotes in the Market Watch window
  • 9-time frames to choose from
  • 3 Types of Price Charts (bars, candles, lines)
  • Main Graphical Objects: horizontal and vertical lines, trend lines, channels, Fibonacci levels
  • Access to Real and Demo Accounts

MetaTrader 4 Mobile Trading App

In todays day and age, chances are that many traders will want the convenience of being able to trade from their mobile phone or tablet device. S.A.M. Trade has you covered with the MT4 app that can be downloaded free of charge from the brokers website or relevant app store depending on what device you are using, either iOS or Android.

With the MetaTrader 4 App, you will be able to access your trading account anywhere, anytime using your favourite device. You will get the majority of the same features of the MT4 desktop version and you can access your trading account through several devices simultaneously. Seamless synchronization between the versions provides complete freedom of trading action.

S.A.M. Trade MetaTrader 4 App
S.A.M. Trade MetaTrader 4 App

MT4 Mobile Platform Features

  • Real-time charts 24/5 everywhere on your mobile device
  • Mobile push notifications
  • All order types and execution modes
  • One-click trading
  • Customise your chart layouts
  • User-friendly interface featuring trade levels with volumes on a chart
  • Interactive and advanced charts featuring easy scrolls and zooms
  • Offline modes available with charts and symbol prices
  • Full trading history journal
  • Access your MT4 trading account through several devices simultaneously
  • Easy to download the MT4 app to your smart device from the app stores

S.A.M. Trade Tools

S.A.M. Trade clients enjoy access to a range of useful trading tools including the Economic Calendar, which lists economic events along with the impacts they had or are expected to have on the financial markets; SamTrack, a portfolio management service that allows you check performances, allocate funds, and monitor the process; CopySam, which is a trade copy service that allows traders to copy and follow the trades of other traders; and SamAide for fund security.


CopySam lets you follow and copy the trades of other traders. Regardless of your trading experience or commitment, CopySam can automatically copy trades with precision in your portfolio like your own trades. Whether you are a beginner or experienced trader but with no time to track your trading, CopySam allows you to participate in trading without active involvement on your side.

S.A.M. Trade CopySam
S.A.M. Trade CopySam

Some of the core features of CopySam include the following:

  • CopySam was awarded the Collective Investment Platform Certification by the Financial Commission
  • Minimum $100 to start
  • Start and stop copying anytime you want
  • Access the performance of the copied trader in the Client Portal, including their results, trading strategy, preferred asset class and much more
  • Learn from the trading strategies of others and apply them to your own trades
  • Tap into other traders’ expertise and learn from them

CopySam won the “Best Forex Copy Trading Platform – Asia” at Global Forex Awards 2021 – Retail. Winning this award is a testament that the brokerage industry has noticed S.A.M. Trade efforts to use technology to help customer’s trading journey easier.


SamTracks is S.A.M. Trade’s Portfolio Monitoring System, which can help you track on your account and trading performance. SamTracks is available on the client portal. It is a complimentary service for all clients with a live trading account with S.A.M. Trade.

  • Easy overview of your account
  • Track your performance quickly
  • Monitor your asset allocation with ease
  • Check your traded volume without hassle
S.A.M. Trade SamTracks
S.A.M. Trade SamTracks


SamAide provides 6 pillars of fund security. The broker ensures that daily operations meet the highest possible standards, so that clients can trade with a peace of mind.

S.A.M. Trade’s client accounts are protected by the following protection schemes:

  • Segregated Clients’ Funds
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Third Party Insurance
  • A Member of the Financial Commission
  • Negative Balance Protection
  • Real-time Deposit and Withdrawal Notification

S.A.M. Trade Financial Instruments

With Samtrade FX, you can choose from a great selection of trading instruments across multiple asset classes. They have a vast range of CFDs on forex currency pairs, stocks, indices, commodities and cryptocurrencies.

