SmartTrader Review

A reliable charting and analysis platform may significantly impact trading success, as any trader can tell you. For trading in stocks, foreign exchange, and cryptocurrencies, SmartTrader is a charting and analytical application. In order to identify profitable trades, SmartTrader has a number of features including algorithmic trading, charting, workspaces, smart tools, and others. Have you been looking at this platform? Read thorough this SmartTrader review right away before getting started to see if it can meet your needs.

What is SmartTrader?

SmartTrader is a thorough charting and analytical platform for trading in stocks, foreign exchange, and cryptocurrencies. It gives traders virtually unlimited access to premium trading tools, individual insights and market analysis to help you take your investing efforts to the next level.

The SmartTrader platform provides a boost to your trading strategies, enabling you to advance with skills and trading experience. In addition to offering access to expert trade ideas and trading rooms, the platform allows algorithmic trading and automated technical analysis. Any MetaTrader 4 brokerage can be included into SmartTrader, which has extensive customization options.

SmartTrader was created by seasoned traders with decades of combined experience, Isaac and Jacob Martinez and their father Jared. Their goal was to provide a platform that supports, mentors, and teaches real-world traders.

SmartTrader Homepage
SmartTrader Homepage

SmartTrader Features

SmartTrader Charts

The core of SmartTrader’s product is its charting interface. Candlestick, bar, line, Heikin-Ashi, kagi, mountain, and point-and-figure charts are just a few of the many designs that are available for charts. Price intervals can be as little as one minute, and charts can be augmented with more than 100 well-known technical indicators. Additionally, you can design your very own special indications and store them for later use.

The SmartTrader interface’s ability to display many charts simultaneously within a workspace is one of its nicer features. The software offers a number of layout choices to regulate the number and placement of charts inside a workspace, and moving charts around is as simple as dragging and dropping them into a new location. Additionally, you may organise your many workspaces anyway you like—by asset, trading approach, etc.

SmartTrader Charts
SmartTrader Charts

SmartTrader Tools

The platform’s automated technical analysis toolkit is a significant factor in what makes SmartTrader’s charts actionable. Fibonacci retracements, trendlines, support and resistance lines, pivot points, and candlestick patterns will all be automatically overlaid by the software. Simply click on your chart where you want the pattern to start for retracements and trendlines.

The encapsulation tool is another beneficial automated tool. This puts a box around all of a single day’s price bars on intraday charts and distinctly shows the high and low. This makes it simple to identify trends as well as support and resistance bands. A weekly encapsulation tool that uses hourly and daily price bars is also available on SmartTrader.

Regardless of your subscription, SmartTrader also provides a “smart gauge” tool, albeit as an add-on for $99 more. This tool allows you to establish criteria for any combination of indicators, and then it presents buy, sell, or hold ratings depending on those thresholds. As a result, you can quickly determine if an item is recommended for purchase or sale according to your trading strategy.

You’ll discover a panel with a number of market-tracking widgets next to the charting interface. Watchlists, news feeds, an economic calendar, and alarms are all included in the default widget set. You may also set up a widget for each of your connected forex brokerage accounts so that you can execute trades directly from your charting screen.

SmartTrader Tools
SmartTrader Tools

Automated Trading & Trade Alerts

You can also setup alerts with SmartTrader, and receive sound, email, or text notifications. Price, volume, or any other technical indication may be the basis for an alert. The sole restriction is that you cannot create an alert by combining several indications. Users of Prime and Pro can configure alerts to execute trades with the associated broker in addition to sending notifications.

The algorithmic trading features of SmartTrader are also available to Prime and Pro subscribers. To create a unique trading strategy and place trade orders through your connected brokerage, use the built-in script editor. You can examine and improve your trading strategy with the aid of the backtesting feature in SmartTrader.

Market Analysis

SmartTrader features a feed of trade suggestions that often includes annotated charts as well as proposed entry and exit positions. Contrary to TradingView, only authorised users may post trade ideas. Instead, the majority of the feed’s concepts come from the experienced traders who oversee the premium trading rooms at SmartTrader.

