Savius Review

Savius is a proprietary trading company tried to focus on helping individuals transform into potential traders. To facilitate this transition, they try to offer a wide range of educational resources, training sessions, and essential trading tools, all designed to build a solid groundwork for a future in trading.

Savius Review
Savius Review

The Savius Funded Account Program

Once traders decide that they want to embark on a trading career, they’re invited to participate in the Savius Challenge. This challenge comes with a $198 entry fee, which is returned to those who successfully pass the prop firm challenge. The task is straightforward: trade for ten days and achieve a potential gain of $2,000, while trying to ensure daily drawdowns don’t exceed $750 and total drawdowns stay under $1,500.

The Next Step: The Savius Internship

For those who pass the initial challenge and try abiding by the specified rules, the journey continues to Phase Two: a remote internship with Savius. In this 30-day period, traders have new potential goals to hit. Those who try to excel during the internship are elevated to the status of Funded Traders within the Savius community.

The Limitless Challenge

Savius’s Limitless Challenge is their flagship program designed to welcome traders of varying skill levels. The challenge introduces a two-step evaluation mechanism, trying to provide traders not only an opportunity to showcase their abilities but also to earn with real money upon successful completion. As a testament to its success, the program has already processed payments for over 1,000 traders, with Savius disbursing more than half a million dollars in rewards.

Available in Futures markets, the Limitless Challenge also tries to offer a broad platform for prop traders to prove their mettle and start their trading journey on a strong note. Whether you’re a novice looking to make a splash or an experienced trader trying to aim to maximize potential opportunities, this challenge can be your stepping stone to potential trading.

Savius - Overview
Savius – Overview

The Anti-Prop Challenge

Unlike the majority of proprietary trading firms that make promises about offering real trading accounts but often fall short, Savius’s Anti-Prop Challenge is a no-nonsense approach to kick-starting your potential trading. Savius tries to offer this challenge specifically for those who are confident in their trading skills and want to begin generating potential trades immediately.

Available exclusively in the Forex market, the Anti-Prop Challenge tries to bypass the usual hoops to provide traders with an expedited pathway to potential trading. If you’re a trader who knows your worth and is eager to start capitalizing on your skills right away, this is the challenge designed for you.

The Fearless Challenge

The Fearless Challenge is Savius’s most prestigious program, tailor-made for those who are not just looking to trade but to try dominating the trading world. As you enter this challenge, you’re handed a hefty $500,000 trading account, trying to signify the high stakes and rewards that await you. This program isn’t for the faint-hearted; it’s for traders who try to aspire to reach echelons usually inaccessible to 99% of the trading population.

After an initial evaluation phase, potential traders can expect a tiered compensation plan, tied closely to their performance metrics. Completing the Fearless Challenge could even set you on a trajectory toward becoming a professional Senior Trader.

Available in the Futures markets, this challenge is your ticket to potentially achieving elite trading status. If you have the audacity to try aiming for heights few can reach, the Fearless Challenge tries to offer the perfect platform.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Savius tries to stand as a beacon in the proprietary trading landscape, offering a diverse range of programs tailored to accommodate traders of all levels. From the inclusive Limitless Challenge to the straightforward Anti-Prop Challenge, and finally, the elite Fearless Challenge, Savius tries to ensure that there is a path for everyone, no matter their skill level or ambition.

Headquartered in Switzerland and with a presence in the United States, Savius tries to combine strict regulatory compliance with a rewarding and flexible platform, allowing traders to grow, learn, and most importantly, earn. With its community of forex traders, Savius tries to prove that it’s not just about promises, but about delivering potential results.

Whether you’re an up-and-coming trader trying to aim for a solid start, a confident market navigator seeking immediate potential trades, or a fearless trader striving for the pinnacle of potential opportunities, Savius has a challenge designed to meet your specific needs. Therefore, if you’re looking to maximize your trading potential while enjoying a dependable, rewarding experience, Savius could very well be your stepping stone to potential trading with a forex prop trading firm.

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