Slk Fintech EA

The SLK FINTECH EA is an automated forex trading system that utilizes proprietary algorithms to execute trades. Its strategy centers on the accumulation of a positive balance by opening short-term trades during impulsive market movements. This is made possible through the use of technical indicators, such as the custom-built “Sorross AI” and Bollinger Bands, which tries to enable the system to identify potential trades.

Slk Fintech EA Strategy

The SLK FINTECH EA deploys an effective trading strategy that involves placing pending orders at potential support and resistance levels in the market. If the trade executes successfully, the system monitors and manages the position accordingly. However, if the trade fails to execute, the system promptly removes the pending order to avoid unnecessary drawdowns.

Importantly, SLK FINTECH EA avoids the use of risky trading strategies such as martingale and grid, which can lead to substantial drawdowns if not managed correctly. Instead, the system tries for an approach to trading that focuses on generating potential trades over the long term.

Slk Fintech EA Features

  • A low minimum account balance requirement of just $100, making it accessible to traders of all levels, mentioned by the developer.
  • Compatibility with a range of currency pairs, including AUDUSD, EURUSD, GBPUSD, XAGUSD, and XAUUSD, enabling traders to diversify their portfolio and tries to capitalize on various market opportunities.
  • Ability to run the system on multiple pairs simultaneously, as it opens just 2-4 trades per week.
  • A preference for trading on the H1 time frame, allowing for a more comprehensive analysis of market trends and movements.
  • A recommendation for low spread ECN accounts with a good forex broker such as IC Markets.

Slk Fintech EA Settings

  • ai                                                                       SLK FINTECH EA
  • Magic                                                               123
  • Max_orders                                                     1
  • TimeFrame                                                      current
  • iii                                                                        *****************************************
  • bb_period                                                        20
  • dev                                                                    2
  • shift                                                                   0
  • iPeriod                                                              60
  • Smooth                                                            2
  • ii                                                                         *****************************************
  • work_time                                                       ***** Trade time *****
  • Use_work_time                                              false
  • start_time_1                                                   00:00
  • stop_time_1                                                    24:00
  • USE MARKET_ORDERS                                  false
  • Pending_Stop_Orders                                   true
  • Pending Limit_Orders                                   false
  • koeff_limit_orders                                         1.0
  • min_step                                                          30
  • Delta                                                                 30
  • MM_SL_TP                                                      ***** MoneyManagement *****
  • RiskPercent                                                     0.5
  • Lot                                                                     0.01
  • use_dynamic_lot_balance                           false
  • dynamic_balance                                           100.0
  • dynamic_lot                                                    0.01
  • use_Signal_Close_orders                             true
  • use_opposite signal_to_exit                       true
  • StopLoss                                                          0
  • TakeProfit                                                        0
  • TakeProfitPercent                                          0.5
  • BreakEven                                                       ***** BreakEven *****
  • use_breakEven                                               true
  • breakEven_level                                             8
  • breakEven_Size                                              1
  • Trailing                                                             ***** TrailingStop *****
  • use_traling_stop                                            true
  • TrailingStart                                                    0
  • TrailingStop                                                     20
  • TrailingStep                                                     10
  • add                                                                    ***** Other settings *****
  • Slippage                                                           15
  • MaxSpread                                                      40

Slk Fintech EA Summary

Overall, the SLK FINTECH EA’s strategy centers on opening short-term trades during impulsive market movements, and also deploys trading strategy that involves placing pending orders promptly removing them in case of a failed trade.

However, SLK FINTECH EA has been designed to maximize profitability, there is no guarantee of success, and traders should carefully consider the risks before using the system. To assess the system’s effectiveness, traders can use a demo account to evaluate its performance without risking any actual funds.

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