Samurai EA

Samurai EA is an artificial intelligence-powered trading platform for retail and institutional clients.

According to its developers, experienced traders, financial consultants, machine learning experts, software developers, and others make up the Samurai EA team. Thanks to their knowledge, they have designed a comprehensive yet user-friendly trading robot to keep up with the ever-changing markets.

The Samurai EA stands different to some other automated trading software because it doesn’t implement arbitrage and martingale methods. Instead, it vastly depends on price action data and only triggers an entry when the trade setup gets approved by all its parameters.

You may experience the Samurai EA performance bit vulnerable in 1-minute charts. It can grab a lot more weak trade setups in the lowest timeframe because of high signal frequency. The software works more consistently when applied between 5-minute to 30-minute charts.

Furthermore, ensure the broker you’re working with offers a tight spread such as IC Markets. Lower-spread trading platforms will help you lower the trading cost while scalping in the market.

In this blog post, we’ll look at what makes Samurai EA a terrific investment tool and how it could help you in your trading activities.

Samurai EA Strategy

The Samurai EA is an entirely automated forex trading system. So, once you install it on your MT4 platform and activate its features, the EA automatically starts trading on your behalf. It applies a versatile trading approach that enables the software to look for both trend-following and swing trading opportunities.

Samurai EA for MT4
Samurai EA for MT4

It targets potential price breakouts around key resistance zones during on-trend markets and places pending orders accordingly. Besides, the EA looks for swing trading signals when the market goes through price correction periods.

Samurai EA Features

  • Each license accepts two MT4 accounts.
  • Applies price-action-based algorithms for determining trade entries and exits.
  • Doesn’t support hedging, arbitrage, and martingale methods.
  • Suitable timeframe: M5 – M30.
  • Places pending orders.
  • Fixed TP and SL.
  • Applicable to trade major, minor, and exotic forex currency pairs.
  • Suits commodity trading.
  • Can be operated in both auto lot and fixed lot modes.

Samurai EA MT4 Settings

  • Orders Comment – Enable AI-generated comments for each trade.
  • Lot Size – Default trading lot size (fixed).
  • Auto MM – Enable/disable the auto money management feature.
  • Auto Lot – Activate/deactivate auto lot trading.
  • Stop Loss – Maximum stop-loss limit (pips).
  • Take Profit – Maximum take-profit target (pips).
  • Order Step – Minimum distance between the current price and the pending order.
  • Magic Number – Unique identification number of the EA.
  • Start GMT Time – Set the starting time of the EA.
  • End GMT Time – Determine when the EA will stop all of its trading activities.
  • Terminal GMT Shift – Adjust the broker’s time shift based on GMT.
  • Max Spread – Set the spread limit for trade executions.
  • Slippage – Set the price slippage limit for market entries and exits.

Samurai EA Summary

The Samurai EA is indeed a beginner-friendly and easy-to-use automated MT4 trading system. However, it cannot guarantee you success in the long run. A mismatch between its capabilities and your expectations may lead to adverse trading conditions. So, try closely examining its parameters, settings, and built-in features and make all the necessary changes before trying it for trading with real money.

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