Simple Scalping EA

This is a straightforward scalping EA that doesn’t rely on indicators. Its logic is based on quick price movements. The idea is to update Buy Stop and Sell Stop orders continuously with each price change. When the market experiences heavy activity or news, the orders may not update quickly, resulting in a fast price movement in one direction, often resulting in a 10-15 pip movement.

Simple Scalping EA Features

  • Developed for MT4 and MT5
  • Utilizes Market Price Action Based of Price Logic.
  • 100% automated trades
  • Minimal Sl and TP
  • Optimal News Trading
  • Fixed & Auto volume
  • No Grid

Simple Scalping EA Pricing

  • Unlimited Demo
  • Fixed Price: Free Live Account

Simple Scalping EA Strategy

This forex EA utilizes a logic-based strategy that identifies potential trade opportunities by plotting higher highs and lower lows of prices. By analyzing these levels, the EA is able to identify potential trading areas. this strategy requires a deep understanding of market trends and the ability to interpret price fluctuations. For proper risk management techniques, such as setting appropriate stop losses, it’s recommended to use a low-spread broker.

Simple Scalping EA Account Requirements

  • Time: Any Session
  • Leverage: 1:1000
  • Account Recommendation: Cent
  • Required Balance: $500

Simple Scalping EA Setting and Inputs

DirectionSelects the direction of trades to be taken: OnlyLong (only buy trades), OnlyShort (only sell trades), or LongAndShort (both buy and sell trades).
Timeframe InSpecifies the timeframe to be used for identifying trade opportunities.
Takeprofit TypeDetermines how the take profit level will be calculated: Tp_Tick (based on the current tick price) or Tp_Bar (based on the price of the next bar).
VolumeSpecifies the lot size of trades to be taken.
Vol_FixSets a fixed lot size for each trade (Volume Fixed Value).
Vol_RelDetermines the lot size based on the account balance and a relative value (Volume Relative Value).
Volume Fixed ValueSpecifies the lot size if Vol_Fix is selected.
Volume Relative ValueSpecifies the relative value if Vol_Rel is selected.
LevelsDetermines the stop loss and take profit levels.
StoplossSets the stop loss level in points.
TakeprofitSets the take profit level in points.
Takeprofit PositionSets the position of the take profit level.
Takeprofit 2Sets a second take profit level in points.
GridSets the distance between trades in points.


The Simple Scalping EA is an indicator-free and logic-based scalping strategy that capitalizes on quick price movements. This EA continuously updates Buy Stop and Sell Stop orders with each price change and aims to benefit from fast price movements, particularly during heavy market activity or news events. The strategy is designed for both MT4 and MT5 platforms and uses market price action based on price logic. The EA is 100% automated and features minimal stop loss and take profit levels, making it optimal for news trading. The Simple Scalping EA is available for a fixed price or as a free live account. The strategy requires a deep understanding of market trends and proper risk management techniques, such as using a low-spread broker like IC Markets. The account requirements according to the developer include any trading session and a leverage of 1:1000, with a recommended cent account and a minimum balance of $500. Of course, you should only ever trade with what you feel comfortable as everyone is different.

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