SmartTrader Brokers

For over 8,000 symbols, including equities, ETFs, FX, and cryptocurrencies, SmartTrader delivers charting and analysis. The software works with any MetaTrader 4-compatible brokerage, however SmartTrader is the only way to directly trade foreign exchange.

SmartTrader Packages

Many of the platform’s basic charting and analysis capabilities are available for free use when you download and trial SmartTrader. Three indications per chart, one stored workspace, and in-app alerts are the sole restrictions for free users. Additionally, a free membership does not get you access to the majority of SmartTrader’s automated technical analysis tools.

The annual cost of the Plus plan is $155.40, or $14.95 per month. In addition to email-based alerts, automated trendlines, one custom market monitoring panel, and custom indicators, you can have up to five stored workspaces and five indications per chart.

The annual price of $299.40 or $29.95 per month for the Prime plan. More chart kinds become available, such as Heikin Ashi, automated pivot point analysis, SMS notifications, and trades based on alerts. Additionally, Prime members get access to scripts for algorithmic trading and backtesting these tactics.

Costs for the Pro plan are $99.95 monthly or $1,019.40 annually. Compared to the Prime plan, it primarily provides more workspaces, personalised indicators, and alerts. The Pro plan allows you to link an unlimited number of brokerage accounts, as opposed to the Prime plan’s limit of 3.

Additionally, SmartTrader includes a marketplace where you may buy algorithmic trading scripts and customised indicators for a starting price of $29.50 apiece. Trading room subscriptions are also available on a monthly basis, costing somewhere between $99.95 and $999.00.

SmartTrader Packages
SmartTrader Packages

Why choose SmartTrader?

Similar to programmes like MetaTrader and TradingView, SmartTrader is a comprehensive trading and analysis tool. The usage of automated technical analysis tools by SmartTrader is a significant component of what makes it unique. A significant benefit for traders is the ease with which you may construct trendlines and identify support and resistance zones with only a few clicks.

Additionally, SmartTrader offers a number of features that might assist you in putting your trading strategy into practise. For instance, using the smart gauge, you may rapidly determine whether a stock or forex pair satisfies your trading needs after defining your strategy in terms of indicators. Similar to this, SmartTrader’s alerts can also be utilised to execute trades with your connected broker automatically.

Idea generating is where SmartTrader primarily falls short. SmartTrader does not have a stock or forex scanner, but it does feature a feed of daily trading ideas. For instance, converting the smart gauge into a scanner would enable traders to quickly identify promising equities and currency pairs. Additionally, there are no pre-built trading techniques available, thus users of the platform must bring their own.

Who is SmartTrader for?

For seasoned traders who have a well-developed trading strategy and require a platform to implement it, SmartTrader is a great option. Although the platform’s analysis tools are quite advanced, rookie traders who aren’t careful with their use may find the automation features to be a double-edged sword. However, algorithmic trading is better left to traders that have a proven method that consistently produces results.

Due to its versatility, SmartTrader is appropriate for day and swing traders as well as stock, FX, and cryptocurrency traders. The only market that may be traded directly through the site is FX, thus stock and cryptocurrency traders should be aware of this.

Conclusion: is SmartTrader any good?

Yes, absolutely! There is much to admire about the powerful SmartTrader software which I feel can help anyone improve their trading strategies to make more informed trading decisions. It is real good value for money when you consider everything that is included. Granted, most aspiring traders could probably make do with the trading tools and charting capabilities that come with their trading platform such as MetaTrader. However, if you want to take things to the next level, then SmartTrader is certainly worth consideration.










  • Fully customisable charting platform
  • Robust and powerful technical analysis tools
  • Automated market analysis
  • Handy trade alerts
  • Market analysis from experts
  • Automated trading and backtesting features
  • Can be used with any MetaTrader 4 broker
  • Excellent customer support
  • Reasonable pricing


  • Can only execute forex trades at the moment
  • Extra costs for additional benefits
  • Trading room and some tools are not free
  • No stock screeners/scanners
  • Novice traders could make do with MT4 alone
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