CFD Trading

CFDs are a form of Contract for Differences (CFD) that allow investors to place leveraged trades on currency pairs, speculating on the movement of the underlying instrument. Rather than settling (or delivering) a set amount of base currency, CFDs are cash settled, based on the difference between the opening and closing prices of a pair of currencies.

CFDs provide the ability to long or short on an instrument, allowing investors to trade and take advantage of both rising or falling market price movements.

CFDs are leveraged products that are traded on margin, which means that you are only required to put up a fraction of the contract value as margin to open a position, instead of paying the full value of the underlying asset. While leverage can help magnify your returns if the market moves in your favour, it can also magnify your losses if the market moves against you. Hence, your losses may exceed what you deposit.

Forex Trading

S.A.M. Trade offers over 30+ currency pairs, including major, minor and exotic currency crosses. The forex market is run by a global network of banks, spread across 4 major forex trading centres in different time zones; hence, you can trade forex 24 hours a day, from Monday where the market starts in Japan to Saturday where the market closes in the United States.

  • Ultra-competitive spreads
  • Fast execution
  • 24/5 hours trading

Indices Trading

S.A.M. Trade offers investors a platform to trade on various derivatives of indices as an effective way to diversify risk as compared to single stock trading. There are many indices available for trading. Trading indices enables you to either focus on a single index, or trade various indices as part of a wider strategy.

  • Tight spreads
  • Access global indices
  • No trading commissions

Commodities Trading

Commodities are the basic building blocks of the global economy: natural resources or agricultural products that are traded on dedicated exchanges throughout the world, such as, Gold, Silver, Oil etc. Commodities trading can enable clients to expand their investment portfolio by trading derivatives on spot metals and energies.

  • Ultra-competitive pricing
  • Trading flexibility
  • Award-winning platform

Cryptocurrency Trading

S.A.M. Trade provide a quick and easy way to trade cryptos. Clients can trade CFDs on popular cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Crypto trading is available 24/7.

  • More opportunities because of high-volatility
  • Trade on margin
  • Open 24/7

S.A.M. Trade Research & Education

Samtrade FX provides traders with their Trading Academy, which has 6 articles providing information on the basics of forex, CFD, and commodity trading and also contains important trading terms necessary for every trader. There are the Trader’s Club wherein experienced instructors teach the students many aspects of online trading and provide mentorship and consultation. Market analysis is available after the training period to ensure that the students were able to grasp what was taught.

S.A.M. Trade Education
S.A.M. Trade Education

Trading Guides

In this section, you will learn some of the main things that a beginner needs to know about trading including basic terminology and definitions.

Economic Calendar

The economic calendar refers to the scheduled dates of significant market news releases or events that may have an impact on the movement of individual prices or the markets as a whole. This can be a very useful tool when implemented as part of fundamental analysis.

Trade Signals

These can help inspire you to find possible trading signals. There is a variety of free services to choose from that you can access from your preferred device. Of course, there can be no guarantee on how well these signals will perform and you should be well aware of all the risks involved. Past performance is by no means any reflection of future results.

S.A.M. Trade Signals
S.A.M. Trade Signals

Traders Club

You can learn how to trade and implement various trading strategies in S.A.M. Trader’s Club. This can be a useful way to help you improve your trading knowledge and skills, all in your own time. The Club’s core philosophy is “Get Started, Trade Well, Generate Results!”, which reflects its practical and results-driven approach to Forex trading.

The Club’s trainers can provide beginner or professional traders with comprehensive guidance and a wide range of market analysis to help ensure that you have the possibilities of mastering the right strategies in the market. Trainers also conduct fundamental research and analysis themselves with the latest market trends.

The club has 8 weekly sessions (Friday nights 6 pm to 10 pm) and 1 boot camp. The boot camp will be held over 10 sessions over 3 weekends (total 60 hours).

