Smart Auto Breakout Hedge EA

Smart Auto Breakout Hedge EA is an automated trading robot for MT4. It can identify price trends and execute trades based on the changes in market conditions.

The EA applies ATR, support-resistance, and grids to determine potential price breakout zones, stop loss levels, and profit targets. It suits M1 and M5 timeframes. Also, you can use it to trade all types of forex currency pairs.

Smart Auto Breakout Hedge EA Strategy

It uses the breakout strategy to open trades and the hedging strategy to protect the trades from losses. This strategy makes it easy for traders to optimize their trading strategy and improve their chances of success.

Smart Auto Breakout Hedge EA for MT4
Smart Auto Breakout Hedge EA for MT4

The Smart Auto Breakout Hedge EA comes with a built-in risk management system. This system helps to minimize losses by adjusting the lot size and stopping losses based on market volatility.

Smart Auto Breakout Hedge EA Features

  • Specially developed for hedging and breakout trading in M1 and M5 timeframes.
  • Grid ATR Trade Volume Multiplier and Divider.
  • Support-Resistance tools.
  • Recovery Trading mode.
  • Maximum long and short trade limits.
  • Suits partial close and partial open strategies.
  • Max spread and price slippage limits.

Smart Auto Breakout Hedge EA MT4 Settings

  • Product Activation Code – Enter the product activation code to start the EA.
  • Magic Number – Set a unique magic ID for the EA.
  • Manual Trade Lot Size – Input a value if you wish to trade based on fixed lots.
  • Stop Loss – Set default stop-loss limit.
  • Take profit – Set fixed take-profit targets.
  • Support Resistance Interval Bars – The minimum bars to be plotted between support and resistance before considering the setup for a potential price breakout.
  • Grid ATR Multiplier – Input the average true range grid multiplier value.
  • Grid Close Trade Volume Divider ON – Enable partial closing of the open trades based on the grid trading strategy.
  • Grid Close Trade Volume Divider – Input the trade volume divider for grid close.
  • Grid Close Trade Volume Multiplier ON – Activate trade volume multiplier for grid close trades.
  • Grid Close Trade Volume Multiplier – Input the multiplier value for automatic grid close trades.
  • Risk Reward Multiplier Value – Input the risk-reward multiplier value to determine auto SL and TP ranges.
  • Recovery Grid ATR Multiplier – Set grid ATR multiplier for recovery mode entries.
  • Maximum Open Orders In Grid – Maximum open trades are allowed in the grid.
  • Recovery Trade Multiplier – Set recovery trading lot multiplier.
  • Recovery Trade Restart Losses – The number of losses to be counted to activate recovery trades.
  • Account Base Balance Sheild Amount – Minimum account balance to keep the EA activated for automated trading.
  • Daily Profit Target Value – Daily overall profit target range.
  • Close Trade At Open Profit Function – Enable closing trades by taking open profits.
  • Close Trade At Open Profit Value – Decide when the EA will take open profits and close the trade before it hits the predetermined targets.
  • Max Spread – Maximum spread allowed for trade entries and exits.
  • Slippage – Price slippage limits.
  • Price Too Close – The minimum distance between the current price and entry level for pending orders.
  • Max Long Trades – Maximum number of long trades allowed for each day.
  • Max Short Trades – Maximum number of short trades allowed for each day.
  • Hedging – Enable/disable hedging.

Smart Auto Breakout Hedge EA Summary

Smart Auto Breakout Hedge EA represents a unique forex trading robot that can serve hedging and breakout trading simultaneously. One of the key features of this EA is that it can be customized to meet the specific needs of individual traders. It has a user-friendly interface that allows traders to adjust their trading parameters, including lot size, stop loss, take profit, and trading hours.

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