Smart Money Concepts Lux Algo

Experience the power of real-time market analysis with Lux Algo’s Smart Money Concepts (SMC) Lux Algo indicator for forex. This all-in-one indicator is designed to try revolutionizing the way traders navigate the market by providing a view of crucial market structures, internal & swing Buy-Order-Sell, Break of Structure (BOS) / Change of Character (CHoCH) patterns, order blocks, premium & discount zones, equal highs & lows, and much more.

With Lux Algo, traders can try to mark up their charts using widely used price action methodologies, trying to gain insights into market trends and potential entry and exit points. The indicator’s Fair Value Gap script has already tried to raised its popularity in the trading community, leading to a surge of requests for features in the same category.

Smart Money Concepts Lux Algo - Overview
Smart Money Concepts Lux Algo – Overview

Smart Money Concepts (SMC) is a relatively new yet widely adopted term among price action traders. It tries to equip traders with the ability to navigate liquidity and try identifying optimal points of interest in the market more accurately. By seeking to pinpoint where institutional market participants have placed their orders – be it on the buy or sell side – Lux Algo tries t o empower traders to make more informed and practical trading decisions based on price action dynamics.

One of Lux Algo’s key advantages is its alert system, which tries to notify traders of essential swing structures and other relevant conditions, ensuring they never miss crucial market developments.

Key Features of Smart Money Concepts Lux Algo

Real-Time Market Structure Labeling

Lux Algo offers full internal and swing market structure labeling in real-time. This includes Break of Structure (BOS) and Change of Character (CHoCH), allowing you to spot critical trend changes and potential breakout points.

Smart Money Concepts Lux Algo - Bos & Choch
Smart Money Concepts Lux Algo – Bos & Choch

Order Blocks

Identify bullish and bearish order blocks that signify areas of significant buying or selling pressure in the market.

Equal Highs & Lows

Lux Algo enables you to detect Equal Highs (EQH) and Equal Lows (EQL) on the chart, providing valuable insights into potential trend reversals.

Fair Value Gap Detection

The indicator comes equipped with a Fair Value Gap detection feature that highlights areas of imbalance on the chart. You can customize the timeframe and threshold to filter out non-significant gaps.

Previous Highs & Lows MTF

Display previous highs and lows from daily, weekly, and monthly timeframes as significant levels on your current chart, providing a broader perspective of market movements.

Premium & Discount Zones

Easily visualize Premium, Discount, and Equilibrium zones on the chart, aiding you in understanding price action dynamics.

User-Friendly Settings

Lux Algo offers a range of customizable settings to tailor the indicator to your trading preferences.

  • Mode: Choose between Historical (default) or Present mode to view either comprehensive or recent data on the chart.
  • Style: Select from Colored (default) or Monochrome styling options for the indicator’s appearance.
  • Color Candles: Plot candles based on the internal and swing structures from within the indicator on the chart.
  • Internal Structure: Display internal structure labels and dashed lines (BOS & CHoCH) for enhanced visualization.
  • Confluence Filter: Filter out non-significant internal structure breakouts for better decision-making.
  • Swing Structure & Points: Visualize swing structure labels and their corresponding swing points (HH, HL, LH, LL) on the chart.
  • Internal & Swing Order Blocks: Enable and customize the display of Internal and Swing Order Blocks on the chart.
  • Bars Confirmation: Select the number of bars needed to confirm an EQH/EQL symbol on the chart.
  • Extend FVG: Choose the number of bars to extend Fair Value Gap boxes on the chart.
  • Timeframe: Adjust the timeframe for the Fair Value Gap detection to suit your trading strategy.
  • Auto CHoCH and BOS Labels:
    Smart Money Concepts Lux Algo automatically labels CHoCH and BOS, effectively highlighting breakouts of market structures. This aids in determining the prevailing market trend, enabling more informed trading decisions.


In conclusion, Smart Money Concepts Lux Algo is an indicator that tries to bring the power of Smart Money Concepts (SMC) to forex traders. With its features and real-time market structure labeling, Lux Algo tries to provide a solution for navigating the complexities of the forex market.

By trying to offer insights into internal and swing market structures, Break of Structure (BOS), Change of Character (CHoCH), order blocks, equal highs & lows, Fair Value Gaps, and more, this all-in-one indicator tries to empower traders to make well-informed decisions with greater accuracy.

The user-friendly settings try to allow for customization, ensuring that traders can try to tailor the indicator to their individual preferences and trading strategies. Whether you prefer colored or monochrome styling, historical or present mode, Lux Algo tries to accommodate your needs, enhancing your trading experience.

With Lux Algo, traders can also try to gain a deeper understanding of market dynamics, identifying potential trend changes, significant support and resistance levels, and areas of imbalance. The automatic labeling of CHoCH and BOS further streamlines the process, trying to aid in trend determination and providing timely alerts.

Overall, Smart Money Concepts Lux Algo stands as a versatile companion for traders who are trying to seek to maximize their trading potential. It eliminates guesswork, streamlines market analysis, and allows traders to navigate the forex market with confidence.

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