S.A.M. Trade Trading Accounts

S.A.M. Trade have a choice of different account types to suit your needs. All account types have their own conditions, with different spreads and commissions to choose from. The account type that you opt for may depend on your trading strategy, investment size and financial goals. For example, forex scalpers may want the account with the lowest spreads whereas day traders may be happy with lower commissions.

The broker has variable spreads starting from 0.0 pips, leverage of up to 1:1000 for qualifying clients, zero commission accounts and a minimum deposit of just $10. Whatever your level of experience and wherever your market interests are, there is likely to be an account that suits you.

It is completely free to open any account with S.A.M. Trade. Opening an account provides access to various complimentary webinars and promotions, together with different tiered privileges such as SamRewards. Demo accounts and Islamic accounts are also available upon request.

You can request a swap-free Islamic account by contacting the support team once your account has been verified. This will be subjected to validation by the operations team. It is important to note that S.A.M. Trade reserves the right to revoke the swap-free status granted to any real trading account in the event of any form of abuse.

All accounts offered by S.A.M. Trade are under the negative balance protection where they ensure that your trading losses will not exceed the funds in your account. This protects you from losing more money than you deposit into your trading account with us. Please note however that your entire capital may still be at risk.

The S.A.M. Trade account types are as follows:

Standard Account

  • Minimum $10 deposit
  • Standard spreads
  • Up to 1:1000 Leverage (terms & conditions apply)
  • No commission fees
  • Floating spread
  • Negative Balance Protection
  • 24/5 Technical and Account Support
  • Daily Trade Call

VIP Account

  • Minimum $10 deposit
  • Tight spreads
  • Priority Customer Support
  • Up to 1:1000 Leverage (terms & conditions apply)
  • No commission fees
  • Floating spread
  • Negative Balance Protection
  • 24/5 Technical and Account Support
  • Daily Trade Call

ECN Account

  • Minimum $100 deposit
  • The very best spreads available
  • Priority Customer Support
  • Up to 1:200 Leverage
  • $5 Commission
  • Floating spread
  • Negative Balance Protection
  • 24/5 Technical and Account Support
  • Daily Trade Call

Islamic Account

  • Minimum $10 deposit
  • Standard spreads
  • Swap Free
  • Up to 1:500 Leverage
  • No commission
  • Floating spread
  • Negative Balance Protection
  • 24/5 Technical and Account Support
  • Daily Trade Call
  • Sharia law compliant

Demo Account

The Samtrade FX demo account comes preloaded with virtual funds so that you can practice trading online risk free. This can be a great way to try out the brokers products and services until you feel confident enough to switch over to a real live account. The demo account will expire after 1 month from the date of issue but you can contact the broker to extend it for longer if required.


The SamRewards program lets you earn more, the more you trade. SamRewards allows you to earn SamPoints when you trade with S.A.M. Trade. SamPoints are the points that count towards a Tier upgrade and for exchanging exciting prizes. SamPoints are credited to the SamRewards Programme participant account upon fulfilling the requirement action. In order to enrol in SamRewards, you need to open a live account on the S.A.M. Trade website.

S.A.M. Trade SamRewards
S.A.M. Trade SamRewards

S.A.M. Trade Account Funding

You can deposit and withdraw funds in and out of your trading account anytime. There are multiple convenient funding methods for you to choose from.

The following payment methods are available at Samtrade FX: Bank Transfer and Debit/Credit Cards such as Visa and MasterCard. They are one of a select few brokers who also support cryptocurrency account funding which is great.

The transaction fees, limits, and processing times are dependent on the payment method in use. Some payments can be completed within hours whereas other may take a few business days for the funds to clear. The broker does not charge any additional fees for deposit/withdrawals, but you may be charged third party fees.

You can deposit money in any currency, and it will be automatically converted into the base currency (USD) of your account. This conversion will be done at S.A.M. Trade’s prevailing interbank rate.

S.A.M. Trade Customer Service

Samtrade FX responds to customer inquiries 24/5, from Monday to Friday, through the contact form on the broker’s website. They also have a Facebook page under the name ‘Samtrade FX’ which can also handle inquiries. The instant live chat option is available to registered clients.

S.A.M. Trade provides holistic, and bespoke services to all of their clients. They strive to be excellent in services to all clients, regardless of their experience or investment size, ensuring that all traders needs are met to their fullest satisfaction.

S.A.M. Trade Regulation

Samtrade is regulated by the Financial Services Authority of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (SVGFSA) with register number 25290 IBC 2019. The SVGFSA mission is to develop, regulate and supervise the international and non-bank financial sector in accordance with international best practices so as to promote the safety, soundness and integrity of the sector

In Canada, the broker is regulated by the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC) with the registration number: M19977589. FINTRAC is an agency of the Government of Canada responsible for facilitating the detection, prevention and deterrence of money laundering, terrorist activity financing and other threats to the security of Canada

S.A.M. Trade is a member of The Financial Commission. The Financial Commission is an independent self-regulatory organization and external dispute resolution (EDR) body, that is dedicated specifically to Forex.

S.A.M. Trade (Asia) Pte Ltd (OTCMKTS: SMFX) is publicly traded on the OTC Markets in the United States of America.

S.A.M. Trade FAQ

What is S.A.M. Trade minimum deposit?

The minimum deposit required by S.A.M. Trade is only $10.

Where is S.A.M. Trade based?

S.A.M. Trade is registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

When was S.A.M. Trade founded?

S.A.M. Trade was founded in 2015.

What are S.A.M. Trade platforms?

S.A.M. Trade provide the MetaTrader 4 platforms for web, desktop and mobile.

What trading instruments do S.A.M. Trade have?

With S.A.M. Trade, you can trade CFDs on Forex, Cryptos, Stocks, Indices, Commodities, Metals and Energies.

What are S.A.M. Trade deposit and withdrawal options?

S.A.M. Trade accept deposits and withdrawals via wire transfer, credit/debit card and cryptocurrencies.

What is S.A.M. Trade leverage?

The maximum leverage at S.A.M. Trade is 1:1000 for qualifying clients.

What is S.A.M. Trade commission fee?

S.A.M. Trade provide commission free accounts or a commission-based account with a $5 commission fee depending on the account type.

What are S.A.M. Trade spreads?

S.A.M. Trade have floating spreads starting from 0.0 pips.

Do S.A.M. Trade offer demo accounts?

Yes, there is a free S.A.M. Trade demo account if you would like to practice trading online and test out the brokers services before opening a real account.

Do S.A.M. Trade offer Islamic accounts?

Yes, the broker has a swap-free Islamic Account option that complies with Sharia law.

Do S.A.M. Trade allow scalping, hedging, news trading and automated trading?

Yes, S.A.M. Trade do not have any restrictions on trading strategies.

Do S.A.M. Trade charge an inactivity fee?

S.A.M. Trade do not mention any inactivity fees.

Is S.A.M. Trade regulated?

Yes, S.A.M. Trade is regulated by the SVGFSA.

S.A.M. Trade Review Summary

S.A.M. Trade is an award-winning and regulated financial brokerage firm that specializes in the provision of online forex and CFD trading services to retail and institutional traders. They operate via an STP/ECN brokerage model, offering extremely competitive trading conditions.

Samtrade FX provide traders with the popular MT4 platforms, a range of useful trading tools, educational guides to help you invest with confidence, multiple account options and various payment methods.

The high standards that S.A.M. Trade imposes on itself is enhanced by SamAide which offers robust fund security for clients to trade with a peace of mind.

S.A.M. Trade













  • Execution of trades at a stable and lightning fast speeds
  • Competitive commission fees
  • Attractive cash rebate programme
  • Maximum fund security
  • Tight Spreads/ECN - Fast, accurate and transparent
  • Professional and personalized service
  • Popular MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform
  • Multiple deposit and withdrawal methods
  • S.A.M. Academy for market analysis
  • Regulated broker